Episode 3

Big Pop Fun

Part 2 of Marc McClure…

Big Pop Fun #3: Part 2 of Marc McClure Talking Directors and “Getting There”

Part two of Tom’s chat with Marc McClure, from Superman, Back To The Future, Apollo 13, and more. They talk about acting technique, Robert Zemeckis, Richard Donner, and singing.

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  • It’s crazy to hear of all these things about the movie.It’s cool that he’s kept updated on the dvd releases and answers with so much. I wouldn’t even be able to think of questions for these myself. Much respect to the guy. I’ve gained a whole new perspective of the film. It’s not just something to watch for nostalgia, it was someone’s hard work. Also cool knowing more about Marc whose work I wasn’t as familiar with–interesting stuff!

  • I know I’m a little late to the party with this podcast but it’s great. Nice work, Tom.

    I was wondering where I recognized Mark from because his voice was so familiar. He did a short film called ‘The Phonecall” that I have probably watched 50+ times. It is so corny and goofy and I crack up watching it. Now available online: