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Nerdist News: Possible STAR TREK 3 Director, DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION Trailer, and Wooly Mammoths!


Abbie Cornish Talks ROBOCOP, KLONDIKE, and More

From the wild, lawless streets of Dawson City in Discovery’s Klondike to the wild, lawless streets of Detroit in José Padilha’s RoboCop, it seems like Abbie Cornish is everywhere these… more

Exclusive: Check Out A Brand New Image From FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES

There’s been much speculation on what audiences can expect from Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming series adaptation of his cult hit, From Dusk Till Dawn. But things took an interesting turn… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

MOVIES ‘R’ FUN: The Pre-(Film)School Book That’s Not for Preschoolers

Having a baby can be the most incredible, amazing, life changing experience. But if you’re a new parent that is a true aficionado of the cinema, there’s one cold, harsh… more

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Final Season Comes To Netflix

Since the abrupt ending of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network last season, fans have been left wondering what would happen to all the produced episodes of what… more

A Bunch of New VERONICA MARS Goodies Just Dropped

The world has heard your cries for more, more, more, Marshmallows. And one magazine — Entertainment Weekly — was brave enough to deliver with a bevy of Veronica Mars goodies as we… more

Johnny Weir Has Brought THE HUNGER GAMES to the Olympics

Odds are that Johnny Weir’s Winter Olympic fashion won’t find him much favor in the games’ host country of Russia, but he certainly will with fans of The Hunger Games…. more

Dennis Haysbert on SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

Actor Dennis Haysbert is probably best known as President David Palmer on the TV show 24, or as the guy on the Allstate commercials, or as Pedro Cerrano in Major… more

Sid Caesar, 1922-2014

The first thing you need to do to understand the influence of Sid Caesar on television comedy is to watch some of what’s left from the glory days. Like this… more


You guys know how robbing graves and desecrating corpses are the most fun things you can do? And you know how hysterical it is to perform satanic rituals to try… more

Katee Sackhoff Talks OCULUS and… Another RIDDICK Film?

Last weekend at the 18th annual Art Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, Nerdist caught up with presenter and one of our favorites, Longmire star Katee Sackhoff and asked the… more

Could Channing Tatum Be The New GAMBIT?

The speculation surrounding the casting of Remy LeBeau in the upcoming standalone Gambit movie has been as hot as a kinetic energy-charged Ace of Spades. Our sources say the movie… more

‘The Coruscant Tapestry’ Tells the Story of STAR WARS In Thirty Feet

If you want to see the Star Wars films without putting the discs into your DVD or Blu-ray player, you can gaze upon this detailed tapestry instead. Artist Aled Lewis… more

Scream Factory Announces Blu-ray Release Details For Werner Herzog’s NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE

Ever since its inception, Scream Factory has been a horror fan’s dream. An off shoot of Shout! Factory, Scream Factory brings more obscure genre titles to Blu-ray that might otherwise… more

If Sochi Was Hoth: STAR WARS Meets the Winter Olympics

Not into the Winter Olympics? You would be if it it merged into the Battle of Hoth: That’s a genius mashup from TV2 Denmark’s late night show Natholdet med Anders… more

Mark Hamill’s Favorite STAR WARS Fan Videos, and How You Can Meet Him

Since 1977 fans have been producing all sorts of Star Wars-inspired homages. Who better to talk about some of his favorites than Mark Hamill? You know? That guy that played… more

Check Out The Trailer For DISTRICT B13 Remake BRICK MANSIONS with Paul Walker

When it comes to awesomeness, there are few films of recent memory that live up to the excellence of Pierre Morel’s District B13. With amazing choreography, stunt work and… more


“But I was curious to see what they’d do with a remake” is a phrase you need to immediately remove from your vocabulary. We have now suffered through a decade-long… more

The TRANSCENDENCE Trailer Will Make You Think Twice About AI

If you enjoy a bit of anxiety about the potential future of humanity, or have a crippling fear of artificial intelligence gone sentient, allow us to introduce you to Transcendence…. more

CHEAP THRILLS Gets Comic-Inspired Poster, VOD Release Date

The independent thriller Cheap Thrills, starring Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, Sara Paxton and David Koechner has been making the rounds for a while and gaining positive notices as it screens… more

WWE Studios Starting Production On JINGLE ALL THE WAY 2

One of my most interesting holidays was spent watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad square off in a ruthless-consumer showdown to retrieve the last Turbo-Man action figure on the shelf. Now,… more

John Lee Hancock On His Involvement With MALEFICENT and His Next Project

In anticipation of Maleficient, opening in theaters May 30, we’ve been treated to a poster, a few trailers, and Lana del Rey’s rather haunting cover of the classic … more

Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Jedi Character From STAR WARS: REBELS Revealed

Star Wars: Episode VII isn’t the only return to the Galaxy far, far away that’s imminent; before that comes out, we’ll have the premiere of Star Wars: Rebels this year,… more

Tatooine-like Planets are Real, and May Have Interesting History with Their Twin Suns

OK, not everything about planets like Kepler-16b and Kepler-34b is similar to Tatooine. Jabba owns no property there and we have no reason to think womp rats are native to… more