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Nerdist News: More Live From WonderCon with Jason O'Mara, Simon Kinberg, and Lots of Deadpool


Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Solve a Case of Apples and Oranges on SESAME STREET

Benedict Cumberbatch is not actually Sherlock Holmes, he just plays the role on TV. But the denizens of Sesame Street don’t always make that distinction, which is why the Great… more

@midnight Last Night: Megan Neuringer, Seth Herzog, Doug Benson

Another week, another round of @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central… and, last night, Megan Neuringer, Seth Herzog, and Doug Benson did the honors, mopping up at the Super… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Super Bowl Promo For 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: Jack And Chloe Save London, And The World

One reason for anyone outside Seattle to stick it out through the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl blowout was the promo for 24: Live Another Day: London! A decidedly… more

@midnight Last Night: Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar, Brody Stevens

The Sklar Brothers and Brody Stevens brought the sports for a Super Bowl-themed @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central last night. Things started with the Puppy Bowl, morphed into… more

MATH BITES Takes a Percentage

How do percentages work? What’s a “percent”? How can you understand sale prices and loans and stuff if you don’t know? See, this stuff’s important. And Danica McKellar can explain… more

@midnight Last Night: Riki Lindhome, Jonah Ray, Kyle Dunnigan

Our own Riki Lindhome, our own Jonah Ray — yes, Jonah did the show, don’t be like that, he has feels — and Professor Blastoff’s Kyle Dunnigan played @midnight with… more

@midnight Last Night: Myq Kaplan, Jamie Lee, Steve Agee

In increasing order of height, Myq Kaplan, Jamie Lee, and Steve Agee played @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central last night, cracking wise about dancing Vin Diesel, unusual Olympic… more

An Unlikely Hero on COPS: SKYRIM

Officer Jenkins is dealing with his suspension by becoming a lumber mill rent-a-cop on the latest COPS: Skyrim on the Nerdist Channel. It’s a lonely job. Meanwhile, there’s a murder… more

@midnight Last Night: Michael Showalter, Kerry Kenney-Silver, Michael Ian Black

@midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central hosted a little reunion of The State last night, and Michael Showalter, Kerry Kenney-Silver, and Michael Ian Black played the game while a… more

SET LIST: Tony Law

Canadian-born, London-based comic Tony Law takes the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to try his hand at Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad’s Set List, and we have the results… more

@midnight Last Night: Julie Klausner, Horatio Sanz, Jon Daly

Julie Klausner, Horatio Sanz, and Jon Daly played @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central last night. The topics included Grammys, American Apparel, 300: Rise of the Empire, the now-infamous… more

Chris Hardwick Guests On Grantland’s Andy Greenwald Podcast

Chris Hardwick on a podcast… that isn’t his own? Right here. It all started with Grantland’s Andy Greenwald taking a shot at Mr. Hardwick in a column that criticized the… more

MATH BITES Goes Binary

Understand how binary numbers work? No? Well, Danica McKellar has your explanation on the latest edition of the Nerdist Channel’s Math Bites. Boolean logic FTW. Really, if jokes, baseball, puppets… more

@midnight Last Night: Sean O’Connor, Annie Lederman, Julian McCullough

Last night on @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central featured Sean O’Connor, Annie Lederman and Julian McCullough. New extreme sports in honor of the X Games, new menu items… more

@midnight Last Night: Scott Aukerman, Weird Al Yankovic, Brian Posehn

Scott Aukerman, Weird Al Yankovic and Brian Posehn. Yeah, that’s a great comedy lineup. And that’s who played the game on last night’s @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central…. more

Jenkins Faces a Hearing on COPS: Skyrim

Officer Jenkins faces a hearing on the latest COPS: Skyrim on the Nerdist Channel. He has a lot to answer for, and the testimony doesn’t help his case much. Plus,… more

@midnight Last Night: Arden Myrin, Al Madrigal, Rob Huebel

This week’s run of @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central launched last night with Arden Myrin, Al Madrigal, and Rob Huebel, and of COURSE Richard Sherman’s post-NFC Championship rant… more

A New Trailer For 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE

The new third official trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire has arrived, hot on the heels of a new TV spot that aired on the AFC and NFC Championship… more

A Quick Tour Of Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

Miami Beach’s annual Art Basel brings tens of thousands of people from all around the world to see some of the most unusual art on display anywhere. For the 2013… more

Bill Murray Does A Reddit AMA, And It’s As Awesome As You’d Hope It Would Be

Bill Murray did an AMA on Reddit. Popped in, did it, popped out to do Kimmel. It’s awesome. It’s exactly what you want it to be. Mostly long, thoughtful, funny… more

SET LIST: Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe took on the Set List challenge at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and we have the results here, courtesy of the Nerdist Channel. How did she do in Paul… more

@midnight Last Night: Paul F. Tompkins, Jen Kirkman, Mike Lawrence

Closing out the week on @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central last night were Paul F. Tompkins, Jen Kirkman, and Mike Lawrence. Things quickly devolve into a fashion show… more

@midnight Last Night: Nikki Glaser, Ron Funches, Neal Brennan

Nikki Glaser, Ron Funches, and Neal Brennan were the comedians on display last night on @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central, making comedy out of Puppy Bowl contestants, Lil… more