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Nerdist Podcast: The Expressionless

It’s another spontaneous hostful! They talk about how lovely L.A. is when everyone is at Coachella, Matt and Jonah get into a bit that probably lasts too long, and they read a scary ghost story! Artwork by Fernando Pinto… more

Yorkety Sax

Well, this didn’t take very long. Benny Hill’s classic earworm makes everything 67% more delightful. Perry’s post below also has Thom jiving to “Single Ladies” (and it works quite well,… more

Thom Yorke Puts A Ring On It

It didn’t take long for someone to take the Radiohead video for “Lotus Flower” and have a little fun with it.  Take Thom Yorke’s dancing, add “Single Ladies,” and you… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

A Music Nerd’s Dream Week

If that VH1 show Best Week Ever came out of cancellation for just one spectacular week, it would be totally warranted for this 7-day stretch in the world of music…. more

New Radiohead Video “Lotus Flower”

I think “Dancin’ Thom Yorke” will be on every kid’s Xmas list this year! Oh, how I greatly enjoy these gents…. more

Long Live The King

What a night to have terrible insomnia! First Radiohead releases their video for “Lotus Flower” on YouTube. A succulent treat to get us through the grueling Friday until “The King… more

Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Radiohead

While you were sleeping, a king arrived. At 1:30AM PST, Radiohead announced their new album The King of Limbs. The album is available for pre-order to arrive on the… more

The Strokes Are Back!

If news of the White Stripes dissolution has got you bummed, then here is some early-2000s karma to cheer you up: The Strokes have returned. Their new single, “Under Cover… more

‘Hero’ Takes A Fall

Guitar Hero is dead. Maybe. G4 reports that Activision has dropped the next GH edition from its development schedule and is disbanding the business unit that develops the game. Might… more

Your Mother Should Know

“Like, wow, the Beatles! Aren’t they the swingin’ livin’ end? You dig, chick?” “I dig, Chuck!” “That’s one scene I gotta make!” “Me too, Chuck!” It’s kind of interesting to… more

The Huge Douche Playlist

Have you ever walked down the pier in just a penny after some serious reps and tried to mack on blonde bitties? Ya, me neither. If you answered “yeah, brah”,… more

The Mystic Dark Knight Of The Oingo Boingo

Remember how, on the first guestless Nerdist Podcast, Chris talked about having a meal in a restaurant in close proximity to what appeared to be Danny Elfman, and how that… more

Awesome Video, And How It Was Made

Ben Lovett is a musician and composer for movies (“Last Goodbye,” “The Signal”) and TV who has a new album, “The Highway Collection,” that features musicians from, among other acts,… more

Underground Music

Conductor: from Alexander Chen on Vimeo. Someone created a web page that shows the New York subway system as, well, musical art. It’s hard to describe, but… more

Musically Crushing on Lia Ices

If I could describe Lia Ices in one word, it would be “organic”. Her voice possesses a subtlety that easily blends with the instrumentation yet, at certain points, explodes in… more

Coachella Lineup Is Here!

Holy moly with pepperoni and cheese on top! The 2011 Coachella Lineup is here, and its unbelievable! It’s like… If Coachella were a person, they didn’t just break… more

Like The Spawn Of Dick Clark, A CPA, And Your Uncle

Don Kirshner died yesterday. People of a certain age will feel a twinge of sadness at the news. But for those of you who don’t recognize the name… Back in… more


“Map of Tasmania” Amanda Palmer & The Young Punx from the album Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under out January 21st This is dang catchy. And hilarious. I’ve never heard of… more

James Blake: Yes Please.

Music is changing all the time. Now, if you’re reading this, then the part of your brain that ejects sarcastic remarks is probably overloading. “I had NO idea music… more


Robert Popper unleashed a beast when he retweeted this video. I can’t stop doing the new dance in school. The new dance in school. The new dance. The new dance…. more

Doctor Who Theme In Mario Paint


They Talk In Maths(?)

In the summer of 1997, Radiohead released an album that many consider the best album of the 90’s and the past 25 years, OK Computer. 10 years later, they… more

Study Shows Music You Like Has The Same Effect On Your Brain As Sex

You like music. Music makes you feel good. Do you know why that is? A group of researchers from Montreal decided to find out what the effect of music is… more

Mixtapes! Mixtapes! Mixtapes!

This is an interesting idea by a blogger and former Drake University student, brought to my attention by a Facebook post from a radio friend of mine, Matt Perrault at… more