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Sex Nerd Sandra #24: Sex, Love & Ninja Turtles

Kevin Eastman, self-described “Uber Geek,” co-creator of TMNT and publisher of “Heavy Metal” magazine explains how he went from a member of Julie Strain’s fan club to her husband…. more

Sex Nerd Sandra #23: A Numbers Game

Comedian Moshe Kasher joins Sandra and Dave for a hearty discussion and debate on the wide world of sex and promiscuity. Topics include the dark side of sex, G-spotting, faking… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #22: Awesome Ancient Sex

Dr. Christopher Ryan, co-author of Sex at Dawn, blows Sandra’s mind with the origins of human sexual behavior. Dave joins us briefly to vibrate our minds. Topics: Why our… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #21: Women’s Seduction Tips

It’s time to turn the tables! Life Impassioned coach Alicia Cybulski joins us for a live NerdMelt show on how to get the boy! We share simple tips on flirting,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #20: Sex Quemments #4: Blade Runner

Q&A: Sexpert Jamye Waxman returns! We answer questions on swallowing, oral sexing, faking orgasms and how to get better at everything. Also, kissing tips and what NOT to… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #19: BJs, A Love Story

It’s all about oral sex empowerment this week, friends! Hear how Mistress Mary bloomed into a full fledged BJ Queen.  Also, the shadow puppet hold, multi-orgasmic men, the greasy spoon… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #18: Sexy School Reunion

Dave drills Sandra on all the neato pickup tips she learned at her high school reunion! They discuss how to stay in the game, how to get her away from… more

Chewbacca Mating Call: Best Pick-Up Line Ever?

Um, someone just found her favorite new show! I never thought I would sing the praises of TLC after they brought Jon and Kate Gosselin into the world, but this… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #17: Sex Quemments #3

Sexpert Jamye Waxman tells us about her breasts. Sandra comes out of the closet. Dave writes a book. We also talk pearl necklaces, reorganizing your genitals, anal toys, cat lube… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #16: Spicing It Up

Can we keep it spicy? Rad husband & wife team Alicia Lum-Denchasy & Ian Denchasy (founders of join Sandra & Dave onstage live at NerdMelt! Topics: Real Dirty… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #15: Hardcore Roleplay

TOPIC: Playing adult make-believe, with guests Emily E. Prior and Tim Woodman. These sex educators/long time sweeties show Sandra & Dave how safe, sane & consensual can make even… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #14: Stress Relief

SEXPERT: Lara Catone, sexual wellness educator, shares with Sandra & Dave the secrets of: Orgasmic Birth Internal & External Pelvic Massage G-Spot Nerve Pathways. Then, Lara’s partner, Will Shivers,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #13: Ladies’ Man

Hitting on women, but for nice guys: Charm expert Jordan Harbinger joins Sandra and Dave live on stage at NerdMelt. Topics include the importance of blinking, body language, the creepy… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #12: Answerin’ Emails #2

Q&A: Comedians Ed Salazar & Dave Ross help Sandra Daugherty answer the tough questions. Plus, Doctor Who and Battlestar drooling, anal beads, and Sandra gives out gold stars… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #11: Sex and Cancer!?

GIRL-NEXT-DOOR: Sandra and Dave talk to Rachel, a sexy cougar going through treatment. Can you have cancer AND a sex life? Yes! This show is dedicated to anyone who has… more

A Sexy Cosplay Video From DragonCon

The warm, romantic glow of this DragonCon video has completely changed my perception of Cosplay. If you say “Cosplay,” I imagine awkward costumed fans teetering around a large hall under… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #10: Booty Basics

Happy Hump Day, Sex Nerds! This week’s podcast is chock full of knowledge and giggles. Enjoy! Follow @DaveToTheRoss and @SexNerdSandra on Twitter! Check out Sex Nerd Sandra’s website for product… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #9: Answerin’ Emails

Happy Hump Day! This week we unveil a new show style to throw in the mix. It’s where Sandra and friends answer your questions! Enjoy :) Q&A: Comedians Ed… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #8: Dungeon Dom

SEXPERT: Mistress Mary Typhus talks the business of domination with Sandra Daugherty and comedian Dave Ross. Topics: “Just the Tip” (Stocking Bondage & Safe words), Spankings and Impact Implements, Angry… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #7: Sex Store Warriors

Sandra’s coworkers join her for stories from the front lines. We’re talking customer satisfaction to the maximum. Topics: weirdest moments, crank call revenge, the Fleshlight, and a goat. Plus listener… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #6: Semen Soliders

Sex expert Jamye Waxman and Sandra help comedian Ed Salazar ready his semen soldiers for a night of passion.  TOPICS include: Female masturbation, hot blowjobs, porn trends, Burning Man and… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #5: Taboo

Girl-next-door Elaine Smith joins Comedian Dave Ross and Sex Nerd Sandra as they talk brothels, booty toys and a few more things a bit… taboo. They answer 2 listener questions… more

“Star Wars XXX” Features Most Adorable Princess Leia

This could be the galaxy’s most adorable Princess Leia crossing paths with the creepiest man-with-a-camera. Adult movie actress Allie Haze is interviewed on the set of Star Wars XXX: A… more