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Nerdist News: X-Men News X-Plosion!


Muppet Alignment Chart

Well this is only the greatest thing in the world. See other alignment charts at MightyGodKing via @erikteichmann… more

Go Look: Stunning Photos From BBC’s ‘Human Planet’

The BBC has an aversion to allowing its audio slideshows to be embedded on other sites, so you’ll have to click here to see a series of outstanding still photographs… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Is THIS Your Card???

Photo taken at SF Sketchfest ’11 by Tab-lover Steve Agee. Also, you can follow tophat and lighter enthusiast Tom Lennon here.  … more

Steampunk Dalek

I mean, how could you not want this li’l guy EX. TERRR. MINATE.-ing his way through your Victorian streets? Powered by steam and hate, this valve-tastic creation would make… more

Attack of the Hosts

Commercial break on Attack of the Show today with Vinny Rutherford (co-EP), Kevin Pereira, Candace Bailey & Sara Jean Underwood. (& of course, ME) The lovely Alison Haislip was on… more

Adam Savage Gave Me a ‘Time Bandits’ Map

As referenced in the Nerdist Podcast Episode 58! I might try to have sex with the different time holes, thereby imbuing my wiener with historical properties. It’s on canvas, and… more

A Letter To The Internet

Dear Internet, I wrote you this letter. I love you, Internet. I love you harder everyday. When I wake up, I could go outside and soak in some much needed… more

I Removed Kevin Pereira’s Wangus

If you see Kevin walking down the street sporting a seriously chompy cameltoe, this is why. I was GOING to sell it for a fortune on ebay because Ladies Love… more

TV Menage w/ Me, Chelsea & Ferguson TONIGHT! #LeTitsNow

Often times when you do a talk show, you get a personalized note in your dressing room. This was mine from Craig Ferguson tonight. Fergy, I am standing and saluting… more


The Wienermobile! I jumped up and down with Navin Johnson-esque enthusiasm today when I saw it. Let the car/hot dog mashup jokes commence!!! Add yours to the comments. Here’s… more

Tony Stark Gambles Away Vast Fortune

I took this in Vegas a couple of days ago. So sad. Who woulda thought you could blow a billion dollars at Imperial Palace? Still, this is a potentially sweet… more

Hoth Is A Bad Vacation Getaway, Jabba

With the holidays behind us and New Years right around the corner, it’s basically just boring old winter time again. Fortunately, somebody has taken advantage of the blizzard sweeping the… more

“Merry Christmas; I Love You”

Click here for a little Christmas surprise! (via I Own Image) (found on Digg) (Merry Christmas) (tweets)… more

‘Tis Also The Season…

…to draw a giant penis on the Eiffel Tower lawn.  #LeTitsNow Pic was originally tweeted by a Dutchman visiting Paris…. more

Amazing Pictures Not From Your Last Party

Popular Science has its gallery of the “Most Amazing Science Images of 2010″ posted now. There are 72 images in the gallery, and many live up to the billing; it… more

The Walken Dead

Two of my favorite things mashed up.  Christopher Walken just might make the perfect zombie. via [reddit]… more

This Graph Will Give You a Boner

I’ve always said there’s something romantic about math, but yeeowza! Excuse me while I roll my tongue back into my mouth and treat these burns on my ears from all… more

Amazing Larry Etch-A-Sketch

Amazing Larry…the mysterious character that so many of us have often thought of writing fan fiction about, just to paint of picture of the rest of his life outside… more


I took this l’il guy’s pic at a LEGO store using Hipstamatic for iPhone, and subsequently was driven to throw it into the pile of one of the Internet’s most… more

My New Girlfriend

Just like the plot of Tadpoles! Ok well not really but this was the only person I asked to take a picture with at Comic-con. This was mere MINUTES after… more

Neutralize Threats with Registration Symbols!

Does your building have a graffiti problem? Of course it does!  Well, rather than painting over it every couple of days, why not try neutralizing it by adding registration symbols… more

I Smell a Spin-off… and BRAINS!!

I have a sneaking suspicion that TRUE BLOOD is about to introduce yet another type of creature. The other night, did anyone else notice this creepy dude staggering through the… more

The Dark Knight’s Golf Cart

Look, no matter how much evil Batman squashes with his Death-Monk training, at the core of it he’s still a rich white guy. As such, he is innately drawn to… more