Nerdist was started by Chris Hardwick and has grown to be a many headed beast.


Nerdist News: Live From WonderCon, Plus GODZILLA Rules and So Does Marjorie Liu


The Nerdist Channel Presents “Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic” #2: Uma ‘n’ Nic

The second episode of Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic on the Nerdist Channel finds our intrepid journalist trying to get up close and personal with Uma Thurman and… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “All Star Celebrity Bowling” #3: G4

Why, yes, there IS a new All Star Celebrity Bowling on the Nerdist Channel on YouTube. This week, Team G4 — Candace Bailey and Kevin Pereira of Attack of the… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “The Kids in the Hall” #2: Chicken Lady

Today’s classic “Kids in the Hall” episode at the Nerdist Channel is another memorable bit, the first full sketch with Chicken Lady. It’s the one where Chicken Lady (Mark McKinney)… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “Weird S#!t From Japan” #2 – Squid!

Friday’s Nerdist Channel offerings are new episodes of Weird S#!t From Japan and The Kids in the Hall. First up is Weird S#!t,  on which our intrepid field… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “The Indoor Kids” #1

The Nerdist Channel’s latest addition is the video version of our video gaming podcast The Indoor Kids, with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon joined by Steve Agee. This week, they… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “All Star Celebrity Bowling” #2 — Good Game, Let’s Go Eat

This week on Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling on the Nerdist Channel, Team Nerdist battles Team Celebrity Chef for all the appetizers. It’s Chris, Jonah Ray, Sex Nerd Sandra,… more

The Nerdist Channel Sunday Specials: Exploding Bunnies and Apes Vs. the Mob

Sunday is not a day of rest at the Nerdist Channel. (Saturday is, but Sunday isn’t) And holidays? No excuse. So you’ll find some new stuff to watch this week,… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “Weird S#!t From Japan” #1

Debut week at the Nerdist Channel continues with Weird S#!t from Japan, which is a show about exactly that. It’s hosted by Jukka Hilden of The Dudesons (who’ll also… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “Ain’t it Cool with Harry Knowles” #1

Thursday’s debut on the Nerdist Channel is Ain’t It Cool with Harry Knowles, and I trust you’re all very familiar with Harry and Ain’t it Cool News — after all,… more

Marvin E. Quasniki’s Back, and In a Bad Mood

Okay, so Marvin E. Quasniki’s presidential campaign hasn’t been going the way he’d hoped. The Nerdist-endorsed candidate hasn’t been in any mood to do a fireside chat, but he did… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “Comic Book Club” #1

Sure, you can listen to the Comic Book Club podcast, like today’s edition with Judah Friedlander and Joe Kelly. But now you have another option: the show is available in… more

Comic Book Day: Turning the Page with Comic Book Club Live

For the past five years, comedians and self-professed comic book lovers Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben have been hosting the weekly talk show Comic Book Club live in… more

Bring These Heroes Home to Celebrate 50,000 Nerdist Channel Subscribers

To slightly paraphrase Princess Leia as Boushh from Return of the Jedi, our way of saying “Fifty thousand; no less” is “Koto. Koto!” As in Kotobukiya, makers of finely sculpted… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic” #1

Today’s debut on the Nerdist Channel, available for your viewing pleasure right this very minute, is Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic, the interview show that asks the tough… more

Weird Al Yankovic Goes “Face to Face” with Us

Though he’s going to have his own interview show going live today on the Nerdist Channel, we’re just as fascinated with Al Yankovic as an interview subject as we are… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “S.U.D.S.,” “Cute Things Exploding,” “Nanna and Lil Puss Puss,” “Dr. Tran,” and Hard ‘n’ Phirm

At the Nerdist Channel, you’ll find a plethora of new shows, but as we mentioned when the lineup was unveiled, we’ll be offering a library of shows that you may… more

It’s Nerdist Channel Launch Day!!!: A Fancy Letter from Chris Hardwick

For today’s launch of the Nerdist Channel on YouTube, our founder Chris Hardwick has written a welcome message for Nerdist News that explains all and adds some details about the… more

The Nerdist Channel Presents “All Star Celebrity Bowling” #1

And so it begins. The Nerdist Channel is alive, and the first show is now available for your viewing pleasure. On the debut episode of Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity… more

Upcoming On the Nerdist Channel’s “Hero Complex”: Ridley Scott! Leonard Nimoy! Ed Brubaker!

One of the shows scheduled to debut soon on the Nerdist Channel is one we’re quite excited about, Hero Complex: The Show, the video version of Geoff Boucher’s great site… more

A Word From Weird Al About His New Show “Face to Face”

And now, a preview of “Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic,” the new interview series premiering soon on the Nerdist Channel: Hard-hitting, informative, asking questions and getting answers, live,… more

Enjoy Rob Zombie’s Celebrated Tom Baker Impression

Chris just posted this clip by Rob Zombie on the Nerdist Channel, and here’s how he describes it: When we put out our mash-up ‘please subscribe’ video a couple of… more

“Saber,” the Sequel, Coming To the Nerdist Channel

At San Diego Comic-Con International in 2009, a short film by Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt and their Danger Maiden Productions (along with Ariescope Pictures) called Saber won the awards… more

The Stars of the Nerdist Channel Would Like A Word With You

And now, a few of your new bestest friends in the whole world are here to say hello: Well, when they put it THAT way, how can you NOT subscribe… more