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Nerdist News: More Live From WonderCon with Jason O'Mara, Simon Kinberg, and Lots of Deadpool


The Music Geek Track of the Week: “Two Cousins”

Week two of this fantastically fantastic feature! “Two Cousins,” the new Slow Club single caught both of my eyes this week. This adorable indie-pop duo is comprised of Charles Watson… more

The Music Geek Track of the Week: “How Can You Luv Me?”

Yo, Nerds, as a result of Becca’s and my constant desire to disseminate good music throughout the nerdosphere, we thought it might be a solid idea to start posting… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Childish Camp-bino

If excitement’s physical form was water, I’d be drowning. Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, aka Troy Barnes of Community has unveiled the much anticipated (on my end) album art and… more

Owen Pallett Covers The Strokes, Recalls Nerdy Childhood

On Tuesday, Stereogum released its original tribute to the Strokes’ debut, called Stroked: A Tribute to Is This It, which hosts a bunch of indie acts playing tracks from the… more

Another OK Go Video Extravaganza

OK Go… well, they’ve done it again. First came the treadmills, then the Rube Goldberg thing, and now they’ve done an interactive video for “All is Not Lost” that kinda… more

Nyan Cat Meets Rebecca Black, Sort Of

Say, did you want to hear the Nyan Cat theme and a medley of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and “My Moment” played on the piano at the same time? Well, you’re… more

This One Goes Out to All the Ladies

The Isley Brothers posed a very poignant question in 1973 when they contemplated, “Who’s that lady (who’s that lady)?” Taken literally, this question has several straightforward solutions –… more

Beastie Boys + Spike Jonze + Action Figures = Win

It’s been a long time for Jonze and the Beasties, but here’s an 11-minute (yes, eleven minutes) video with inspiration ranging from Thunderbirds to Inception to zombie movies, called “Don’t… more

Revamping the “Music Nerd”

How dare they replace “arrogant-hipster-douchebag” with “nerd!” When stumbling online, webpages incorporating both “music” and “nerd” normally excite, enthrall, empower, and maybe even engulf me a little bit. However, the… more

Is Rock Music Truly Dead?

Heady stuff at The Atlantic today — a handful of rock critics are noting that “rock is dead,” for a variety of reasons, notably this: Only one ‘rock’ song cracked… more

“Game of Thrones” Theme: The Violin Cover

Sit back and bask in this effort from Jason Yang, as he acoustically and vibrantly goes to town on the Game of Thrones theme song via the violin: Head-to-head query… more

Weird Al Sings “Conan”

How could we pass up last night’s Conan with Weird Al singing “the lyrics” to Conan’s theme song? WE CAN’T:… more

Twin Peaks Remixed

1990 was a good year: I had just been born, the Pistons won the NBA Finals, The Hubble Telescope was put into orbit, and a little show called Twin Peaks… more

Your Tau Day Serenade

You know how some people, with varying degrees of seriousness, think Pi is “wrong” and Tau (double Pi, or 6.283185307179586…) should be the circle constant? I’m no mathematician, but… more

Follow The Mellow Brick Road

This is just… well, watch it and be amazed: The soundtrack is entirely made up of sounds lifted from the actual Wizard of Oz soundtrack. Pogo created the music, and… more

35 Covers Of “Paranoid Android” In One Video

Making like a virus on the Internets… hey, there should be a term for that… anyway, someone took 35 homemade cover videos of Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” and made them into… more

Herewith, The Video For Weird Al’s ‘Perform This Way’

Weird Al’s Lady Gaga parody finally has a video. And it’s here: HT: New York Magazine’s Vulture… more

Last Week, A Band Lived With Me

Walk The Moon, an up-and-coming indie-pop quartet is rising the ranks in the music biz. Last week, their tour opening for GROUPLOVE debuted in Los Angeles, selling out The Satellite… more

A Word with Little Scream

A few weeks ago, Becca and I caught up with Laurel Sprengelmeyer –aka Little Scream –at the MusicNow festival to discuss the creative process behind her outstanding debut album and… more

Play Google’s Les Paul Guitar Logo Today

In case you’re looking to goof around on the Web for a few minutes today, go to Google’s home page and check out today’s logo doodle. It’s in celebration of… more

Children’s Bloody Imagination

There’s a new music video circulating the web for the song “The Greeks” by newcomers IS TROPICAL. It tells the story of kids playing war with toy guns, garnished with… more

Beachland: A Buffet of Summer Music

Happy Summertime, Nerdlings! So, by now, the weather is supposed to be getting nicer, and thus our seasonal depression should be pretty much gone by now! Hopefully. One ingredient that… more

Help Colin Hanks Make The Tower Records Documentary

You might recall that when he dropped by the Nerdist Podcast, Colin Hanks mentioned that he was working on a documentary about Tower Records, the chain that grew from a… more