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Nerdist News: Live From WonderCon, Plus GODZILLA Rules and So Does Marjorie Liu


Exclusive New “Sinister” Motion Image

Check out the latest li’l bit of creepiness from the upcoming horror flick Sinister, highlighting the point of entry to the film’s most frightening location: Nerves insufficiently jangled yet? There… more

LYT Review: “Looper” is Solid Sci-Fi, but My Future Self May Disagree in 30 Years

Elephant, meet room. It’s well-known by anyone with an interest in such things that Rian Johnson and I went to college together. If you read my interview with him for… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Joe Dante Tells the “Hole” Truth

Three years after its completion, Joe Dante’s 3-D scarefest The Hole is finally seeing a limited theatrical release, ahead of its DVD and Blu-ray street date on Tuesday. It’s a… more

Fantastic Fest: Judgment Day

Verdicts are in, awards have been given – in the form of beer mugs whose contents were required to be immediately chugged onstage – and while Fantastic Fest is still… more

Fantastic Fest: “Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning” and “The ABCs of Death”

[youtube] Scott Adkins could just turn out to be for action movies what Triple-H is for pro wrestling: a guy… more

Fantastic Fest: “Sinister” and “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled”

It’s a massive testament to the skills of director Scott Derrickson that in Sinister, he takes what sounds on paper like a three year-old’s dumbest idea for a high-concept monster (… more

Fantastic Fest: “Frankenweenie” and “Dredd 3D”

I actually saw the original “Frankenweenie” short in theater as a kid; it was an unexpected bonus in front of Disney’s Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, a live-action movie… more

Party Like It’s 1987 at Power-Con/ThunderCon

Perhaps the only downside of attending Fantastic Fest this weekend in Austin is that I won’t be able to attend Power-Con/ThunderCon in Torrance, CA this weekend. In a year… more

Figures & Speech: The Dork of the Moon-dane

There’s a quote that pissed me off this week, and you’ve probably seen it linked on a few movie sites. At a recent press conference, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner was… more

Fantastic Fest 2012: The Best Jury Duty Ever

Five dollars a day, hours seated in a generic room watching boilerplate instructional videos, any possible number of days in which to fall behind on your work and lose money…… more

LYT Review: “The Master” Baits…and Switches

One of director Paul Thomas Anderson’s most notable traits to date has been to take the style of an existing well-loved director and give it a bit of a personal… more

“Godzilla” Will Stomp Your Town in 2014

Holes through skyscrapers. Derailed trains. Landscapes strewn with flattened corpses. And then: those familiar tail plates, that signature roar… there could be no doubt at Legendary/WB’s panel at this… more

Figures & Speech: The Force of Hobbit

For toy collectors, this month began with a most expected announcement: action figures from The Hobbit are coming. Needless (perhaps) to say, nothing in the initial rollout constitutes a “spoiler,”… more

Interview: “Sifl & Olly” Creator Liam Lynch Socks It to Us

Before Adult Swim brought us the likes of Tim & Eric and Squidbillies, two sock puppets on MTV were mining the awkwardly surreal humor vein with a comedic sensibility ahead… more

Interview: “The Inbetweeners” Rock in a Hard Place

Known to UK viewers since 2008, The Inbetweeners – a group of four awkward teenage boys just looking to party and have some fun, often with embarrassing consequences for them… more

Interview: They Call Him Baba Booey, but We Call Gary Dell’Abate Our Newest Host

To Howard Stern fans and prank callers, “Baba Booey” is an essential part of the vocabulary. But to the Nerdist Channel, he’s about to reveal a whole new side. The… more

LYT Review: “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” Delivers Flying and Swords Aplenty

Hey, did you know there’s a 3D Imax martial-arts movie coming out this weekend, starring Jet Li and directed by Tsui Hark? Better question: having written that sentence, need I… more

Figures & Speech: The Dark Knight Rubberizes

It used to be a debate that raged across various toy-related bulletin boards, and among collectors in general. It was the equivalent of Miller Lite’s “Tastes Great” versus “Less Filling,”… more

Director Jake Schreier Gets (Robot &) Frank with Us

A popular favorite on the film festival circuit, Robot & Frank is about to steal its way into a theater near you (our review, from the Los Angeles Film Festival,… more

Figures & Speech: WWE Entrance Stage and the Lost Art of the Playset

When I was a kid, a toy line wasn’t complete without a super-duper-sized playset to go along with it. I’m not just talking A-listers here, like the Star Wars Millennium… more

LYT Review: “Compliance” Belabors a Well-Taken Point

About 25 minutes into Compliance, I wanted to reach into the screen and slap everyone in the face. The urge did not dissipate over the movie’s running time; in fact,… more

Chris Butler and Sam Fell Share Their “ParaNorman” Activities

You don’t normally hear a kids’ animated movie pitched as “John Carpenter meets John Hughes,” but ParaNorman, like its protagonist, is no ordinary brainchild. Like the previous Laika studios feature… more

Figures & Speech: “Prometheus” and the Risks of Spoiler Figures

(Editor’s note: Luke Y. Thompson has been known to review movies and fast food, but in this new column, we’re letting him take a crack at one of his other… more