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Nerdist Podcast: The Expressionless

It’s another spontaneous hostful! They talk about how lovely L.A. is when everyone is at Coachella, Matt and Jonah get into a bit that probably lasts too long, and they read a scary ghost story! Artwork by Fernando Pinto… more

Some Of the Super Bowl… Er, “Big Game” Ads In Advance

You know, I liked it better when we DIDN’T see the Super Bowl commercials in advance. he element of surprise was part of the fun. But times have changed, marketing… more

Farewell to “30 Rock”

In honor of tonight’s final episode of 30 Rock, here’s a supercut New York Magazine’s Vulture put together of Liz Lemon’s random exclamations, like “blerg” and “jag” and, just for… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Role-Playing With Chris ‘n’ Wil on “TableTop”

The latest episode of Geek and Sundry’s celebrity table game show TableTop has host Wil Wheaton bringing some role playing action to the table with the pen-and-paper version of Dragon… more

EXCLUSIVE Premiere: “A Simple Walk Into Mordor” Ep. 5: The Ring Is Found

You’ll recall that last December, we premiered the third episode of Rooster Teeth’s A Simple Walk Into Mordor, in which Rooster Teeth’s Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais, celebrating the… more

Red Vs. Blue? No, Rooster Teeth vs. Nerdist on “All-Star Celebrity Bowling”

[youtube] The guys from Rooster Teeth Productions — specifically, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Gus Sorola, and Gavin… more

A “Community” Teaser for Season 4

It’s almost time for the return of Community (sans Dan Harmon, insert frowny face), and NBC has a little teaser for us today, as the gang celebrates the start of… more

Nintendo for Piano

Don’t wanna step on the Legacy Music Hour’s toes, but, sorry, Brent and Rob, I will anyway to bring you Martin Leung, Video Game Pianist, playing the Luigi’s Mansion theme… more

Making the Intro For “Neil’s Puppet Dreams”

[youtube] Here’s a video that chronicles the making of the animated intro to Neil Patrick Harris’ Nerdist… more

“Downton Abbey,” SNES-Style

In honor of the cast of Downton Abbey winning a SAG Award last night (not to mention the episode that aired in the U.S. last night with a major… more

New Housemate, New Problems in “Real World: Whiterun”

[youtube] On the Nerdist Channel’s Real World: Whiterun this week, a new cast member’s age is an… more

“Just Cos” Documents New York Comic Con Cosplay

This week’s edition of Just Cos on the Nerdist Channel is the first in a series of episodes that constitute Chloe’s documentary of cosplay at New York Comic-Con 2012. In… more

Let’s Make It Official With a Press Release: J.J. Abrams to Direct “Star Wars: Episode VII”

So, Disney’s made it official that, as we mentioned yesterday, J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars: Chapter VII. We already knew that Michael Arndt was writing it, and the… more

Meet the Freaky Tarsier

[youtube] The latest in Ze Frank’s series of “True Facts” videos is about the Tarsier, which is… more

The Kids in the Hall Get Comfortable

[youtube] Politeness is for strangers on a train, according to Scott Thompson in this week’s classic clip… more

J.J. Abrams To Direct the Next Chapter Of “Star Wars.” Whaddya Think?

Star Wars Episode VII… J.J. Abrams. Multiple outlets are reporting that Abrams will be directing the next chapter of the saga, and The Wrap and Deadline say he beat… more

Nerdstalgia: The ’90s, Revisited in a Microsoft Ad

Microsoft is trying to get the message out that Internet Explorer’s changed and isn’t the same browser it used to be, and let me just say here that I use… more

The Twist Ending to “AOTS”

[youtube] If you missed the final Attack of the Show on G4, you missed an ending… more

FEaB #16: Hot Pilgrims

The boys are back with more meandering, including an update on cool TV cars, Devil’s Playground and other Amish stuff, and beer. Art, as always, by Dana Lechtenberg…. more

See the Nerdist Writers Panel Live In S.F. Friday

You already know about the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast here at Nerdist with top professional entertainment writers discussing their craft and business, and you may know that it’s recorded live… more

The Nerdist TV Show is Back on BBC America March 30th

Hey, when we posted earlier about the new run of Doctor Who episodes starting March 30th, we weren’t yet able to officially say that along with Doctor Who, BBC America… more

Another Trailer For the New “Walking Dead” Half-Season

In case you missed the latest trailer for The Walking Deadkicking off the second half of Season 3, here it is. The season resumes on February 10th, and this trailer… more

“Workaholics” vs. Workaholic on “All-Star Celebrity Bowling”

[youtube] Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling returns on the Nerdist Channel with Team Nerdist taking on Team… more

BBC Sets March 30th For Doctor Who’s Return

The BBC has announced that Doctor Who will return starting Easter weekend, with the first of eight new episodes airing on Saturday, March 30th. The announcement from the mothership doesn’t… more