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Nerdist News: From the Jim Henson Creature Shop!


Let’s Talk About “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is coming out in theaters Friday and I knew I’d already read the book. After looking it up, I realized that this was my first… more

Book Review: “Redshirts,” by John Scalzi

Wanna read a book? Good. Want to read it in one sitting because you can’t put it down? Great. Like stuff that’s super amazingly meta? Oooh. Fan of… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Remembering Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury died today at 91, according to a report over at io9, and it’s not hyperbole to say that he drew many, many people into the world of speculative… more

Book Review: “We Die Alone” by David Howarth

Originally, I was going to write a whole article about why I wasn’t reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey but that seems counterproductive. If you follow me on Twitter, then… more

Dave Hill on Discomfort, Japanese Toilets, and “Tasteful Nudes”

Dave Hill didn’t start as the Toast of the Comedy World. No, it took hard work, dedication to his craft, and several greatly uncomfortable detours to become what he is… more

So You Wanna Read About Comedy?

Like a lot of people on this site (maybe it just seems that way to me, I’m not sure), I consider myself a comedy nerd. It’s so much… more

Remembering Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak passed away today in Danbury, Connecticut at 83. Few children’s books have ever had the impact on so many kids as Where the Wild Things Are, and his… more

Book Review: “Nocturnal” by Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler is just the bees knees, guys. So is Nocturnal, his new book.  I truly enjoy his writing style, humor, personality… oh, am I gushing again? I’m sorry!… more

Building a Galaxy: “Star Wars: The Blueprints”

What weighs 30 pounds, contains the schematics for the Death Star and looks great on your coffee table? If you said R2-D2, you’re about 250 pounds off the mark…. more

“How Fantasy Sports Explains the World”: A Talk With AJ Mass

Listen, guys. Not all nerds hate sports. Prove it? You want me to prove it? Fine! Read How Fantasy Sports Explains the World: What Pujols and Peyton Can Teach Us… more

Nerdist News Talks To Michael Ian Black About His New Book, And Snacks

You know Michael Ian Black as the excitable yet loveable co-host of the world-renowned podcast Mike and Tom Eat Snacks on the Nerdist Podcast Network. But it turns out that… more

Lana Del Rey’s Hunger Games

What would the Internet be without people mashing up whatever the moment’s memes happen to be? Take the abundantly-lipped pop ingenue you love to hate (or hate to love), cross… more

Why He’s My Ex

Let me start by saying THANK YOU (a million times) to Krishna Devine for being INFINITELY patient with this experiment. What experiment, you ask? Good question! Instead of the usual… more

Celebrate “The Nerdist Way” With Chris Monday Night In L.A.

Say, are you in the Los Angeles area, or can you be there tonight? Yes? Then here’s a reminder that Chris Hardwick himself will be appearing at Nerdist Theater at… more

The Joy of Books!

This is just amazing! A husband and wife (and a whole lot of others) took over Type bookstore in Toronto after dark. What do your books do when you leave… more

From Whence The Wild Things Came: A Talk With Maurice Sendak

One thing Nerdist is concerned with is, of course, the process by which creative people create. In that vein, if you grew up with Where the Wild Things Are and/… more

Writers You Might Like #4

The Writers You Might Like portion of my nerdly duties is hands down my favorite part of writing for this site, and I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you… more

“Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn (Robotic Edition)” Now Available

Hey, remember the “Robotic Edition” of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? That was the project of Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine to release a version of Mark Twain’s classic that replaces “… more

Kindles vs. Nooks

Emails wondering about Amazon’s Kindle(s) or Barnes & Noble’s Nook(s) have been rolling in lately, so I’ll try to save you from the inevitable “BUT… more

Book Review: “Destination Truth” by Joshua Gates

I was going to write a review for our Nerdist Overlord’s new book, The Nerdist Way,  but something occurred to me: you’re reading this post on this site… more

Chris, Tonight, Powell’s Books, Portland, Oregon, Go

Say, kids in Portland, Oregon and vicinity, what are you doing tonight? You’d better have answered that you’re planning to be at Powell’s City of Books on Burnside at 7:… more

The Art of the Hobbit

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit this month HarperCollins will release more than 100 original illustrations by J.R.R. Tolkien in The Art of the Hobbit.  These… more

Chris, the Book, and You: Tuesday Night in San Francisco (Plus a Chance to Win)

Don’t worry, the site isn’t going to be all-book-promotion all-the-time, but this IS Day 1 and we do want to make sure you know that if you’re a) reading this… more