Episode 118

Cashing In with T.J. Miller

Salty Butter Face- Live from Omaha!

Cashing In with T.J. Miller #118: Salty Butter Face- Live from Omaha!

Cash and T.J. talk about Children of the Corn, Gandhi, Sean Connery, Mark Wahlberg, A Night at the Museum, Robert Redford, tambourine hands, igloos, creamed corn, biscotti, brownie envy, and identity theft, and ask the question, “Is working in a kissing booth the second oldest profession?”

Geologists have concluded that this episode never existed, fight for your right to listen anyway…

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  • Since T.J. Miller stole the show in Transformers, I find myself wanting to see anything he is in. I was on the fence while watching the trailer for Big Hero 6… then T.J.’s voice boomed out of the speakers and my friends and I immediately all reacted, “In! Gonna see that!”

  • The audience was kind of crappy in this episode. I don’t know what the exact set-up is for these live shows, but I feel like they would work better in a smaller room where everything is a little more compressed and intimate. T.J. and Cash are funny but something about the live shows doesn’t feel quite suited to their style of comedy.

  • You know I’ve been listening to some more of the live episodes and I partly take back what I said in my last comment. The other live shows went well. I think it was just the audience in this particular episode that kinda sucked.