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Nerdist News: WATCH DOGS Movie?!


Sex Nerd Sandra #140: Struggling with Monogamy, LIVE in DC with Twanna Hines and Jenn Tisdale (Part 1)

DRAMA! Sex Educator Twanna Hines and comedian Jenn Tisdale help Sandra explore the myriad questions of monogamy. TOPICS: Dating Complications, When a Relationship Begins, Denying Feelings, Ongoing Intention, James Deen,… more

Pop My Culture #146: Stephen Root

Stephen Root (Office Space, NewsRadio) chats with Cole and Vanessa about Colbert and Letterman, 3-year-olds trapped in a claw machine, U.S. Airways’ Twitter fiasco, Coachella celebs appropriating cultures, Cosmos,… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

The JV Club #106: Jennette McCurdy

In this very special episode, Janet podcasts her very own DAUGHTER! … Well, at least someone who played her daughter in a thing. It’s the terrific Jennette McCurdy (Sam and… more

Chewin’ It #57: Answering Your Questions!

This week Kevin & Steve answer the mail! Your questions answered!  In doing so they talk Super Troopers 2, favorite beers, Rocky, memorable road trips, and ZJs!!! Enjoy the chew!!… more

Comic Book Club: Abraham Riesman

Abraham Riesman (Editor for New York Magazine, and writer for joins the boys to talk about his love for Mark Millar, and getting ripped to shreds for said… more

The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast #14: Booker T, Christopher Daniels, and Brennan Williams

Your favorite pro wrestling show brings the heat once again! Booker T calls in with a power packed Fave 5, and we talk to one-half of the Bad Influence, Christopher… more

You Made It Weird #204: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Franklin and Bash! Saved By The Bell!) makes it weird! Follow @peteholmes on Twitter and Like the show on Facebook. Watch The Pete Holmes Show on TBS! Buy… more

Nerdist Podcast: Lewis Black

The hilarious Lewis Black sits down with Chris to talk about the process of writing “edgy” material, the importance of keeping busy as you get older, his shows being a… more

Nerdist Writers Panel #137: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, writers of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World, The Chronicles of Narnia, and more, chat about their process, being architects of the Marvel… more

We’re Alive: Chapter 45 – Distorted Truths – Part 1 of 3

What happened elsewhere…… more

Today We Learned #35: Duncan Birmingham

What famous celebrity’s father was an assassin? What do people keep stealing from Colorado’s highways? What is Sam Rockwell’s connection to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Duncan Birmingham (IFC’s Maron)… more

Thrilling Adventure Hour #162: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, “Sheriff on Mars”

Starring Marc Evan Jackson as Sparks Nevada and Mark Gagliardi as Croach the Tracker. Also starring Joshua Malina as the Barkeep; Jeremy Carter as an automaton; Craig Cackowski as local… more

It’s That Episode #115: Dan Ahdoot/Kickin’ It – Breaking Board

Dan Ahdoot (Tonight Show, Super Fun Night) has a dirty little secret: he plays Falafel Phil on Disney’s Kickin’ It. Dan watches an episode of Kickin’ It for the first… more

The Indoor Kids #145: WonderCon LIVE with Kevin Pereira and Jordan Morris!

Today we welcome our good friends Kevin Pereira and Jordan Morris to the madness that is WonderCon in Anaheim! You’ll hear us talk about racist TMNT toys! You’ll hear Snoop… more

Nerdist Comics Panel #39: Marc Andreyko

The prolific writer of DC’s Batwoman and Manhunter, co-writer of such books as The Illegitimates,Torso, and The Lost Marc Andreyko sits down with Marc Bernardin (The Hollywood Reporter), Ben… more

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction #62: Round 2 (Geoff Lott, Derek Sheen, Sean Murphy and Douglas Gale)

Round two with Geoff Lott, Derek Sheen, Sean Murphy and Douglas Gale. Recorded at the Tacoma Comedy Club, January 6, 2014. See Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction LIVE every third Tuesday… more

Nerdist Podcast: Brian Henson

Brian Henson and Chris sit down to talk about their pet dogs, the technique of puppetry, growing up in the heyday of The Muppet Show, and the show Jim Henson’s… more

The Todd Glass Show #148: Andy Haynes & Blake Wexler Part 1

Blake Wexler and Andy Haynes join Todd for a hilarious 2-part episode! Buy The Todd Glass Show t-shirts! Like The Todd Glass Show on Facebook, follow @ToddGlass on Twitter, and … more

The Alton Browncast #42: John Hodgman

Alton Brown, a/k/a Encyclo-smokia Brown, and John Hodgman remember their epic barbecue journey, talk facial hair, and hear what happened when John’s Twitter feed was hacked by… more

Terrified #38: Adam Lazzara

Adam Lazzara is the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday.  He and Dave talk kids, failure, getting picked on, getting fame, losing fame, becoming cool, becoming UNcool, and Adam’s stutter,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #139: Sex Writer’s Block with Lauren Marie Fleming plus UBK!

KINK CONTRACTS, LOVE LETTERS and SEX GUIDES: Lauren Marie Fleming a/k/a Queerie Bradshaw shares easy ways for writing to improve your love and sex life. PLUS Gregory Scott… more

Jonah Raydio #55: Live From Neil’s House, It’s Hostless FM

Remember that movie about the haunted house where that little girl goes “they’re baaaaaack”?  Don’t know why I was thinking about that. I’ve never seen that movie, but only know… more

Ding-Donger #47: DDMB is 30 Minutes Now

Holy crap, you guys. Matt had so much fun doing the podcast last week (the double one, for double fun) that he’s doing it for 30 minutes… from now on!… more