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Nerdist News: Possible STAR TREK 3 Director, DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION Trailer, and Wooly Mammoths!


You Made It Weird #199: Justin Willman

Justin Willman (Magician! Cupcake Wars! Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown on the Nerdist Channel!) makes it weird! Follow @Justin_Willman on Twitter! Follow @peteholmes on Twitter and Like the show on… more


Who is ready for Game of Thrones?!? HECK yeah, I’m ready! Season 4 premieres on HBO on Sunday, April 6th, but for those of you (like me!) who just… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Super Mario Bros. Gets Gritty in THE FOUR PLAYERS

When most of us think of Nintendo, we think “friendly.”  Nostalgic to millions, Nintendo conjures the emotions of a certain innocence.  Retrospectively, though, this innocence isn’t just about our collective… more


Our magic pal Justin Willman is back on the street for the Nerdist Channel freaking people out in Santa Monica on Sleight of Mouth with Justin Willman. It’s Halloween time,… more

The Collection: Magic, Trek, Minecraft Westeros, and Other Stuff

Where’s The Collection at? Well, I’ve been traveling for a little bit, in exotic places like King of Prussia, PA and Spring Lake, NJ, and in the meantime we’ve been… more

Kevin Smith Joins Justin Willman For Some “Sleight Of Mouth”

From Justin Willman’s live late-night-style talk show Sleight of Mouth at NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics in L.A. come these clips from the Nerdist Channel. In the first, Kevin… more

Interview with “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” Screenwriters John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have both been in the TV game for a number of years. Daley began as Sam Weir on the short-lived though mega-influential Freaks and… more

Justin Willman Wants To Be Your Next Pope

There’s a late entry in the race for Pope, and it’s the Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman, who takes to the streets and basketball courts of Hollywood to campaign with some… more

Nerdist Podcast: Neil Patrick Harris, Derek DelGaudio and Helder Guimarães

Neil Patrick Harris and magicians Derek DelGaudio and Helder Guimarães talk about the skill of close up magic, the importance of magic theater layouts, and the amazing dance number… more

A Magical Trailer For “Burt Wonderstone”

[youtube] Any movie that has Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi as Vegas magicians, Jim Carrey as a… more

Justin Willman Amazes at the “What’s Trending” Tube-a-Tweet-a-Thon

[youtube] Did you watch the “Tube-a-Tweet-a-Thon Holiday Spectacular” held by What’s Trending last week? The event, hosted… more

Nerdist Podcast: Justin Willman

The magical (seriously, he’s a magician!) Justin Willman sits down with the guys to talk about different magic tricks he has done over the years and what the magic community… more

Win Tickets to Justin Willman’s “Tricked Out” in LA!

The Nerdist’s favorite magician, Justin Willman, host of Magic Meltdown on the Nerdist Channel, is bringing his one man show, Tricked Out, to Los Angeles’ Club Nokia on Saturday, Sept…. more

Figures & Speech: The Force of Hobbit

For toy collectors, this month began with a most expected announcement: action figures from The Hobbit are coming. Needless (perhaps) to say, nothing in the initial rollout constitutes a “spoiler,”… more

LYT Review: “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” Delivers Flying and Swords Aplenty

Hey, did you know there’s a 3D Imax martial-arts movie coming out this weekend, starring Jet Li and directed by Tsui Hark? Better question: having written that sentence, need I… more

The Art Of “Magic Meltdown”

This week on the Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown, the theme is “Art.” A balloon decal becomes a real balloon, the Mona Lisa does a card trick, and there’s… more

Justin Willman’s Magic Castle “Meltdown”

It’s a Hollywood legend, and it’s a fitting place for the Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown: This week’s episode was taped at the storied Magic Castle. How do you… more

In Style with “Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown”

This week’s episode of the Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown is about style and fashion: Justin performs an amazing hair transplant, moves a ring from hand to toe, and… more

Just Your Typical Paintball-Bullet-Catching “Magic Meltdown”

In his quest to top his ongoing series of You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me moments on his Nerdist Channel series Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown, Justin this week does… more

Hello, “Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown” Calling

Technology once again is the focus of the Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown this week. Specifically, Justin does some tricks involving smartphones, which makes them… what? Smarterphones? Subscribe to… more

A Magical (Meltdown) Tale Of Hollywood

The Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown goes to Craigslist this week to gather an audience for a green screen magic show taping that takes a surprise turn for the… more

A Little Live Magic With Justin Willman and Friends

Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown is a live one this week on the Nerdist Channel, and by that we mean it’s from a live show taped at Nerdist Theater at Meltdown… more

Prestidigitation 101: “Magic Meltdown” Goes To College

The Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown goes to college this week, as Justin hits the Santa Monica College campus to pull off a trick involving the fine art of… more