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Nerdist News: From the Jim Henson Creature Shop!


Believing In Tree Octopi, or How Gullible Are Kids (And You)?

I wasn’t an especially gullible kid. I didn’t trust too much I read or heard unless it seemed plausible to me. But, then again, I didn’t have the Internet at… more

Elemental Child’s Play

Awwwww! Here’s one of the most adorable videos you’ll see today, or any day: She’s 26 MONTHS OLD and she recognizes the elements! She’s a Nerdist-in-training! I bet she’s even… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

It’s Everywhere You (Don’t Particularly) Want To Be

You know that episode of “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon rigged a robot with a camera and monitor so he could avoid the dangerous outside world and live long… more

Report: Yellowstone Super-Volcano Threatens 2/3 Of U.S. (Unless It Doesn’t, Not Anytime Soon, At Least)

If there’s anything the tabloid press loves almost as much as reality show “celebrities” and horrific crimes, it’s doomsday scenarios. And here’s one in today’s Daily Mail that has a… more

Like Mom Used To Make

Two words that will strike fear… er, no, more like revulsion in your heart: Human cheese. Meet Miriam Simun, who created cheese made from breast milk as part of a… more

Big-Ass Rocket Launches, Is Seen By Everyone In L.A. But Me

We had a rocket launch right here in fabulous Southern California and I missed it. It was visible from all over what only TV news anchors and meteorologists call “The… more

Take These Chains From My Tires

Finally, someone’s claiming to have developed the Cure for the Common Snow-and-Ice-Covered Road. CNN reports that an electrical engineer named Scott Brusaw has come up with an idea to pave… more

More Fun With The Concept Of Freezing Water

5 seconds later, her nose shattered when she sneezed. [via Break] You can follow Matthew on Twitter…. more

Don’t Call It A Comeback (Although It Would Be)

Scientists are planning to try and clone wooly mammoths. Because we need wooly mammoths roaming the Earth in 2011. According to Yomiuri Shimbun, a team of researchers will be trying… more

Bozo Makes Babies

It’s a study by doctors and everything, so it must be true: Women undergoing in vitro fertilization who are “entertained” by clowns just after being inseminated are more likely to… more

Comic Sans Can Make You Smarter. No, Really

Finally, someone’s found the positive side of Comic Sans. LiveScience reports that a study in the journal Cognition asserts that people are able to learn and remember things better when… more

Take Two Aspirin And… No, That Won’t Work

Hey, hypochondriacs, here’s some material for you: from comes this list of the “7 Weirdest Medical Conditions.” You might be familiar with some of them. There’s Morgellons Disease,… more

Science Can Turn Albinos Blue!

Maybe that title shouldn’t sound so enthusiastic…but this sounds like a lot of fun. Medical researchers have been testing new spinal injury solutions and along the way discovered that… more

Study Shows Music You Like Has The Same Effect On Your Brain As Sex

You like music. Music makes you feel good. Do you know why that is? A group of researchers from Montreal decided to find out what the effect of music is… more

Of Tetris and Dudes and Bars (And Boners)

(Illustration by the extremely talented and adorable Carolyn Main) Man, I like bars. I mean – not right now so much – as the holiday celebrationgasms have taken their toll… more

Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Dead Birds (And Fish, Too) (UPDATE: Blame Noise. Maybe)

Nobody knows yet why somewhere upwards of a thousand — maybe as many as 2,000 — blackbirds fell out of the sky in Beebe, Arkansas just before New Year’s…. more

What Happens To Your Body At A ‘Polar Bear Plunge’?

Ever wonder what happens to someone’s body when they participate in a “Polar Bear Plunge” on a frigid New Year’s Day? Neither did I. After all, those plunges are usually… more

Sex Toy Science: The Principle of Non-Porosity

[Fair Warning: NSFW links] Everyday, I talk to people about the spectrum of materials available for their heavenly pleasures. But not all toy materials are heaven-sent. Some are downright holey. [… more

Image Stabilization, Now With Chicken

It’s almost New Year’s Eve. Nothing much is going on. So why not keep up with the latest in chicken-powered Steadicams?: Seems to work, although nobody seems to have asked… more

PS3 x 1,760 = Awesome

Finally, PlayStation 3 finds a niche: The Air Force has hooked up 1,760 PS3s together to form the 35th fastest supercomputer in the world. It cost them about $2… more

Meet Charles, The Somewhat Creepy Robot That Can Read Your Emotional State And Give Directions, Too

Further proof that computers will ultimately replace, um, you: The IEEE has a blog post about Cambridge Professor Peter Robinson and his team, who are working on computers who… er,… more

10 Sci-Fi Promises Not Yet Fulfilled By 2010

And no, this post will not be talking about those damn Marty McDoodleface hoverboards. Or whatever. I mean, give me a little credit, please. We’re not all good hair and… more

Total Lunar Eclipse To Wreak Havoc, Or More Likely Just Hang There

Well, there’s gonna be a lunar eclipse on Tuesday morning, starting about 1:33 am ET through 5:01 am ET. The total eclipse part is supposed to start about… more