Episode 63

Cashing In with T.J. Miller

Scratcher in the Rye

Cashing In with T.J. Miller #63: Scratcher in the Rye

Cash and TJ talk about stationary unicycles, business card cemeteries, Wolfgang Puck, prenatal vitamins, Captain Ahab, whale face, hemlock shots, hand washing, and iPhone coasters, and ask the question, “What is your spirit liquor?”

This episode will lick your soul; listen from the back of a banana seat…



  • There’s at least one animal that uses wipes: the raccoon. It’s so obsessed with hygiene that it’s called the ‘washing rat’ in a bunch of languages.

  • Attention Levy! Respectfully, if you want to increase fans, then for God’s sake STOP THE FAILED RUNNING JOKES! Falsetto, constantly repeated jokes that don’t even land in the first place, and cheesy hack esoteric outdated referential jokes that border on plagiarism from a terrible joke book for children are amateurish and unfunny to a lot of people. I’m guessing the above reasons are 90% of the reason that TJ is the draw instead you. You’re better than that, Levy. Step up your game!

  • I second A squared. The things that “A” lists are some of the best parts of the podcast. Cash Levy is hilarious, adorable, and one of the most naturally funny people performing comedy today. This podcast makes Tuesday the best day of the week, every week, in no small part because of Cash.

    P.S. I suspect that “A” might actually be NAncy GrAce. Should I pee on her feet?

  • Don’t worry Cash. “A” was harsh to call you constantly cheesy, when it’s actually only when you talk. VERY unfunny and you’re leeching off of TJ.