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Learn How To Make Soap On DIY DAMMIT with Alice Wetterlund


Real Life Astronauts Send Congrats to GRAVITY Team on 7 Oscars

Real life astronauts are just as pumped about Gravity’s 7 Oscars as we are. In a video released by NASA, currently Earth-based astronauts Mike Massimino and Cady Coleman, as well… more

The FX of ’79 – MOONRAKER

We continue our journey through the Best Visual Effects nominees from 1979 (for the 1980 Oscars) with a movie that seems least likely to have used the effects that it… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Nerdist News: TERMINATOR: GENESIS, a New ARKHAM CITY, and Laser Mind Control

Recovering from a murky haze of pun-themed appetizers and the tragic loss of fives of dollars from your misbegotten office Oscar pool? We’re here to help with a concentrated dose… more

New Poster Art Revealed From Oh My Disney’s Mondo Gallery Opening at SXSW!

As its South By Southwest “Nothing’s Impossible” gallery opening approaches, Disney blog Oh My Disney has released four more posters that will be featured at the Mondo Gallery this… more

Alain Resnais, 1922-2014

No filmmaker was more French than Alain Resnais. Film students know who he is, although his name may not be well-known outside the circles in which fans of European cineastes… more

Exclusive: First Look at Trailer for HARMONTOWN

Who is Dan Harmon? Well, first of all – Dan Harmon is probably best known as the creator of the hit NBC sitcom “Community.” But you knew that…. …aaaand he’s… more

Recapping the Oscars: A Critic’s Notebook

It’s always a bit dull to watch the Academy Award telecast when there was such a sweep. Well, the seven awards for Gravity may not constitute a “sweep,” but it… more

If Pixar Ruled This Year’s Oscar Noms

The 86th Annual Academy Awards are tonight – have you caught up on your movies and prepared your ballots for the office pool? Well, no matter who you think should… more

See 3:10 TO YUMA on 3/10 at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica

Fans of the James Mangold western 3:10 to Yuma, don’t miss your opportunity to catch the film on the big screen at the Aero Theatre on March 10th. It’s… more

The Biggest Happenings in Comedy Right Now 3/1/14

The Sochi Olympics are over and tensions are rising in Eastern Europe, specifically Ukraine that’s seemingly Cold War-ish. While that is the news that you need to know about right… more

Watch The Opening 2 Minutes Of The VERONICA MARS Movie

You wanna see the first two minutes of the Veronica Mars movie? Well, here you go: Okay, so it’s made up of clips from the TV show, and explains for… more

Wes Anderson Made An Animated Version of GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL Because Of Course

File this one under “Wes Anderson Doing Wes Anderson-y Things,” natch: the acclaimed director’s latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, has a fully-animated version floating around out there in the… more

Michael Bay-Produced Remake of THE BIRDS Finds A Director

The remake that’s been in the works for years that I didn’t think would ever happen appears to be happening. Platinum Dunes and Mandalay Pictures’ version of The Birds has… more

Watch the Film Independent Spirit Awards Saturday Night on IFC

Don’t forget to tune into IFC Saturday night (3/1) at 10/9c for the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards hosted by the phenomenal Patton Oswalt. The Film Independent Spirit… more

Get Ready To Plug Back Into THE MATRIX… Plus, A JUPITER ASCENDING Trailer

Last December, we got our first look at the latest sci-fi epic from Lana and Andy Wachowski, Jupiter Ascending, but things have been rather quiet since then for Hollywood’s… more

Aaron Paul To Reprise Jesse Pinkman Role on BETTER CALL SAUL?

Aaron Paul shot to stardom as the misguided yet lovable druggie Jesse Pinkman on AMC’s hit drama Breaking Bad. In five seasons, Paul picked up two Emmys and countless other… more

The 4th Annual Golden Geeks: Honoring the Best in Nerd Cinema

There’s no denying that 2013 was a great year for film nerds and nerds on film. From Gravity to Her to Thor 2 to even a decent GI Joe movie,… more

Review: SON OF GOD

Christopher Spencer’s Son of God was, as you probably know, whittled into a feature film out of the Jesus portions of last year’s epically successful cable TV miniseries The Bible…. more

Steven Soderbergh Edits Both PSYCHOs into One Film

It’s possibly one of the weirdest and yet most brilliant things the internet hath wrought in recent memory. Notoriously whim-driven filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, on his marketplace website Extension 765, has… more

We Now Know What Would Happen if Heisenberg Took on Godzilla

You had to see this one coming… Following the Bryan Cranston-narrated trailer for Gareth Edwards’ upcoming reboot of Godzilla, we knew it was only a matter of time before some… more

BATMAN: Reanimated – Pretty Poison

Batman: The Animated Series wrote strong women characters better than the majority of animated programs at the time, especially for what is usually considered a “boy” show. As we explored… more

Bad Robot and Theory 11 Mystery Box Contents REVEALED!

Well folks, the countdown ended this morning — and the contents of the Mystery Box are… Mystery Boxes! Wait, what? So it turns out that you can buy your own… more

Nerdist News WTFridays: Avengers vs. Justice League, Paper Sculptures, and a Real Batman Suit!

TGIF, friends! The week’s wrapping up, and so it’s time for What the Fridays, our own personal menagerie of the weirdest and coolest stuff we found on the internet this… more