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Nerdist Podcast: Lewis Black

The hilarious Lewis Black sits down with Chris to talk about the process of writing “edgy” material, the importance of keeping busy as you get older, his shows being a destination for family outings and his newest special Old Yeller! Click on the banner to shop at and support the show!              … more

Google State University

Everyone has heard of The Information Super Highway, aka the Internet. You are on it right this very moment. How many people really use it for information, though? I don’… more

Eat A Frog Every Morning!

Metaphors! I love ‘em. A metaphor is like a simile. This particular metaphor is intended to get you to accomplish your most grueling task first thing in the morning so… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Bill Hicks’s Principles of Comedy

I get the “How does one go about being a comic” question a lot, so I thought it would be groovy to address that in post-form for the damaged masses… more

Use "Trashing" To Simplify Your Life

My life used to be a mess. I had accumulated a seemingly limitless assortment of toys, books, inoperative gadgets and of course, faded newspapers. With each move I managed to… more

Confidence Theory

I’ve been traveling an ungodly amount lately and when I’m unable to affix myself to the Webs I just drift off into random thought. Sometimes I think about… more

Look for Good News

Do you have that one poisonous friend who seems to THRIVE on delivering bad news? Just like the very first Debbie Downer sketch on SNL (ONLY the first one–you can… more

Tell Panic Attacks to Go Suck It

If you frequent this site I’m going to guess that at one time or another you may have enjoyed the crippling embrace of a panic attack. How could I predict… more

Learn to Say "No" (but not to this article)

Recently I took on a side project that resulted in utter failure. I was brought in to lay down guide vocals for a film so that the actors would have… more