Episode 2

Bizarre States

Reuben Langdon Asks "Are Aliens Among Us?"

Bizarre States #2: Reuben Langdon Asks “Are Aliens Among Us?”

Special guest Reuben Langdon talks to us about the aliens that already walk amongst us.

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  • Well you guys started off strong.It’s cool you’re getting friends and acquaintances to participate, but if you’re looking to make a name for your podcast, you should try reputable guests that aren’t so far on the wacko end of the UFO spectrum like Leslie Keane.  I can see this episode really polarizing your audience with ramblings not dissimilar to those of a public transit meth tweaker.   We’re not even three episodes in and we’ve already established all ufo phenomena is aliens?!  You guys need to take a more skeptical stance if you want us to take you seriously.  Also, your guests initial anecdote sounds like flying Chinese lanterns.

  • There’s all sorts of interesting alien lore to explore. Everything from Blondes, to Grays, to Interdimensional beings, Time travelers, and even “Obama” Reptilians…Though this is the first meditation UFOs I’ve heard of. Sounds kind of new-agey, like crop circles (yuck). There’s nothing to keep the people who set these events up from staging shenanigans?

     It’s been my belief that even if someone manages to shoot clear as day HD footage of an alien craft in front of 1000 witnesses, they would be hard pressed to convince the rest of the world it’s real. Technology has really rolled passed the whole alien video evidence thing.

     As “ficus” pointed out, Reuben’s first experience could have been lanterns. Also in elementary school the class would fill balloons and attached notes to them. Everyone would release them and wait to see where they ended up…Whatever, good stuff. Keep it up.

  • The podcast title asks, “Are aliens among us?”  The answer is simply no.  The distance between stars, and hence planets, is so immense it makes travel between worlds very improbable.  The science, materials and energy required to traverse these distances is so massive, no civilization, no matter how advanced, may be able to break, much less get close to, the speed of light.  All the “evidence” your guest cited isn’t really evidence.  There needs to be materials, bodies, ships, technology that cannot be explained by any other means than advanced alien intelligence.  A cartoon I read recently said people believe in conspiracies because it gives them comfort to think life can be controlled, hence it gives them control.  Truth be told…no one has control over anything, even people with power in government.  By the way, if big oil and coal knows about these free power technologies, they could simply reverse engineer it, patent it and make even MORE money.  We don’t see that.  If there’s anything that could make energy companies more money, they would do it.  Since the Bush II administration was practically run by big oil and gas, and they didn’t turn it over to their buddies, it seems unlikely it exists.  Not everything that can’t be explained is alien.  Deal with it.

  • I agree that this podcast needs a sceptical voice. I enjoyed this, and I am excited to hear more podcasts, but Christ, the alien stuff just kept going and going and there wasn’t enough of a pushback against it – not enough questions or alternate theories. It was just wide-eyed wonder. Wonder for, and I’m being nice here, some really off the wall bullshit. 
    I’d love for these things to be a discussion rather than a platform for Ufo crazies. 

  • Look even I believe that government has some shady things going on I really don’t think any of them are alien. It’s fun to think about and makes a for some decent movies.  Who knows maybe there are other life forms out there but this guy seems a little (ok a lot) like the elevator doesn’t reach the top.  When he was talking about grays and having to clone themselves over and over to survive and then not being able to anymore, THAT IS STARGATE- SG1… THE ASGARD! Look it up it’s in the later seasons even the last episode. Still very entertaining podcast.

  • It’s called Project Stargate. Obviously an influence on the TV show as well as PS2 game “Psi-Ops:The Mindgate Conspiracy”, PS3 game “Beyond: Two Souls” and other entertainment.

  • Interesting, entertaining podcast… I hope you guys get picked up too! :D
    Reuben is the man, btw. I love his background (Dante? I’m in!) and he’s a really cool guy with a cool point of view. I love the “keep it light, I know I sound crazy” attitude – really makes him easy to listen to. 

  • y’all need to know more about your topics if you’re going to conduct intelligent interviews. I do hope you will get better at it, you have potential, but right now, you’re coming off a little clueless.