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Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!


Nerdist Comics Panel #5: Celebrate Independence Day

Comics edition #5: Celebrate Independence Day with hosts Len Wein (creator of Wolverine, Swamp Thing, and hundreds more), Adam Beechen (Hench, Batman Beyond), Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour; Wolverine: Season… more

Why Captain America IS America’s Hero

He started as a propaganda device during World War II and has been depicted punching Adolf Hitler in his stupid maw on several occasions, but since his creation in 1941,… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Robert Kirkman On “The Walking Dead” at 10, All Out War, and “Thief of Thieves”

Considering that it has grown into one of the most popular franchises in the world across multiple mediums, it’s hard to believe that this year marks the tenth anniversary of… more

EXCLUSIVE: Preview BOOM! Studios’ “Supurbia” #9

With all the insipid Real Housewives series dominating our airwaves, one could be forgiven for approaching Grace Randolph’s BOOM! Studios series Supurbia with some apprehension. Fortunately, the series, which revolves… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for July 3rd, 2013

It’s almost the Fourth of July, and what could be more American than comic books? If you answered melted footballs drizzled lovingly over bald eagle steaks served on the Bill… more

EXCLUSIVE: Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting Re-Team for Image Comics’ “Velvet”

When it comes to strong, vibrant female characters that kick ass both literally and metaphorically, Image Comics is crushing it. From Greg Rucka’s Lazarus to Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga to… more

Comic Book Day: Bringing “Trinity War” to Life with Doug Mahnke

After finishing up a landmark run on Green Lantern with writer Geoff Johns, artist Doug Mahnke is about to take part in DC’s all-consuming summer event, “Trinity War,” which pits… more

EXCLUSIVE: DC’s “Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger” #10 Preview

As the Doomsday Clock for DC’s big summer blockbuster event, “Trinity War,” approaches midnight, the whole of the New 52 is gearing up for the Justice League throwdown to end… more

Nerdist Comics Panel #4: Wolverine: Season One

Comics Edition #4: Celebrating the release of Wolverine: Season One, written by Ben Acker & Ben Blacker. Adam Beechen hosts, Wolverine creator Len Wein weighs in, and NWP Comics Edition… more

“Man of Steel 2″: What Should Be Next

With the release of Man of Steel, Warner Brothers finally has a decent-sized hit (that doesn’t involve Batman) to set up its cinematic DC Comics Universe. Almost immediately, the Monday… more

Comic Book Club: Dan Starkey

Doctor Who’s Dan Starkey (Strax) joins the fellas to talk about playing the lovable alien potato-head, and also some teases about the fiftieth anniversary!   Check out the website at… more

Batman vs. Deadpool!!

The Merc with a Mouth against the Caped Crusader – It’s the battle you’ve wanted to see since ten seconds after you thought about it. Machinima’s series Super Power Beat… more

Comic Book Day: Matt Kindt Gets Cerebral in “Mind MGMT”

Nearly a decade after breaking into the world of comics, Matt Kindt is fast becoming one of the most exciting original content creators in the industry. From original graphic novels… more

Comic Book Day: David Petersen on “Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard”, Plus a Giveaway!

The highly anticipated, breathtaking second series to David Petersen’s animal anthology Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, Vol. 2 #1 drops today, and to whet your appetite the fine folks… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for June 26th, 2013

Holy smokes, you guys! If you thought last week’s pull list was bursting at the seams, then get ready for round two as this week has more mindbending, psychedelic stories… more

BOOM! Studios Acquires Archaia Entertainment

Nowadays, in a market glutted by sequels and long-running franchises, new IP can be a difficult commodity to come by, which is why today’s news that BOOM! Studios has acquired … more

EXCLUSIVE: “Aquaman” #21 Preview Pages Take Us to the Murky Deep

Geoff Johns may have recently ended his nearly decade-long run on Green Lantern, but he’s still plugging away on our favorite trident-wielding bad-ass, Aquaman. (Sorry, Brick Tamland.) In issue #21,… more

Pickstarter: Help Superman Fight Hunger in Africa

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been using Indiegogo to raise money for its We Can Be Heroes campaign to raise money to fight hunger in Africa, partnered with Save… more

Nerdist Comics Panel #3: Glen Weldon

Comics edition #3: An in-depth conversation with comics journalist Glen Weldon (Superman: The Unauthorized Biography). With hosts Len Wein (creator of Wolverine, Swamp Thing, and hundreds more), Adam Beechen (Hench,… more

Comic Book Club Looks At “World War Z”

The video version of Comic Book Club from the Nerdist Channel continues its look at the Biggest. Summer. Ever. with their review of Brad Pitt in World War Z. Are… more

Remembering Fantagraphics’ Kim Thompson, 1956-2013

I don’t write much about comics here; I leave that to Dan and Matt and Whitney and Brian, who are a lot better at it than I would be. Truth… more

Comic Book Day: Pull List for June 19th, 2013

If you can pry yourself away from playing The Last of Us or watching Man of Steel long enough to make it down to your local comic book store, we… more

EXCLUSIVE: Preview DC’s “Animal Man” #21

If you’ve been paying attention to our comic book coverage, you’ll know that it’s no small secret that I am mildly obsessed with Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man. Its frank, stark… more