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Nerdist News: From the Jim Henson Creature Shop!


League Of Legends Fans: Turn Your Champion Into A Hero!

SUMMONERS! Gather your minions, and start gaming for the good of all mankind! Participate in the League of Legends Tournament for the American Red Cross! All you have to do… more

COMEDY GIVES BACK Live Stream From@SXSW Sunday Night

Following their massive international, 24-hour, digital comedy telethon for Malaria No More, the wonderful comedy charity organization known as Comedy Gives Back is doing another great event tonight at SXSW … more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Bad Robot and Theory 11 Mystery Box Contents REVEALED!

Well folks, the countdown ended this morning — and the contents of the Mystery Box are… Mystery Boxes! Wait, what? So it turns out that you can buy your own… more

Here’s How YOU Could Join Kristen Bell for the VERONICA MARS L.A. Premiere

Want to be Kristen Bell’s date to the Veronica Mars premiere? Join the club — er, contest. Yes, Kristen Bell is offering all of her beloved Marshmallows the chance to… more

Bid On STAR WARS Collectibles to Raise Funds For Rancho Obi-Wan

Just north of San Francisco, there is a magical treasure trove filled to the brim with Star Wars collectibles – and anyone can visit. Rancho Obi-Wan, a non-profit museum run… more

Mark Hamill’s Favorite STAR WARS Fan Videos, and How You Can Meet Him

Since 1977 fans have been producing all sorts of Star Wars-inspired homages. Who better to talk about some of his favorites than Mark Hamill? You know? That guy that played… more

Meet Mark Hamill and George Lucas – Now with 100% More Chris Hardwick!

If given the chance, what would you say to the man who changed all of our lives with one film back in 1977? And while we’re playing the “what if”… more

Music Geek Track of the Week: Capybara’s ‘Angelo’

A lot going on with this week’s edition of track of the week. So the first question you probably have is: “Is that band PETTING A GIANT BEAVER!?,” and the… more

Donate to Win a Trip to Meet Lucas and Skywalker

Everybody wants to be a Jedi, or at the very least feel like one. Why else would there be so many lightsaber videos on the internet? But seeing as the… more


Just when you thought it was safe to back on the lanes, Nerdist presents another edition of the massively popular and even more fun Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling. This… more

It’s Toymageddon in the First Video From 2776

We’ve previously told you about the upcoming all-star comedy album 2776: A Millenium of American Asskickery, a jaunt through the first (and as yet incomplete) millenium of the U.S…. more

EXTRA LIFE Gamers Raise $3.99 Million for Charity

Guess what? This year Extra Life, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals gaming fundraiser, proved that gaming can be used to do more than rot the brains of millions of American’s… more

Batkid Saves Gotham… Er, San Francisco in an Awesome Make-A-Wish

He’s the hero we deserve, and the one we need right now. This year has had its fair share of grim news, but today, Batkid swooped in to steal… more

Play Games w/ Team Nerdist For Extra Life Saturday

What are you doing Saturday? Take today to get over your trick or treat sugar induced coma because this weekend the children need you. Team Nerdist is locking it down… more

Lock & Load with a HALO 4 McFarlane Action Figure Package

You can’t keep a good Master Chief down. It’s been almost a full year since the release of Halo 4, the record-breaking latest entry in the popular and long-running Xbox… more

Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute To Veterans Is Back!

Last year, we told you about our friends at Operation Supply Drop and how they get video games to U.S. troops deployed overseas and at VA hospitals. They are… more

Comedy Gives Back: A Comedy Telethon For the 21st Century

In the style of an old school telethon done up 21st century style, Comedy Gives Back is going to be a multi-platform global live-streamed comedy event spanning 24 hours to… more

Show Teachers You Support Them with RedditGifts

There is legitimately no group of people who do more to shape the future yet get so little in return than teachers. Everybody who’s been through public school has had… more

Humble Comedy Bundle: Pay What You Want, Laugh ‘Till It Hurts

You know about the Humble Bundle, the pay-what-you-want bundles of games raising funds for charity, but they’re doing something a little different right now: a comedy bundle. Yes, for one… more

Aaron Paul’s Top 5 Reddit AMA Moments: The Bitchies

Not to be outdone by his onscreen mentor, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul took to the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” – – yesterday to answer fan… more

Team Nerdist Wants You for Extra Life!

On November 2nd, we here at Nerdist are going to play video games for 24 hours straight to raise money for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network through Extra Life!… more

See the “Breaking Bad” Finale With Jesse ‘n Walt and Support a Good Cause

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul did a Reddit AMA today to raise money for a charity that’s close to his heart. It’s a good cause, so let’s see if we can’t… more

Help the Hero Initiative Help Comics Creators In Need

Last year, Jack Kirby’s granddaughter Jillian told you about the Kirby4Heroes campaign to raise money for the Hero Initiative, a nonprofit group that’s devoted to helping comic book creators, writers,… more