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Nerdist News: More Live From WonderCon with Jason O'Mara, Simon Kinberg, and Lots of Deadpool


Music From “The Hobbit,” A Cappella-ized

[youtube] Here’s a little music for you Tolkein fans to get through the day: Peter Hollens and… more

Jonah Raydio #12: Episode and I

Tonight’s Jonah Raydio has musician and animator Myke Chillian joining the boys with songs from his band The Manx, and selections from Anxiety Machine Records ( ) such as… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Music Geek Track Of The Week: DJ Earworm’s “United State Of Pop”

[youtube] Happy New Year, Nerds!!! Let’s take a moment to remember all of the spectacularly catchy and… more

Iamus in the Morning: Catching Up With the Composing Computer

Okay, so, how’s that Iamus thing coming, the computer they were teaching to compose totally original musical compositions? It’s been a little more than two years since the first fragment… more

The Legacy Music Hour Episode 114: Neo Geo

Neo Geo is the focus of Episode 114.  Neo Geo, the infamous video game console which sold for $1000 with games at $200 a piece.  This is the first time… more

Paul F. Tompkins Sings “Skyfall”

[youtube] For no particular reason other than that it’s Paul F. Tompkins singing the theme from Skyfall,… more

Nerdist Podcast: Tom Morello

Tom Morello invites Chris and Jonah into his home studio to talk about how he became the guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, baby music classes, and just how nerdy… more

A Music Geek’s Top Albums of 2012

I connected a lot of dots in 2012. Well, it was more like I colored by numbers and filled in a lot of gaps that way. I have been in… more

Higgs, the Musical

[youtube] Why not close out 2012 with John Boswell of Symphony of Science fame and his latest… more

Jonah Raydio #11: Die Die My Episode

Jonah Raydio gets a bit sloppy as Ben Goetting (lead designer for Vagrant Records and an old pal of Jonah’s) joins us for a late night last minute recording. Sponsored… more

The Legacy Music Hour Episode #113: New Age Music 2

New Age music to bring in the New Year.  This is Brent and Rob’s second time focusing on the New Age genre within video game music of the 8-bit and… more

Catch the Buzz: Guile’s Theme and More Floppy Drive Music

Wait, since we had “We Are Young” performed by a scanner, some floppy drives, and an old Yamaha CX5-M yesterday, why not follow up with the latest all-floppy drive musical… more

Old Computer Equipment Covers “We Are Young”

I had to do this. Because I know how annoyed our own Jonah Ray gets when the subject of the band fun. comes up, here’s Toronto’s BD594 using all sorts… more

Music Geek Track Of The Week: A “Hip-Hop Christmas Remix” Light Show

[youtube] Coming straight from a half-Jewish nerd, I give you the best Christmas display of all time. … more

The Legacy Music Hour Episode #112: Shopping

It’s Christmas time, so you know what that means… the Double Dragon Boizzz go shopping!  Brent and Rob focus on “shop” music in Episode 112.  They also share their Christmas… more

Jonah Raydio #10: VERY EPISODEY

Jonah Raydio is joined this week by a whole bunch of buddies! Writer for Web Soup and the INFOMINUTE Mike Henry joins us, alongside our first guest Greg Heller, and… more

SNL Recap: Martin Short

Martin Short was already famous for his outrageous comedy creations from SCTV when he joined the cast of SNL for the ’84-’85 season. 28 years later he returned last night… more

The Legacy Music Hour Episode #111: Bandai

Bandai is the topic of Episode 111.  Bandai did not develop video games, they only published games, lots of them developed by TOSE, Human, and Natsume.  Brent and Rob pick… more

Jonah Raydio #9: Episode and Canvas

Tonight, on Jonah Raydio, Ronnie Barnett from the rock band The Muffs delights us with stories of kicking people in the face, Craig Finn being mean, and working at a… more

Genius: GZA Does “StarTalk”

This week on the Nerdist Channel’s StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson, the topic is the intersection of science, hip-hop, and the urban life, and the guest is The Genius himself,… more

The Music Geek Track of the Week: “Fresh Eyes”

[youtube] By all accounts, I am not a morning person. According to my friends from high school,… more

Nerdist Podcast: Paul Williams

Legendary musician Paul Williams sits down with the Nerdist guys to talk about his amazing career in music and entertainment and the documentary about his life Paul Williams Still Alive!… more

Jonah Raydio #8: Out Of Stepisode

The legendary Todd Congelliere (F.Y.P/Toys That Kill/Underground Railroad To Candyland/Stoned At Heart/founder of Recess Records) joins Jonah Raydio to talk about being a professional… more