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Nerdist News: More Live From WonderCon with Jason O'Mara, Simon Kinberg, and Lots of Deadpool


Nerdist News WTFridays: Most PAINFUL Frozen Parody Ever!

Who’s ready to get casual-as-heck with another episode of Nerdist News WTFridays?! We’re all over the place on this week’s installment – from impressive, indie sci-fi shorts to a little… more

Chris Hardwick On A Whovian “My Drunk Kitchen”

Hannah Hart is celebrating the new half season debut of Doctor Who with a special episode of My Drunk Kitchen, and who better to join her then our own Chris… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

The NerdTerns Play Cobra Wine Flip Cup

[youtube] They’re not just NerdTerns, they’re fearless consumers of stuff most people wouldn’t consume. Yes, our friends… more

A Whovian Cookbook, Reviewed and Tested

WHOVIANS! I bring you good tidings for the New Year! (Happy one, by the by, I haven’t seen you in a while but rest assured I love you all… more

Ask The Geeky Hostess #1: Drinks of 2012

The Geeky Hostess helps you incorporate your geeky passions into your everyday life. Have a geek-etiquette question you’d like her to answer? Ask away! See more from the Geeky Hostess… more

Figures & Speech: Thanksgiving’s Five Most Gluttonous Action Figures

Tomorrow, you will stuff yourself silly. Pretty much a given, right? And yet your toys will maintain their perfect, unrealistic physiques…or will they? We’re not saying most toy figures… more

Learning the Right Way to Eat and Drink, Soda Can Edition

Our friends over at Foodbeast have been on a learning kick, specifically learning how to eat and drink in a “proper” manner. That means learning that the bottom of the… more

Interview: They Call Him Baba Booey, but We Call Gary Dell’Abate Our Newest Host

To Howard Stern fans and prank callers, “Baba Booey” is an essential part of the vocabulary. But to the Nerdist Channel, he’s about to reveal a whole new side. The… more

Geeky Good Eats: Make a Dalek Cake with “Dork Fork”

On the Nerdist Channel, we’ve brought you shows about movies, bowling, elf-costume wearing and even magic. But we know you’re hungry for more, so we’re here to whet your appetite… more

Closer: A Special Dinner Experience With Wolvesmouth

“We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warmly together and loved each other.” — Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast In San Diego, just… more

Visit the Nerdist Industries Booth at the Hester Street Fair in Hollywood on Saturday

Psst… Hey, you. Yeah, you. You gonna be in Los Angeles on Saturday? Got something for you to do. See, there’s this thing in New York, the Hester Street Fair,… more

How to Open a Beer Bottle the Hard Way(s)

On a holiday (in the U.S.) when a lot of people will be cracking open a cold one or three or dozen, this video, Bottle Cap Blues, might prove… more

Speak Easy and Carry a Big Mustache: Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins is, undeniably, a man’s man. With a Ron Swansonian mustache, a sartorial style that would make Don Draper jealous, and a boundless charisma, Paul F. Tompkins is… more