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Learn How To Make Soap On DIY DAMMIT with Alice Wetterlund


Jason Silva Plays Games with Our Brains

[youtube] Jason Silva spends a lot of his time thinking. More than that, he thinks about how we as… more

Cat Science

ASAP Science did this three minute video on “The Science of Cats,” and as the loving owner/caretaker/parent of Ella the World’s Most Famous Cat, it’s stuff I find… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Sine Wave Plus Water Equals Cool

Okay, look at this: This is a remake of an experiment by Brusspup that shows what happens when a stream of water is run past a 24hz sine wave: the… more

Jonah Ray to Host Nerdist-Produced National Geographic Channel Pilot

Here’s another one… Nerdist Industries has another pilot in the works, this one hosted by our own Jonah Ray and being made for National Geographic Channel. The show is called… more

Visual Treat: Fiery Looping Coronal Rain on the Sun

This is video by NASA taken on July 19, 2012 of the result of a solar flare accompanied by a coronal mass ejection and looping magnetic field lines, a phenomenon… more

Dr. Ruth Talks Sex and Science on “StarTalk”

[youtube] The season finale of the Nerdist Channel’s StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson features special guest Dr…. more

Look Out, Science! “Bang Goes the Theory” Comes to BBC America

Fans of Mythbusters, science, and British things will want to pay attention to the new series Bang Goes the Theory which is premiering on BBC America Monday, February 11th, after… more

“The God Particle Complex” Makes Us Laugh While the World Ends

Believe it or not, Los Angeles has quite a thriving live theatre scene. Sure, film and TV are the main entertainment industry, but when you have a lot of creative… more

Anthony Bourdain Visits “StarTalk”

[youtube] This week on the Nerdist Channel’s StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Anthony Bourdain stops by for… more

Paging Ripley: Here’s A Real-Life Power Loader In Development

[youtube] Here’s something they aren’t showing at CES, at least to the best of my knowledge (I’ll… more

“StarTalk” at Comic-Con

[youtube] This week on the Nerdist Channel’s StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, it’s an episode taped at… more

Higgs, the Musical

[youtube] Why not close out 2012 with John Boswell of Symphony of Science fame and his latest… more

Proving the Earth is Round

Maybe you could have used this for the holidays, when your family gatherings were wracked by arguments over whether the Earth is flat or not, but Minute Physics’ latest video… more

Advances In RoboDog Technology

[youtube] Wow, DARPA and the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory’s LS3 robot program (Legged Squad Support System) has… more

Genius: GZA Does “StarTalk”

This week on the Nerdist Channel’s StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, the topic is the intersection of science, hip-hop, and the urban life, and the guest is The Genius himself,… more

“StarTalk” Does “Star Trek”

This week on the Nerdist Channel’s StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, It’s all about the science of Star Trek, and who better to talk about that than Wil Wheaton himself?… more

“StarTalk” with Alan Rickman

This week on the Nerdist Channel’s StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Alan Rickman is Dr. Tyson’s guest, and, yes, this is one that, I believe, hasn’t been released before now… more

Space Opera, Please Come Back

The announcement of new Star Wars movies the other week filled me with a bit of trepidation, but mostly a lot of childlike excitement. I’m not merely excited for… more

“StarTalk” is In Your Head

This week on the Nerdist Channel’s StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr. Tyson and Eugene Mirman play mind games, specifically the hows and whys of brain function, including emotion and… more

The Mutant Season #55: Bobak Ferdowsi

Gil takes The Mutant Season on a field trip to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory! He gets a tour of the campus and then sits down with Bobak Ferdowsi, the flight… more

Superman Meets Superman… er, Dr. Tyson

Well, why SHOULDN’T Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson be in a Superman comic? Yes, everyone’s favorite astrophysicist and the host of the appropriately-titled Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson on the… more

See the Latest Images from the Moon

There are seven active deep-space missions that frequently post fresh images to the Internet. I’ve featured images from the Curiosity rover and Cassini Saturn orbiter here before; here’s an image… more

“StarTalk” Lifts Off

And so, Neil deGrasse Tyson brings his StarTalk radio show to the Nerdist Channel. We don’t need to explain why this is monumental, do we? This week, astronaut Mike Massimino… more