Episode 2

Dining with Doug and Karen

Sue Moore of Let's Be Frank

Dining with Doug and Karen #2: Sue Moore of Let’s Be Frank

The second episode brings Sue Moore of Let’s Be Frank. She sets up a hot dog cart at Meltdown and makes some delicious dogs for Doug and Karen!

Check out Let’s Be Frank’s website to find out where you can get some hot dogs, too!

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  • Okay I generally liked the show, but when Doug referred to the slow food movement as “the Retarded food movement” I found that really offensive. I know you can’t please everyone, but that word is considered extremely offensive in some circles.

    On a side note wish I live out there so I could try those Hot Dogs too.

  • Who is listening to a podcast about eating and is bothered by chewing on mic? Also, who is bothered by chewing on mic? Do you never eat with other people? Do you wear ear plugs when you eat? Get a grip, weirdos.

  • “Rodrigo” ‘s closing was adorable. Another great show guys! Keep up the good work!

    I know it’s cheesy, but maybe the closer could be something like politely saying, “Now if you’ll excuse us, muthafuckas…” Either that or some witty dine-and-dash banter. Just some food for thought (pun intended).

  • I don’t mind eating with another person chewing inaudibly about a foot in front of me. But if they chew with their mouth open, make sucking, smacking, and breathing sounds, and do so directly into my ears, I mind that. The on-mic chewing was so much better this episode, but even the most minor amount of it can make the show unlistenable. ABCANCON: Always be caring about not chewing on mic.

    The show at the moment seems to be about refining Doug’s food palate, but I kind of like his perspective being the balance to all the foody talk. All the talk about nitrates would have annoyed me if Doug didn’t at least ask the question, is it bad to have a nitrate in a hot dog?

  • To answer the question “Should we have a weekly guest?” Hell yes!
    I want to hear Tompkins, Gaffigan, Patton and Maron riff on food? I want Bourdain and Spurlock to introduce you to some cuisine they’ve come across. I want to hear something more than *NOMNOMNOM*.

  • I love this show. I listen to it right before I go home from work to get me excited about eating. Please keep making them.

    As for the guests you mentioned I would be most excited for Proops and Posehn. I don’t know if Karen is mutual friends with him, but James Adomian does the most amazing Merrill Shindler impression that would be amazing on this show.

  • You misspelled Jeff Cosgrave’s twitter handle. I tracked him and Briana down for this animated version I’m working on. If anyone else decides to go looking for them, it’s @cosgraveyard and @TheBestBriana