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Nerdist News: WATCH DOGS Movie?!


Maggie Grace On “Lockout,” Tennis with Dracula, and Her (In)Action Figure

After you’ve played Liam Neeson’s daughter and been abducted by villains, playing the president’s daughter abducted by villains might not seem a stretch…unless you’re abducted in a space prison…. more

Jim Gaffigan on the Business of Stand Up

Jim Gaffigan’s Mr. Universe hits the internet today, bypassing TV networks and record labels entirely. Jim has adopted the simple download model pioneered by Louis CK and quickly being embraced… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

LYT Review: “American Reunion” is the Best in Show…From a Certain Point of View

One of the disadvantages of being old-fashioned and publishing reviews the day the movies actually come out is that nowadays, thanks to Twitter, it’s hard not to know what the… more

Weird Al Yankovic Goes “Face to Face” with Us

Though he’s going to have his own interview show going live today on the Nerdist Channel, we’re just as fascinated with Al Yankovic as an interview subject as we are… more

LYT Review: “Mirror Mirror” Casts an Odd, Fun-House Reflection

A pretty good unofficial rule of thumb is that if a movie’s trailer uses the phrase, “Say hello to my leedle friend!” as a laugh line, the movie will be… more

Morgan Spurlock, on Becoming a “Con” Man (Plus: Win Passes to His L.A. Premiere!)

After nearly killing himself by overloading on fast food and looking for Osama in the Middle East, mustachioed movie-maker Morgan Spurlock finally got to go someplace fun to make a… more

Six Questions with the Cast and Crew of “Alcatraz”

JJ Abrams produced it, Jorge Garcia co-stars, and there’s an island prominently involved. Yes, everyone has made the obligatory comparisons between Alcatraz and Lost, but, unlike the latter, the newer… more

Birds in Space: Rovio CEO Mikael Hed Answers Some “Angry” Questions

It’s not uncommon for spherical objects to hurl themselves through deep space, but until today, we weren’t aware of any asteroids involved in fowl play. However, since The Muppet Show… more

LYT Review: “The Hunger Games” Feeds An Eclectic Appetite

Knowing how to work the media is a survival skill as essential as any of the traditional ones commonly taught in the woods. As teen-literature messages go, that’s a whole… more

LYT Review: “Jeff” Lives In The Moment, But You Can Wait For The DVD

Based upon the evidence of Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Jason Segel is indeed a Muppet of a man. With scraggly hair, felt-like face, and butt mostly planted in one… more

LYT Review: “John Carter” Sends a Red Stater to the Red Planet

Considering the lackluster teasers and eyesores that have passed for advance posters, it’s quite the pleasant surprise that John Carter wastes no time smacking your eyeballs upside the head with… more

LYT Review: Found-Footage Comedy “Project X” Should Probably Get Lost

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Meet Luke Y. Thompson, a veteran film critic and a member of the Nerdist News crew. Luke, whose reviews have appeared in the New Times/Village Voice Media… more