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Nerdist News: WATCH DOGS Movie?!


Nerdist Podcast: Live at SF Sketchfest 2014

The Nerdist returns to San Francisco with special guest Tom Lenk (Buffy, Angel, Much Ado About Nothing)! Tom and Jonah bond over their love of Beaches, Matt talks about Frasier,… more

Jonah Raydio #51: Throwing Episode

On a cold, rainy day in San Francisco’s Mission District Jonah Raydio had its first live podcast at Lost Weekend Video’s Cinecave.  Ben Garant (The State/Reno 911)… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Comic Book Club: Aliens vs. Parker

Guest Nick Giovannetti returns to talk about the trade collection of his book “Aliens vs. Parker.” Plus, reviews of Punisher #1, Black Widow #3, Action Comics #28, New Avengers #14,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #130: The Gift of Orgasm with Dr. Sadie Allison & CTO John

MIND-BLOWING SEX AND ZOMBIES! Author and Tickle Kitty CEO Dr. Sadie Allison and her partner and CTO John join Sandra for a romp through the land of love, orgasm and… more

Chewin’ It #47: Oscars, Olympics & Valentine’s Day

It’s February, so Kevin and Steve tackle the big topics: their Oscar thoughts and picks, Valentine’s Day, and the Olympics! Also along the way, Lemme gets his honorary college degree…… more

The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast #4: Kofi Kingston, Nigel McGuinness, Booker T

Another powerhouse show this week following Raw at Staples Center in Los Angeles! A backstage interview with WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston, the great Nigel McGuinness is in studio, and Booker… more

You Made It Weird #194: Jared Logan

Jared Logan makes it weird! Follow @JaredLogan on Twitter! Follow @peteholmes on Twitter and Like the show on Facebook. Watch The Pete Holmes Show on TBS! Buy YMIW shirts!… more

Nerdist Podcast: Morgan Murphy

Morgan Murphy stops by the show! She and Chris go in deep about coming up in the L.A. comedy scene together, performing comedy in front of your idols, and… more

Nerdist Writers Panel #127: John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein

The writers of Horrible Bosses, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2), talk about their process, their breakthrough Black List… more

The Mutant Season #117: The Grawlix

Gil sits down the with the guys of The Grawlix (comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy) to talk about how they come up with sketches and the Denver… more

Cashing In With T.J. Miller #95: Ladle Baby

Cash and T.J. talk about centipedes, the KISS Army, Fila track suits, carnival games, Utah drinking laws, snow driving, crouton sandwiches, Abercrombie and Fitch, weather balloons, and modern fishing,… more

The K Ohle #39: SF Sketchfest with Bobcat Goldthwait, Rachel Dratch, Seth Morris, and Nate Bargatze

The very first live taping of The K Ohle! We get some Boat Show with Seth and some Pet-ophilia with everybody else. Seth reveals his true father, Rachel explains “trial… more

Thrilling Adventure Hour #152: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, “Moonfaker”

Starring Marc Evan Jackson as Sparks Nevada, Mark Gagliardi as Croach the Tracker, and Molly Quinn as Pemily Stallwark. Also starring Brendan Hines as cyborg president Chicky Sullivan; and Busy… more

Nerdist Podcast: Topher Grace

Topher Grace is on the podcast! He sits down with Chris and Jonah to talk about his re-cut of Star Wars, being better at life in person than in social… more

The Indoor Kids #135: Indoor Kids of All Types with Rich Sommer

Today The Indoor Kids welcome Rich Sommer (Mad Men) to talk about the wonders of ’60s props, video games, and his lifelong obsession with board games. You guys, he’s in… more

Nerdist Comics Panel #30: Listeners Questions Answered

Len Wein, Heath Corson, and Ben Blacker answer questions submitted by listeners, including comic works that are the apex of the medium’s storytelling, debates about creator credit, and work habits…. more

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction #50: Round 2 (Baron Vaughn, Kyle Kinane, Adam Cayton-Holland, Timmy Williams, and Andy Wood)

Round two with Baron Vaughn, Kyle Kinane, Adam Cayton-Holland, Timmy Williams, and Andy Wood. Recorded at NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics on 8/12/12. See Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction… more

Pop My Culture #139: Christine Lakin

Christine Lakin (Step By Step) joins Cole and Vanessa to chat about the Veronica Mars movie, Shia LaBeouf, growing up in the business, on-set tutoring, skywriting, Justin Bieber (*sigh*), road… more

The Todd Glass Show #139: Graham Elwood

Graham Elwood joins us again for a very special episode! Buy The Todd Glass Show t-shirts! Like The Todd Glass Show on Facebook, follow @ToddGlass on Twitter, and buy his… more

The Alton Browncast #32: Todd Bailey

Listen as Alton and Todd Bailey, Art Director extraordinaire, reminisce about the evolution of sets and props on Good Eats. Hear about when they got a standing ovation at the… more

Terrified #28: Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin is a wildly prolific songwriter and musician based in San Francisco, and also just about the sweetest man who ever lived.  He and Dave talked about growing up,… more

Nerdist Podcast: Robert Kirkman Returns

Robert Kirkman returns to the podcast! He talks about reading comics on the toilet, The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course, and what he has planned for the future of The… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #129: Perving Out with Dr. Jesse Bering

TWISTED AROUSAL RESEARCH, EROTIC SCHADENFREUDE and MORE! Author of “Perv: The Erotic Deviant in All of Us,” Jesse Bering, PhD expands what is normal and shares new vocab words to… more