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Nerdist News: More Live From WonderCon with Jason O'Mara, Simon Kinberg, and Lots of Deadpool


The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 1/22

The inauguration of President Barack Obama for his second term marks an end to election jokes. To fill that void, watch this week’s 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week,… more

The D.I.C.E. Awards (And Assassins) Are Coming For You

[youtube] Who knew that the D.I.C.E. Awards had such badass security? This… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Watch This DIY Sci-Fi Computer-Animated Student Short

It’s become commonplace for people to make their own animated shorts using just their computers, but even in an age when animation is a dime-a-dozen on YouTube and Vimeo, this… more

An Exclusive Preview from the “Chris Hardwick: Mandroid” DVD

[youtube] As we’ve mentioned, the DVD and CD versions of Chris Hardwick: Mandroid, the Man Himself’s Comedy… more

The Art Of “Chris Hardwick: Mandroid”

The DVD and CD release of Chris Hardwick: Mandroid, the expanded, unexpurgated version of Chris’ Comedy Central special, is coming up on Tuesday (January 22nd), and while we wait (although… more

The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 1/15

If you can’t unfix your eyes from Tommy Lee Jones’ Golden Globes face while Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig presented — it was strikingly similar to his face throughout No… more

Poppin’ Some Tags With a Violin Cover of “Thrift Shop”

Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” covered by a guy on a violin? Why not?: [youtube] Well, it IS grandpa’s… more

Listen to the “Game of Thrones” Kids Freestyle Rap Over the Intro

[youtube] Winter is coming, y’all, so brace yourselves for the lyrical prowess of House Stark as the… more

“Gun Machine,” the Trailer, Narrated by Wil Wheaton

As a follow-up to the Nerdist podcast with Warren Ellis, here’s a very cool trailer posted by Mulholland Books today promoting “Gun Machine,” with Wil Wheaton reading from the book… more

The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 1/1/13

It’s 2013 and some of you, hopefully, might have realized that it’s just another week, because time is linear and doesn’t recognize years. If you’re currently having an existential dilemma,… more

Higgs, the Musical

[youtube] Why not close out 2012 with John Boswell of Symphony of Science fame and his latest… more

Mmm… Sour

[youtube] Kids like sour candies, right? The more sour (sourer?), the better? Here’s a compilation by the… more

Old Computer Equipment Covers “We Are Young”

I had to do this. Because I know how annoyed our own Jonah Ray gets when the subject of the band fun. comes up, here’s Toronto’s BD594 using all sorts… more

The Gamer Cuddle

You’ve seen that picture of a couple entwined while playing video games… this one: Now, in tribute to that viral photo, comes a video illustrating how gaming can be a… more

Music Geek Track Of The Week: A “Hip-Hop Christmas Remix” Light Show

[youtube] Coming straight from a half-Jewish nerd, I give you the best Christmas display of all time. … more

“Fifty Shades,” the Takei Way

In case you haven’t seen this yet, here’s George Takei reading from Fifty Shades of Grey: It was bound to happen. Granted, he’s no Gilbert Gottfried, but… oh, my. (Get… more

The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week 12/18

Rage, melancholy, confusion, and more are all sweeping the nation over the shootings in Newtown, CT. As always with The 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos This Week, I’m not offering… more

EXCLUSIVE: A Simple Walk Into Mordor, Episode 3

Why, it seems like just the other day that we showed you Episode 2 of Rooster Teeth’s four-part web series A Simple Walk Into Mordor, in which Rooster Teeth’s own… more

When Charlie Brown Met Louis C.K.

[youtube] Lucy’s divorced and diabetic, Linus is suicidal, Peppermint Patty and Marcie live in a cat-filled apartment,… more

The Story Of Santabot 2.0

This weekend, as some of you may have noticed in the news or while walking around Manhattan, was SantaCon in New York, the annual convergence of people dressing as Santa… more

Rooster Teeth’s Simple Walk Into Mordor

The guys from Rooster Teeth will be featured on an upcoming episode of Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling, and I’m not going to tell you who won, primarily because I… more

New “Doctor Who” Christmas Trailer

We’re less than two weeks away from Christmas and BBC America has released a new short (though, surprisingly full of new images) trailer for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, “… more

There’s An Insufficient Interval To Elucidate

The obvious joke here is that there’s no time to explain Slacktory’s latest supercut, involving characters on TV and in the movies breathlessly exclaiming “there’s no time to explain!” There… more