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Nerdist News: From the Jim Henson Creature Shop!


New Weird Al Video "Skipper Dan"!

In keeping with his “Internet Release Summer,” W.A. Yankovic has just released a new video entitled “Skipper Dan,” which was deftly animated by Wunder Animatrix Divya Srinivasan, who also… more

H2 Music Vid Released

The title may be misleading. This isn’t a music video of Halloween 2 per se, but something much cooler. In the spirit of creating as detailed a reality as possible,… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more


Merry Nerd Christmas! Make sure to French a nerd at 3/14 1:59:26! Phirm and I made this and like to pull it out every year for this… more

The New Kevye West Video

What happens when Kevin Pereira discovers Kanye, expired milk and unnecessary pitchbending all at the same time? WONDERFULNESS. Big ups, Kevye! *HISTORICAL SIDE NOTE: Remember when Cher introduced the pitchbend… more

MUSIC NERDIST: Hockey Night & Troubled Hubble

Now, I know the headline of this post sounds like I’m desperately trying to be abstract and weird. But no. Those are the names of two bands that put out… more

You’ve Got The Touch!

Long before Dirk Diggler recorded half of this song during his drug-induced downward spiral, Stan Bush rocked it for 1986′s Transformers: The Movie, which was the same year Michael Bay… more


Years ago when i first moved to the LA area I lived, specifically, in the town of SAN PEDRO. Pedro (home of the minutemen), as it’s called (pronounced PEE-DRO), Is… more


I had an odd moment this week. Whilst I was casually walking through the automatic sliding doors of a Rite Aid (I live in a poor area.) I was greeted… more

MUSIC NERDIST: Best Birfffday Songs, according to me (the guy that’s always right.)

My birthday is coming up this weekend. I’ll be turning an age that’s closer to the signifying number of years you live before you have to realize yer not a… more

the nerdist Welcomes Jonah Ray, Music Nerdist

Jonah Ray is a young, likable scamp who is not only funny but also has music coursing through his lengthy veins (he’s a tall drink o’ bourbon). Recently I asked… more

New Hard ‘n Phirm Video

We made this video for Super Deluxe before it decided to not continue being funded by Turner. Through the magic of the Internet, someone has posted it on the YouTubes…. more

Download Festival Haps pt. 2

  THE DUKE SPIRIT RULED!!! Here they are from behind, moments before rotating on the stage to a fantastic set. Afterwards, I said “Great set.” They said, “Thanks.” They had… more

Download Music Festival Haps

  iPhone blogging at the Download Music Festival in Mountain View, CA, home of the Computer History Museum. Currently onstage is The Toxic Airborne Event from Silverlake. Good stuff! Duke… more


This is old, but I don’t have it on this site so here it is—the bluegrass medley of 18 Radiohead songs that Mike Phirman (as Hard ‘n Phirm) and I… more