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Nerdist News: More Live From WonderCon with Jason O'Mara, Simon Kinberg, and Lots of Deadpool


“COPS: Skyrim” Rides Again

Once again, it’s time to ride along with COPS: Skyrim. This one’s unavailable for preview, but we can watch it together. So, let’s. Subscribe to the Nerdist Channel because there’s… more

Watch the SXSW “Social Underground” Party Here

For a limited time, you can watch the goings-on at Friday’s SXSW Social Underground party right here, courtesy of the Nerdist Channel and Samsung Mobile. The SXSW Gaming Cosplay Competition,… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

“Set List” Coming to the Nerdist Channel

You may be familiar with the concept of Set List, the live stand-up show in which a comedian is on stage and has to create jokes on the spot with… more

Animation? “Try This At Home”

This week’s edition of the Nerdist Channel’s Try This at Home gives you a quick introduction to DIY animation. Holly and Jessica’s guests for the crash course are RubberRoss –… more

Talking Dead BONUS!: Lauren Cohan, Eliza Dushku, & Keegan-Michael Key

You love that bonus segment from AMC’s Talking Dead every week, right? Yes, you do, and here’s this week’s bonus footage with Lauren Cohan, Eliza Dushku, and Keegan-Michael Key, courtesy… more

Bellini Day with the Kids in the Hall

This week’s classic clip from the Kids In The Hall on the Nerdist Channel is a look at the true meaning of Bellini Day. After the sketch, Dave Foley and… more

Respecting the Blind the Black Dynamite Way

A cat in a tree? Oh, my. But when a blind man, stirringly portrayed by wrestling’s Chavo Guerrero, offers to help his neighbor, stirringly portrayed by actor and former American… more

Justin Willman Wants To Be Your Next Pope

There’s a late entry in the race for Pope, and it’s the Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman, who takes to the streets and basketball courts of Hollywood to campaign with some… more

“Oz the Great and Powerful”: The Nerdist News Interviews

Oz the Great and Powerful hits theaters in the U.S. this weekend, and Nerdist News’ own Dan Casey got a chance to talk about the film with director Sam… more

Beat a Retreat with “COPS: Skyrim”

It’s another walk on the beat with COPS: Skyrim on the Nerdist Channel, and this time there’s a burglary and possible hostage situation, which calls for tact and diplomacy… and… more

Voice Acting? “Try This At Home”

Voice actors Jennifer Hale and Ali Hillis join Holly and Jessica of Crabcat Industries this week on the Nerdist Channel’s Try This at Home, and the project is how to… more

A Peek At “The Gamer’s Guide to Wreck-It Ralph”

The Blu-ray Combo Pack of Wreck-It Ralph is… more

Talking Dead BONUS!: Aisha Tyler and Scott Porter

This week’s Talking Dead bonus footage with Aisha Tyler and Scott Porter? Enjoy, courtesy of AMC and the Nerdist Channel: Watch for more bonus footage on the Nerdist Channel after… more

Linda Le at NYCC, “Just Cos”

This week’s edition of Just Cos on the Nerdist Channel follows Linda Le at New York Comic-Con 2012 for the last episode of “Cosplay Confidential,” the documentary series on NYCC… more

Fight Litter the Black Dynamite Way

You shouldn’t litter. You REALLY shouldn’t litter around everybody’s favorite action hero Black Dynamite. On this week’s edition of Black Dynamite Teaches a Hard Way on the Nerdist Channel, BD… more

Chicken Lady: Origins on “The Kids in the Hall”

In this week’s classic clip from The Kids in the Hall on the Nerdist Channel, the old homestead gets shaken up when Chicken Lady comes home to visit. The present… more

More “Blood and Guts” Coming Soon

The Nerdist Channel’s Fangoria’s Blood and Guts with Scott Ian is coming back for another season of special effects insider stuff. That’s good news, and this trailer should whet your… more

Help Danica McKellar Make Her New Nerdist Channel Show Better

As you might be aware, Danica McKellar, and here we’re going to mention that she was Winnie on The Wonder Years and Elsie on The West Wing one more time… more

Making Monsters With Doug Jones on “Try This At Home”

Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, a million other movies, shows, and web series) joins Holly and Jessica of Crabcat Industries on the Nerdist Channel’s Try This at Home for a… more

Talking Dead BONUS! Scott Adsit, Emily Kinney, and Retta

This week’s Talking Dead bonus footage from Sunday night’s episode with 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit, The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney (Beth), and Parks and Recreation’s Retta is right here, courtesy… more

“COPS: Skyrim”: Back in Action

COPS: Skyrim are back. It starts with a domestic disturbance involving an unwanted visitor and a “classy lady” and goes downhill from there. Subscribe to the Nerdist Channel because it’s… more

Mega Man at NYCC, “Just Cos”

This week’s edition of Just Cos on the Nerdist Channel continues the “Cosplay Confidential” documentary looking at cosplay at New York Comic-Con 2012, this time following Mega Man, or, at… more

Teamwork the Black Dynamite Way

Why partake in auto theft or vandalism when you could be working together? That’s the lesson in this week’s dip into the archival footage of special behavioral messages from everybody’s… more