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Nerdist News: WATCH DOGS Movie?!


Cosplay Friday #50

Howdy, friends! I’m back from a two week whirlwind vacation to Japan, and other then a copious amount of toy shopping, I spent a lot of my time observing. Observing… more


Howdy friends and freaks. I’m back from a Japanese vacation and while I was gone, American Horror Story: Coven has become the BEST current show on television (and Shawn Depasquale… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

WWE RAW Recap: 11/4

I’ve been away for a few weeks (on a trip to Japan, where I wasn’t allowed to buy a Ribera jacket because apparently I’m not a pro wrestler! You find… more

Top Ten: Marvel Animals

Sure, the world loves a superhero; from Iron Man to the X-Men team, costumed avengers are definitely popular right now. Marvel Comics is the king of caped crusaders (and “parent”… more

Sneaky Zebra at MCM Expo

Our good friends over at Sneaky Zebra are at it again, and this time they’ve trained their magically poetic “fly” cameras on the MCM Expo: London Comic Con (Winter 2013)…. more

SNL Recap: Kerry Washington

Saturday Night Live is back, and this week, we got first-time host Kerry Washington doing the honors over at good ole’ 30 Rock. While her star has certainly been rising… more

Cosplay Friday #48

I’m about to take a two week dream trip to Japan, the land of everything awesome and wonderful, especially cosplay! We all know the Japanese do it best, but that’s… more


I like American Horror Story… a lot. The first two seasons have been some of my favorite television in recent years, and when the newest incarnation of the show was… more

WWE Raw Recap: 10/7

Battleground has come and gone, but the WWE Universe is left with more questions then answers. - Who will grab that championship belt, and just what does abeyance really mean?… more

SNL Recap: Miley Cyrus

  We’re back with the second episode of the season and this time we get a double dose of the young lady America loves (lives) to hate, Miley Cyrus. Will… more

Cosplay Friday #47

The government may be shut down, but that’s no excuse to not care about how you look. Sure, you can’t visit a National Park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t… more

Neil Gaiman (Pen, on leg, circa 2013)

Jody Steel makes art. Jody Steel makes art on her legs, with a pen. Jody Steel drew Neil Gaiman on her leg, with a pen, and Neil Gaiman liked it…. more

SNL Promo: Miley Cyrus

This Saturday, October 5th, Miley Cyrus makes her triumphant post-VMA, post-freaking out the world, appearance on SNL, doing double-duty as both host and musical guest. If you were wondering if… more

Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme

Everyone loves a good music festival, whether or not it involves holograms. From Coachella to Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza, getting to see a bunch of your favorite acts in the course… more

WWE RAW Recap: 9/30

I have a confession to make. I love pro wrestling. Controversial, I know, but I can’t help it. Since as early as I can remember, all things related to the… more

SNL Recap: Tina Fey

Since my earliest memories, Saturday Night Live has been a part of my life. When I was a child, it was the creepy, dangerous-feeling, and yet still somehow hilarious show… more

Cosplay Friday #46

The world sits in anxious anticipation of Sunday night, everyone waiting and prognosticating about what will be the final fate of Walter White and co. on the Breaking Bad finale…. more


Exactly one week into it’s release, and Grand Theft Auto V  is officially the best-selling (and one of the best reviewed) video games of all time. Would this be the… more

Art Snob: Gallery1988 Breaks Bad

Have any of you heard of this Breaking Bad show? Yeah, me neither, but the folks at Gallery 1988 have teamed up with Sony, Breaking Bad, and “Great Showdowns” artist… more

Cosplay Friday #46

I usually open this column off with a witty (I hope so) introduction about the world of cosplay. Other times… it’s all about shiny colorful things. To that effect, I’ve… more

Art Snob: Odd City’s Carrie

Odd City Entertainment may be one of the newer kids on the collectable movie poster block (these particular city planners were terrible at naming streets), but the Austin based company… more

Pitch This: Live from New York

Pitch: Since 1975, Saturday Night Live has been a weekly comedy institution and television show considered by many to be one of the most important of all time. I don’t… more

Cosplay Friday #45

The first day of school is upon us, and while thousands upon thousands of kids across the country raid their closets for an outfit best-suited for “first impressions”, any true “… more