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Nerdist News: More Live From WonderCon with Jason O'Mara, Simon Kinberg, and Lots of Deadpool



In Episode 2 of Reasons to be Scared of the Future, Rhys Darby would like to warn you about jellyfish. And peeing on jellyfish. And peeing on jellyfish wounds. And… more

@midnight Last Night: David Spade, Neal Brennan, Andi Osho

David Spade, Neal Brennan, and Andi Osho joined Chris Hardwick for a round of @midnight on Comedy Central, and they were all like funny and stuff about bread bowls, Bieber,… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

@midnight Last Night: Nikki Glaser, Judd Apatow, David Koechner

Nikki Glaser, Judd Apatow and David Koechner were the guests on Chris Hardwick’s @midnight on Comedy Central, and they came up with ways to ruin popular websites, tried to top… more

Here’s What You Missed By Not Playing SKYRIM or ASSASSIN’S CREED III (SPOILERS!)

Joshua Quail returns now with two more of his What You Missed By Not Playing…. series of videos, this time showing you the whole story of Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed… more

@midnight Last Night: John Hodgman, Grace Helbig, Kurt Braunohler

Last night, it was John Hodgman, Grace Helbig, and our own Kurt Braunohler’s turn to be funny on Chris Hardwick’s @midnight on Comedy Central. And they were, taking on Miley… more

30 Things Your Smartphone Replaced

As BuzzFeed listicles go, this one’s actually thought-provoking — in video form, it’s a list of “30 Things You No Longer Need Because of Smartphones.” And, well, most are true,… more

MAD Turns 100 on Cartoon Network (With Extra Added Weird Al)

The folks over at MAD are pretty proud of themselves today, and considering that they’ve reached the 100th episode mark of the Cartoon Network animated series based on the magazine,… more

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Recap: White Horse Pike

White Horse Pike is one of the two old roads that connect Atlantic City to the Philadelphia area and, back in the Boardwalk Empire days, to, basically, civilization. (Hey, this… more

TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Adam Savage and Breckin Meyer

After you watch The Walking Dead tonight, stay tuned to AMC for another edition of Talking Dead, the aftershow with Chris Hardwick. Tonight, it’s Mythbuster Adam Savage and actor Breckin… more

Nightwing at New York Comic-Con, JUST COS

This week, The Nerdist Channel’s Just Cos moves on to New York Comic-Con, where we rejoin our old friend Seth Herzog. In another Cosplay Confidential edition, Seth takes us along… more

Nerdist News Special: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston on THOR: THE DARK WORLD

Nerdist News’ own Dan Casey went to London for this special report video to talk to Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Christopher Eccleston, and director Alan Taylor about, oh, just life… more

Skyrim at the Movies: THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

It’s time for another edition of Skyrim at the Movies, brought to you by the good folks at Tyrannicon, the animators of the Nerdist Channel’s COPS: Skyrim. This time, The… more

Set List: Marcus Brigstocke

This week’s comedian taking on the challenge of Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad’s “stand-up without a net” show Set List on the Nerdist Channel is Marcus Brigstocke, who has experience… more

@midnight Last Night: Baron Vaughn, Julie Klausner, Paul F. Tompkins

Last night, Baron Vaughn, Julie Klausner, and Paul F. Tompkins accepted the challenge of competing on Chris Hardwick’s @midnight on Comedy Central. The gauntlet included choosing whether fan fiction was… more

New Shows Based On Marvel Characters Coming To Netflix

You might remember that Disney made a deal with Netflix a while back, but something that they didn’t mention when they were unveiling the back catalog titles to be put… more

@midnight Last Night: Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar, Ron Funches

The Sklar Brothers and Ron Funches showed up for their turn at Chris Hardwick’s @midnight last night on Comedy Central, and they took shots at Blockbuster (R.I.P.), tweets… more

@midnight Last Night: Rhys Darby, Michael Che, Iliza Shlesinger

Rhys Darby, Michael Che, and Iliza Shlesinger took a crack — yes, there were Rob Ford jokes right from the start — at Chris Hardwick’s @midnight last night on Comedy… more

@midnight Last Night: Jonah Ray, Ali Wong, Howard Kremer

If you missed @midnight with Chris Hardwick last night on Comedy Central, you missed the long-awaited appearance of our own Jonah Ray, he of the Nerdist Podcast, Jonah Raydio, and… more

DIY DAMMIT: Terrarium, featuring Tyler Oakley

In the season finale of DIY Dammit on the Nerdist Channel, Joselyn Hughes is joined by Tyler Oakley to make a terrarium. Because dirt and plants and stuff in a… more

The Best Of Bad Cereals, Visualized: A #HashtagWars Video

Last week’s @midnight #HashtagWars on #BadCereals drew some epic tweets, and here we have some of the best entries made into cereal box designs that only heighten the awesomeness. Chex… more

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Recap: Marriage and Hunting

Dunn’s dead, Willie’s working for Mayor Bader, the feds have their foot on Eli’s neck… but that was last week on Boardwalk Empire. This week, it’s back to Cicero and… more

TALKING DEAD Sunday Night: Chris Jericho and Gillian Jacobs

After you watch The Walking Dead tonight, stay tuned to AMC for another edition of Talking Dead, the aftershow with Chris Hardwick. Tonight, it’s pro wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and… more

Nilin at PAX Prime, JUST COS

Meet Vanessa Wedge, from Calgary, this week’s subject on The Nerdist Channel’s Just Cos. She’s heading to PAX Prime in Seattle to cosplay Nilin from Remember Me, and in another… more