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Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!


The Disney Onslaught Continues with 2 More FROZEN Song Parodies

Listen. It’s been everywhere — from babies to weathermen and beyond — but it seems as though every day, people across the Internet are finding new and unconventional ways to put their… more

Listen to the TRUE DETECTIVE Theme Song’s 8-Bit Makeover

We’re closing in on 12 hours since HBO’s True Detective sailed head-first into Carcosa, and naturally, people are dying to discuss it at length. Sometimes, even, ad nauseum. Whether your… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Stream GAME OF THRONES’ Mixtape CATCH THE THRONE Right Here, Right Now

As was to be expected, HBO has been pulling out all the stops in the build-up to Game of Thrones’ fourth season premiere. From endless teasers, to special featurettes, and… more

Tremble Ye Mighty and Despair Before GODZILLA’s Roar

We live in troubling times, dear reader. As if civil unrest, bloody regional conflicts, and rapid environmental deterioration weren’t enough, reports of a giant, irradiated lizard creature lurking in the… more

New STAR WARS Book Focuses on Darth Maul; Sam Witwer Reads Audio Excerpt

You knock Darth Maul down, he gets up again and again. You slice off his legs and toss him down a chasm, he acquires cybernetic legs. He’s one tough Sith…. more

Interview with “We’re Alive” Creator KC Wayland

We’re Alive is brand new to the Nerdist Podcast Network, but it’s by no means a new show. For three seasons, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse have done their… more

“Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary (Audio) Special Info

As it is now 2013, and we’re slowly but surely barreling toward November 23rd, lots and lots of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary news will start trickling out. Last week, it… more

Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” Radio Play’s All-Star Cast

Something really cool for fans of British things (which I, for one, most certainly am): It was announced last week that Neil Gaiman’s TV miniseries turned novel turned comic book… more

Interview: They Call Him Baba Booey, but We Call Gary Dell’Abate Our Newest Host

To Howard Stern fans and prank callers, “Baba Booey” is an essential part of the vocabulary. But to the Nerdist Channel, he’s about to reveal a whole new side. The… more

Futurama’s Multi-Voiced Maurice LaMarche Gets Wordy with Us

Maurice LaMarche is the only guy we know who’s ever won an Emmy for playing a severed head, but Orson Welles in a jar is just one of many characters… more

Anthrax’s Scott Ian Spilling “Fangoria’s Blood & Guts” On His New Nerdist Channel Show

As one of the bands who were key to popularizing the name and concept of the mosh pit, Anthrax have arguably contributed to their fair share of blood and guts… more

“We’re Alive” Season 3 Premiere

It’s back! The We’re Alive Season 3 premiere  dropped today after being on break since the epic Season 2 finale last July.  Fire up your podcast downloading machine, and get… more

13 Required Songs For Your Halloween Party Playlist (and Their Refreshingly Spooky Alternatives)

This post is not an outcome of laziness, I promise you that. This is merely me taking ownership of some musical ignorance. I know nothing about Halloween music. There. Luckily,… more

Sci-Fi Fans: Listen Up!

Britain has a much richer history of radio drama than we have here in the US. Basically, once TV came along, listening to scripted shows on the radio in America… more