Nerdist was started by Chris Hardwick and has grown to be a many headed beast.


Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!


Cache Rules Everything Around Me

Where you wondering what happened to those gifs that used to be all over the interwebs (geocities anyone)?  Well, good news!  Evan Roth of Graffiti Research Lab, F.A.T…. more

In Detention with Greg “Craola” Simkins, Goethe, and John Hughes

Being able to look at the world and not only re-imagine it, but also re-cast it, is a talent few of us are able to maintain once the pragmatism of… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Adolf Hitler vs Chilly Willy

Tex Avery once said: “In a cartoon, you can do anything.” That overlying idea has thankfully permeated creators and artists in multiple mediums, and allowed surrealism, Dadaism, conceptualism, and the… more

Don’t Enter Room 237 : The Forbidden Art of Damian Loeb

I don’t know if it’s the inertia of pop culture or the degradation of the general population’s interest in traditional culture, but somewhere along the way they… more

Teenage Dreams, Blackouts, and Unknown Pleasures

I don’t think it would be a real large leap of faith to guess that the new Katy Perry album will be an artless heap of bubble gum, nor… more

Superfine: The art of Colin Christian

If you were able to teleport yourself and materialize in an intersection that happened to be where “2001”, “Barbarella”, and “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” met, you would be… more

Kineticism is awesome.

Brett Dickins’ kinectic wall art will own your cuckoo clock. via Engadget… more

there is no brush

Maelstroms of colors whipping together like a Hubble shot of Jupiter’s atmosphere. Incongruous hues flowing harmoniously; magentas licking veridians, azures flush with chartreueses working together and the heady collision of… more

Goodbye Harvey

Renowned comic writer and beloved curmudgeon Harvey Pekar passed away earlier this week.  His insight into the human condition touched thousands of readers and inspired brilliant artists, including Robert Crumb,… more

I Smell a Spin-off… and BRAINS!!

I have a sneaking suspicion that TRUE BLOOD is about to introduce yet another type of creature. The other night, did anyone else notice this creepy dude staggering through the… more

Once again back is the incredible art animal.

I am an unabashed art nerd, art geek, or whatever you choose to call me, it’s true whichever way you look at it. Art is the one all consuming passion… more

Stunning New Wall-imation from BLU

BLU is the artist who goes into places that look like Robocop’s Detroit and animates on the sides of buildings by painting an image with a giant roller, painting over… more

Doctor Hoo

DeviantART artist pu-sama made this delightful picture of all the iterations of the good Doctor. Click here for the full picture! [via Jillian via io9]… more

Star of David

Phind more Phirm HERE!… more

The Most Famous Car in Hollywood

A few years ago, I sold my favorite car: a 93 Honda Accord.  I hated selling him—not only because he was the “Black Pearl” of the Fourth Generation of… more

“Ghostbusters, 0 B.C.”

A Photoshop contest asked me what it would look like if my favorite movie took place in another era.  This was my answer. Mike Phirman is a comedian/musician/Photoshop… more

Nerdist Gelaskins

Recently Gelaskins approached me about making Nerdist-themed adhesive iPhone & laptop covers. I accepted! My good friend Chris Glass, graphic designer Mage, created  for me what he calls “Nerdgyle.” Currently,… more

This Pic Slays Me.

via @rdeal1… more

Time Traveler Essentials!

You obviously don’t need this poster if you’re a crazy, wild-eyed scientist who invented the time machine but chances are you’re the hapless lackey who accidentally activates it while fleeing… more

Nerdist Bidness Cards: THE RESULTS

The challenge was dropped…and YOU responded. The results were way beyond my expectations. I mean, there is some seriously kick-ass art-tasticness here. I received 158 submissions, all of which… more

Design My Business Cards! (please)

Hey Design Nerds! I’m about to order a new batch of Nerdist business minicards from my favorite card makin’ company and I would like to include YOUR design! … more

Nerdist Desktop Wallpaper!
Ewok Edition!

Heaps of thanks go out to the mindbogglingly talented Aussie known as Ghostpatrol. Seriously, check out his other stuff. He does this crazy work on the backs of shaved pencils… more

More Nerdist iPhone Wallpaper

One day a very nice and talented man named Peter McClean emailed me some iPhone wallpapers he had made. I’m now passing his artistic generosity on to YOU. I’m including… more