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SET LIST: The Sklar Brothers


See The Dudesons’ Gumball 3000 Vehicle

The Dudesons are back and getting ready to drive across North America in the Gumball 3000, and the Nerdist Channel has a preview in a bonus video that’s just gone… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “Weird S#!t From Japan”: Back to the Maid Cafe

It’s back to the Maid Cafe for another installment of Weird S#!t From Japan, as Jukka and his Japanese host Taketo continue to be held hostage, although they don’t… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “Weird S#!t From Japan” #3: Nipples ‘n’ Coffee Maids

This week’s Weird S#!t From Japan on the Nerdist Channel involves something called “Nipple Sumo Wrestling,” sounds painful and disturbing, because it is painful and disturbing. Then, there’s much… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “Weird S#!t From Japan” #2 – Squid!

Friday’s Nerdist Channel offerings are new episodes of Weird S#!t From Japan and The Kids in the Hall. First up is Weird S#!t,  on which our intrepid field… more

A Report From The Doctor Who Convention

(Diane Martin, a regular at Nerdist’s Node, took a trip to Cardiff, Wales for the Doctor Who Convention.  She contributes her thoughts and reactions to the trip here) What an… more

A Nerd’s Guide to Visiting Los Angeles

I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life, and every time I see a tourist it’s the same old story. They’re either window-shopping on Rodeo Dr., trying to find the… more

Gallifrey 23: The Wrath of Con

After a year of waiting, Gallifrey One’s “Network 23″ has come and gone. But what a weekend! The convention brought in over 3,000 people over the three days to… more

Journey of a Doctor Who Convention Virgin

On March 24 and 25, Cardiff, Wales will host the first annual Doctor Who Convention.  Sure, there are many Doctor Who conventions. but this one’s important because Doctor Who is… more

Finding the Real (Yeah, Sure) Fades in the U.K.

While we’re promoting Saturday night’s BBC America evening o’ eerie and nerdy, including the U.S. premiere of The Fades (9/8c) followed by the world premiere of the new… more

A Five Minute World Tour

Okay, so we show a lot of time lapse videos here, and after a while you get the idea- same music (or so it seems), same darting lights, same everything…. more

An Idealized Depiction Of A Checked Suitcase’s Journey

Delta Airlines made this video to show you, from a bag’s-eye view (do bags have eyes? Let’s hope not), where your checked bags go when you hand them over at… more

Mars Mission Returns to Earth

A simulated Mars mission that is.  The crew of the Mars500 mission successfully spent 520 days locked in a spaceship at a Moscow parking lot.  They were looking to simulate… more

An Allegedly Better Way To Board An Airplane

There might not be a more stressful part of traveling than the simple act of boarding a plane these days. That’s because a lack of overhead bin space and a… more

I’m on Chelsea Lately Tonight w/ Jen Kirkman & Ryan Stout

No one’s going to argue that I don’t look like a Class A (the highest grade) Douchebag in this photo. Jen Kirkman was getting a pic snapped before the taping… more

Time Lapse L.A. (Nighttime Edition)

Yet another time lapse video? Yes. This one, by Colin Rich, is of L.A. at night: It kinda makes the city seem at times unreal, like an artist’s depiction… more

STS 135 Tweet-Up Day 1… Well, Day .5, Really…

Mattstronaut Wednesday was early check-in at NASA for  Tweetup participants, or invitees, or Twitterers, or Tweeps, if you will.  I borrowed my mom’s car (just like I was 18 again)… more

Getting Away From It All

Some hotels are now offering you a chance to surrender your cell phone and laptop and iPad upon check-in. This is being pitched as a benefit. And maybe it is…. more

Come For The Natural Beauty, Stay For The Mindless Violence

Recipe for viral video: Take existing commercial. Add wildly inapposite clips. Edit, post, voila: Yes, I know, Vancouver is a great city and the rioters were not representative of the… more

The Future Of Air Travel, Maybe

What’s the airplane of the future going to be like? Airbus has this little video showing what it sees for the future: Apparently, it involves smart seats that swivel and… more

Time Lapse New York

Have I ever mentioned how much of a sucker I am for really good time lapse video? This is really good time lapse video of Manhattan: It’s the product of… more

Window Gazing From San Francisco To Paris

I’m just getting back from a convention in Las Vegas, so forgive the delay in catching this, highlighted earlier today at Boing Boing. “This,” to be specific, is a time-lapse… more

Up In The Air ’69, Starring Hugh Hefner

What’s air travel like for you? If you’re like me, you get the cheapest coach ticket you can find, suffer through TSA lines and long waits at the gate, battle… more

Win This Guy’s Tickets To See Chris In Boston!

Wanna see renowned comedy practitioner Chris Hardwick as he performs his celebrated humorous routines and parlor tricks at the Wilbur Theater in Boston? Yes, you do, and you should be… more