Nerdist was started by Chris Hardwick and has grown to be a many headed beast.


Nerdist Podcast: The Expressionless

It’s another spontaneous hostful! They talk about how lovely L.A. is when everyone is at Coachella, Matt and Jonah get into a bit that probably lasts too long, and they read a scary ghost story! Artwork by Fernando Pinto… more

Watch Chris Hardwick Host The Streamy Awards On Sunday

On Sunday (February 17th) at 3 pm Pacific time, our Supreme Commander Chris Hardwick will be hosting the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards. The awards, for the best in online video,… more

Russian Meteor Video: Here’s A Good One

You know by now about the meteor hitting Russia, and the damage and injuries therefrom. There are several videos out there of what it was like when the meteor came… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Disaster Safety the Black Dynamite Way

What should you do when a disaster strikes, like, say, an earthquake? Everybody’s favorite action hero Black Dynamite has the answer in today’s dip into the archives of lost archival… more

Chris Hardwick on Thursday’s “What’s Trending”

Chris Hardwick appeared today (Thursday, 2/14) on our pal Shira Lazar’s What’s Trending, and the live stream is now over, but we have the replay here for your viewing… more

“Dork Fork” and Die Hard with Hannah Hart

What better way to celebrate the opening of another Die Hard movie than to cook up some appropriate edibles? The Nerdist Channel’s Dork Fork returns with a menu fit for… more

Nerdist News Meets the People of “Burning Love”

As promised in Dan’s article this morning, the Nerdist Channel has video of Dan’s interviews with the people behind the epic reality show parody web series Burning Love. Ken Marino,… more

A Live-Action One-Minute “Wreck-It Ralph”

This video is an entry to Virgin Radio 95.3 Vancouver’s “2013 Fake Film Festival” contest, and it’s a one-minute live-action Wreck-It Ralph. Kial Natale directed it, and it is… more

The New Trailer For Tom Cruise’s “Oblivion”

There’s a new international trailer out for Oblivion, the Tom Cruise sci-fi flick directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) coming in April, and it has some different shots from the… more

“All-Star Celebrity Bowling” With Team Coco

The late-night TV wars are nothing compared to the fierce competition on the Nerdist Channel’s Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling. So, is Team Coco up to this challenge? Find out… more

More Zombie Alerts! (More False Alarms….)

Update: Two more cases of Emergency Alert System zombie reports have popped up, and, again, there were, in reality, no zombie uprisings, as far as we can confirm. The above… more

Look, It’s Wired’s “Star Wars” Issue, Featuring Chris Hardwick

You might, just might, want to pick up the new issue of Wired magazine, March 2013, seeing as how the cover features none other than our very own Chris Hardwick… more

Win 3 Her Universe Romantic Sci-Fi Tees from Nerdist News

This one’s for the ladies. Imagine that being spoken in Barry White’s voice, and if you’re thinking, “who’s Barry White?,” you really should go sample some of his classics. Besides,… more

Making Puppets? “Try This At Home”

Holly and Jessica of Crabcat Industries are back for more DIY projects on the Nerdist Channel’s “Try This At Home,” and this week they’re making puppets. Nobody tell Neil Patrick… more

The Great Montana False Zombie Alert Of 2013

Okay, by now, Great Falls, Montana should know that, contrary to an Emergency Alert System announcement aired on local CBS affiliate KRTV and its CW affiliated digital multicast channel Monday… more

Bonus “Talking Dead” with Kevin Smith and Steven Yeun

Here’s the bonus web segment from last night’s edition of AMC’s Talking Dead, in which our Chris Hardwick discusses “The Suicide King” with guests Kevin Smith and Steven Yeun. For… more

Welcome to the Festival in “The Real World: Whiterun”

This week, the housemates start on their assignments for the water festival on the Nerdist Channel’s The Real World: Whiterun, and they adapt with varying degrees of success. One observation:… more

The Nominees for Best Animated Short Film of 2013 Are…

We’ve already seen the Oscar-nominated animated short Paperman, but what about the other Academy Awards nominees for that category? Here, please find the entirety of nominee Adam and Dog, a… more

Reminder: More “Talking Dead” After “The Walking Dead” Sunday Night

So, what are YOU gonna be watching on TV Sunday night? Chances are pretty good that you said “The Walking Dead,” kicking off another fresh run of new episodes, and… more

“The Kids in the Hall” Get the Blues

[youtube] In this week’s classic clip from The Kids in the Hall on the Nerdist Channel, Mississippi… more

Get a “Bad Droid” T-Shirt Saturday

So, you know Dana Lechtenberg’s work from this here site, since he’s done so much of the artwork for the Nerdist Podcast and other podcasts (lately, he’s been doing some… more

Life Lessons from Black Dynamite

[youtube] [youtube… more

Watch Coverage Of The D.I.C.E. Awards With Chris Hardwick

Here’s a replay of the 16th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards hosted by our very own Chris Hardwick in Las Vegas Thursday night (2/7), courtesy of our friends… more

Behold, “The Walking Dead” Tank-Full-O’-Heads Blu-Ray Case

Okay, normally, the case in which a DVD set is enclosed wouldn’t be all that remarkable. But the case for the limited-edition Blu-ray version of The Walking Dead Season 3… more