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Nerdist News: From the Jim Henson Creature Shop!


LYT Review: All-Star Action Sequel is Indeed “Expendable,” but Still Fun

Generally, it has been a policy of mine not to make a distinction between liking a movie and calling it good. I mean, if I call it good, obviously I… more

Terry Crews: The Dependable Expendable

Whether pitching Old Spice, hitting on White Chicks or – our favorite – being the most awesome president of a dumbed-down future world ever, Terry Crews is known for looking… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

LYT Review: “The Campaign” has Winning Laughs, Lazy Plot

Unlike some other political comedies – Chris Rock’s Head of State comes to mind – The Campaign at least identifies the party affiliations of its major players. Never-challenged (except mentally,… more

LYT Review: “ParaNorman” Packs a Potent Punch

“Perfect. Now the geeks are in charge!” Thus (sarcastically) speaks Courtney (Anna Kendrick) during a sticky situation in ParaNorman, during which it appears that arcane and situationally specific knowledge is… more

“The Hobbit” in Three Parts

It has been rumored for a while that The Hobbit would become three movies, and in a Facebook post today, Peter Jackson has confirmed that this indeed the case.  This… more

We Got Your Exclusives: The Best Comic-Con Swag

Celebrities? Movie clips? New comics? Sure, we all love to see those at San Diego Comic-Con International, but the real reason many fans come is the exclusives – stuff you… more

Marc Webb Discusses Why Peter Parker Is “Amazing”

No iconic hero can stay away from the big screen for long, but rebooting a popular franchise is a daunting task. Sam Raimi, whose earlier films already had a comic-book… more

LYT’s L.A. Film Festival Wrap-Up Part 3: Magic Mike, Robot & Frank, Celeste & Jesse, Vampira & Ray

If you’re catching up, part one of my coverage is here. Part two is here. Skeletor never learned that robot henchmen inevitably fail you. But can his big-screen alter-ego Frank… more

LYT’s L.A. Film Fest Wrap-Up, Part 2: Quests, Dream Girls and Funny Disasters

Note: Read part 1 of Luke’s L.A. Film Festival coverage by clicking here The Compass is Carried by the Dead Man might have been more enjoyable had I not… more

LYT’s L.A. Film Fest Wrap-Up, Part 1: Beasts, Zombies and Oversimplifications

Much of the chatter among regular filmgoers at the recent Los Angeles Film Festival involved the “identity” of the fest, something that is apparently of great importance to those in… more

Futurama’s Multi-Voiced Maurice LaMarche Gets Wordy with Us

Maurice LaMarche is the only guy we know who’s ever won an Emmy for playing a severed head, but Orson Welles in a jar is just one of many characters… more

LYT Preview: The 2012 Los Angeles Film Fest

The Los Angeles Film Festival kicks off this Thursday, kicking summer into super high gear for L.A. cinephiles and bringing a peek at what the rest of the year… more

LYT Review: “Prometheus” is Probably the Monster Movie You’ve Been Anticipating

If you’re the slightest bit superstitious, it would seem like a bad idea to call the home vehicle that sustains your life in the cold vacuum of space “Prometheus.” Yes,… more

LYT Review: This “Snow White” Would Have Been Better Off with Jon Huntsman

The tagline for Willow – one of many predecessors from which Snow White and the Huntsman unabashedly lifts – was, “Forget all you know, or think you know.” Good advice,… more

LYT Review: “MIB 3″ Proves Two out of Three Acts Ain’t Bad

Men in Black II is a good movie. That’s right: II. The second one. You may now feel free to disregard what follows if you choose. But really: same comedic… more

Anthony Hemingway On Directing “Red Tails” for George Lucas

Though Anthony Hemingway has had a substantial career in TV, when it comes to features, he’s one of the luckiest guys in the business. What other filmmaker – and fan… more

Antihero Awesomeness at the Hero Complex Film Festival

On a bright, sunny Saturday, I headed downtown to spend a day celebrating mentally damaged, borderline fascists whose brains have been tampered with. Relax; This is not a finger pointed… more

LYT Review: Sacha Baron Cohen Truly Puts the “Dick” in “Dictator.”

Sacha Baron Cohen was starting to feel a lot like Mike Myers there for a second. You know, the guy we used to love as an inventive comedian who at… more

Interview: Founder Tim League Ensures You’ll Remember the Alamo (Drafthouse)

If we could run our ideal movie theater, it would be free from all the crap that makes most modern multiplexes a nightmare. There would be excellent projection and sound,… more

LYT Review: “Avengers” is the Mighty Money Shot You’ve Been Awaiting

The term “geekgasm” does not go amiss here. If you’re like me – not in every way, obviously, because that would be weird, but in the key hypothetical way required… more

Devin Clark on the Mirthful Monster Madness of “Ugly Americans”

If you turn off the TV after watching South Park these days, you’re missing out. Ugly Americans, a satirical cartoon of a vastly different stripe, depicts a parallel New York… more

Interview: Brea Grant Wants to Make “Best Friends Forever”

Though perhaps best-known as Daphne Milbrook on Heroes, Brea Grant is more than just a super-actress. In addition to being a comic-book writer, she’s also working on her feature directorial… more

Exclusive Interview: Rian Johnson on the “Looper” Trailer and More

I first encountered Rian Johnson on the radio — we were both USC cinema students at the time, and worked on the student radio station’s entertainment staff, which entailed regurgitating… more