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Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!


Cosplay Friday #46

The world sits in anxious anticipation of Sunday night, everyone waiting and prognosticating about what will be the final fate of Walter White and co. on the Breaking Bad finale…. more

Talking Heads: Dragon Ball Z & One Piece’s Eric Vale

Eric Vale is a name you may not know, but the owner of a voice you’re surely familiar with. In his 12 years in the anime industry, Eric has been… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #26

Hey, there! Yeah, you! You’ve had a rough week, huh? Well, it’s almost over. We’ve got a guaranteed way to make it better though. Don’t believe us? Well, you should… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #25

Jesus, you guys – it’s been quite the week. Rather than dwelling on all the negativity and awfulness that this world has to offer, let’s celebrate some of its simpler… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #24

Come one, come all and treat your eyeballs to a visual feast courtesy of Chef TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday, your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest cosplay around the web…. more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #23

Let’s face it – you’ve checked every clock in the office, your watch and your cell phone over and over again and the work day is still happening. Never fear,… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #22

William Shakespeare once said that “brevity is the soul of wit,” so I’ll keep it brief this week and let the incredible craftsmanship of this week’s TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday do… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #21

You’ve had a long week, huh? Why not sit down, pop open a cold one and treat yourself to a visual feast. It’s Cosplay Friday, and we’ve got the latest… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #20

Well, well, well – look how far we’ve come, you guys! We’ve reached our twentieth installment, even though my high school gym teacher said I could never do twenty repetitions… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #19

Yikes! What a week, huh, guys? North Korea may be threatening our fair shores with a nuclear attack, but we refuse to place sanctions on seriously epic cosplay, so TOKYOPOP’s … more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #18

On a very special episode of TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday, we catch up with cosplayer and costumer extraordinaire Johnny Bias (click his name to read the interview). A talented craftsmen, Bias… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #17

What a week it’s been, you guys! From Google Glass (which will take your Dragon Ball Z cosplay to the next level) to Russian meteorites (which will take Putin’s power… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #16

After a brief hiatus (due to contracting Type-1 DICE-syntery from my time at Las Vegas’ DICE Summit last week), TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday returns with a heapin’ helpin’ of the best… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #15

Cosplay Friday is back with a vengeance! Well, not really – there’s no particular vendetta or blood feud that warrants sweet, sweet revenge, but it sounded pretty dramatic, you have… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #14

Wake up and smell the cosplay! Actually. you probably shouldn’t – inhaling all those hot glue fumes probably isn’t good for your health. Instead, take the much safer option of… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #13

As the great American poet R. Kelly once said, “This is the remix to ignition / Hot and fresh out the kitchen / Mama rollin that body / Got every man in here… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #12

  If this week’s edition of Cosplay Friday is any indication, 2013 is off to a spectacularly costumed start! From a killer Magi group to a truly monstrous treatment of… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #11

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome back to another exciting edition of TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday, your one-stop shop for the best cosplay around the web. Let’s just cut to the… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #10

Chances are that you’re stuck in airport security, waiting for a car to take you to airport security, or maybe you just work for airport security and you’re on your… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #9

Nothing like the smell of fresh cosplay in the morning! Hot glue, foam rubber and newly sanded wooden swords of varying shapes and sizes. Actually, I don’t have a sense… more

Two New Studio Ghibli Movies This Summer? Christmas Came Early!

Historically, December 13th has been a big day for announcements from Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, and this year is no exception. For the first time since 1988′s dual announcement… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #8

Welcome back, dear readers, to another action-packed edition of TOKYOPOP’s Cosplay Friday, your one-stop shop for the best cosplay around the web this week. What will today’s bounty hold for… more

TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #7

Rippling abdominals, jaw-dropping steampunk creations and mechanized electric rat monsters – these are a few of our favorite things. We’ve collected all of them and more in this week’s edition… more