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Nerdist News: Lady Gaga Goes Gaga for Hatsune Miku


“Star Wars XXX” Features Most Adorable Princess Leia

This could be the galaxy’s most adorable Princess Leia crossing paths with the creepiest man-with-a-camera. Adult movie actress Allie Haze is interviewed on the set of Star Wars XXX: A… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #4: HJs for Everyone!

We’re talking about how to pleasure everybody’s bits! Comedian Dave Ross joins Sandra for this hilarious discussion on all things Hand.  Tangents include: Faking Orgasms, Absurd Dirty Talk, Penis… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM! Details below… As convention season, which seems to be competing with road construction season for longest of… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #3: G-Spot TMI

Listen in on Sandra’s 2nd live show at NerdMelt with Sex & Relationship coach Catherine Toyooka. Our TMI-filled gab fest about the G-spot includes sex toy fencing, vaginal acoustics, anatomy… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #2- Sex Toy Primer

“I cover my kitchen table with sex toys, then invite my friend Spaceman over to talk about them. He makes silly noises with my teaching apparatus and I judge him… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #1: Foreplay +

Sandra nerds out on her favorite toy, then Sex Educator Mary joins us for how to use Craigslist to get laid (+ giant penis story). Enter Dr. Hernando Chaves for the… more

Sex Toy Review: Time Lord Technology for Your Bits

Holding this wee bitty vibe in my hand, I am mystified. It must be bigger on the inside. How else to explain the thunder coming from within something the size… more

Spunkelunking: My New Favorite Word

You explore a jagged light-filled cave. Penetrating deeper, you enter a small, dark passage. There is a squishing underfoot. Your headlamp darts from the ceiling to the walls. Thick white… more

Are Blow Up Dolls More Dangerous Than Guns?

No. Obviously, blow up dolls are not as dangerous as guns. But that’s not how one Indiana high school sees it. Tyell Morton, an 18 year-old senior, thought he had… more

Sex Toy Spelunk: The Tenga Cup

As the month of Masturbation May comes to a close, I thought it might be time to crack into a toy I’ve been eying for quite a while. No,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra: A Handshake with Oneself

It’s National Masturbation Month, boys and girls! Have you all been celebrating? I know I have, and I had totally forgotten this holiday season until just a few days… more

One Step Closer To The Orgasmatron

It was bound to happen: Researchers at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, if this video is to be believed, are looking to develop a device that transmits the feeling… more

It Is What You Think It Is

And if you think it is what it is, you wouldn’t put your fingers anywhere near it. HT: The Daily What… more

Just in “Case”

I know many of you nerdists are always on the lookout for sleeker cases, or newer ways to enhance your smartphones. Are you by chance looking for the former, while… more

Sex Nerdist: Role-Play Fail

So I’m at work one day contemplating a future workshop on dirty talk. I flip through a bedroom role-playing deck to get some inspiration. I see familiar classics: The Teacher…. more

Which is More Deadly: The Snake or The Silicone?

Have you ever wanted to seductively lick a live snake? Me too, but now I see what a bad, bad idea this can be. I saw this video on Tosh…. more

Philematology Made Easy

Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about kissing, including stats and science (calories burned, bacteria, and more), in a handy video of less than two minutes from GOOD Magazine:… more

Naked Therapy?

Every theory starts with a hypothesis. New York based therapist Sarah White, 24, believes that naked therapy sessions will enable clients to physically break down the walls of their subconscious… more

Mating Dance of the Nerdling

This video is just like my fantasies, except an officer of the Colonial Fleet would be singing. Honestly, who can escape the gravitational pull of this catchy tune? via: my… more

Sex Mastery: The Shaolin Mound Meld

Romance is in the Air. And so is a hint of danger. Red hearts plaster the local drugstore. I’m going to share something with you now. It’s the… more

Of Tetris and Dudes and Bars (And Boners)

(Illustration by the extremely talented and adorable Carolyn Main) Man, I like bars. I mean – not right now so much – as the holiday celebrationgasms have taken their toll… more

Sex Toy Science: The Principle of Non-Porosity

[Fair Warning: NSFW links] Everyday, I talk to people about the spectrum of materials available for their heavenly pleasures. But not all toy materials are heaven-sent. Some are downright holey. [… more

Sex Toy Review: A Real Tongue-Lashing

You know that over-used cliché, “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel”?  Well, someone just did. Behold! The sqweel! An oral sex device for the ages. Of course, I… more

Sex Nerdist: Talking Dirty with Tron-a-Sutra

NSFW & Self-Embarrassment alert!!! Never in the history of geekdom has it been so ripe for a nerd to get laid. I bring you my current obsession, the Tron-a-Sutra. Now,… more