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Nerdist News: From the Jim Henson Creature Shop!


Cosplay Friday #34

June gloom is in full effect, and if it’s not overcast, it’s brutally hot. How can one look “fashionable” and dress for the season at the same time? Is it… more

Course of the Force: Celebrity Jedi

With just under two weeks to go, fans around the world (and other worlds) are getting excited for the start of Course of the Force, the week long light-saber relay/… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Terminator: Rebooted

You knew this day would come, it was inevitable; the question was when, and would we be prepared to face it? That’s right: The Terminator, one of the most beloved… more

Course of the Force Gets Angry (Birds)

Everyone’s favorite intergalactic lightsaber relay race, Course of the Force, is back and this time it’s brought friends… feathery, enraged friends. Angry Birds, the massively popular, globally beloved video game… more

Pacific Rim: The IMAX Poster

With Guillermo Del Toro’s robot vs. giant monster movie- Pacific Rim- set to make a kaiju sized splash into theaters on July 12th, you’re going to hear a lot about… more

Art Snob: Odd City’s Pacific Rim

One of the biggest movie events this summer is going to be master filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro’s “monster vs. robot” movie, Pacific Rim, and to celebrate the release, Odd City-… more

My Drunk Kitchen: Chicago Hot Dog

Who doesn’t love an inebriated cooking show host? Who can keep their mouths off of a delicious midwestern style hotdog? And what geek in their right mind won’t tune in… more

Cosplay Friday #33

I like to consider myself a man of reasonably good taste. I pride myself on a unique style all my own. They say the clothes make the man (or woman,… more

Beta’d: A Ducktales Remastered Preview, Woo Hoo!

“Life is like a hurricane.” Utter this phrase to anyone over the age of 20 and you’ll most likely illicit a smile and a new friend for life. Ducktales – … more

Poltergeist Remake Announced

They’re here… again. In news sure to thrill any horror fan, MGM and Fox have announced a new feature film production of Poltergeist, set to begin shooting in the fall…. more

James Gandolfini Passes Away

In very sad news, veteran actor of stage and screen James Gandolfini has passed away at the age of 51, while vacationing in Italy. The New Jersey native was best… more

New Trailer for “Beware the Batman”

Batman and his never-ending gallery of allies and rogues have had many television incarnations over the years: live action, animated, made-for-TV movies. In July, the fine folks at Cartoon Network… more

Cosplay Friday #32

Halloween is by far, my favorite holiday; the sights, the sounds, the pillow-sacks full of stale candy. I look forward every year to that special night in October when the… more

Art Snob: Mondo’s Man of Steel

Mention posters to any diligent “pop art” collector, and the first words you’ll probably hear are Mondo. In the short time the company has been around, it’s established itself as… more

Art Snob: Iam8bit Entertainment System (A Chat With Jon M. Gibson)

Growing up, I was not a fan of “art”, unless you count Calvin and Hobbes (which I do). Countless mandatory school trips spent wandering the vast galleries of New York’s… more

Cosplay Friday #31

Remember that kid in high school who wore a cloak and carried a walking stick, and could often seen be rocking a top hat? Far from a “weirdo”, that gentlemen… more

The Top 10 Playsets From Your Childhood

Everyone has always been under the assumption that our toys come to life once we go to sleep; in fact, there is an entire series of films covering the very… more

Cosplay Friday #30

You’ve all seen those Fashion Police-type shows where a panel of gossip columnists, minor celebrities, and comedians rate and rip apart celebrity fashion. Who wore it best? Who wore it… more

Cosplay Friday #29

Summer quickly approaches, and while some get their “beach-bods” in order, the truly devoted are more worried about the upcoming con season, namely, what to wear? Prepare to be inspired… more

ROTJ 30th Anniversary: Jabba’s Palace: Where Are They Now?

We all know what happened to Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo’s fate is no mystery (see: Luke’s sister); If anyone is looking for Boba Fett, we’ve got a Sarlacc pit… more

Cosplay Friday #28

“Casual Fridays” are fun and all, if you like piano key neckties and ironic tee-shirts (and who doesn’t?). We however, prefer our week to end with a little more oomph;… more

Star Wars Day: Fan Art

May the Fourth (be with you)! Tired of eating that stale Halloween candy? Sick of singing Christmas carols? Allergic to groundhogs? Fear not, friend, because today is a holiday that… more