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Nerdist News: From the Jim Henson Creature Shop!


Interview: John Carpenter on Reviving “They Live”

You probably haven’t been able to turn on your TV lately without seeing a barrage of ads telling you how to vote today, or suggesting what you should buy. In… more

Interview: The Wreck-tacular John C. Reilly

The title character of Wreck-It Ralph likes to destroy things, with his catchphrase being “I’m gonna wreck it!” Actor John C. Reilly couldn’t be more opposite – his voice performance… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more

Interview: StarTalker Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is like the science teacher you wish you’d had back in high school: the guy who not only knows the curriculum inside and out but knows… more

Mondo Monsters of the Universal Kind

Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, is nearly always cranking out some new, limited-edition artwork that we’re never able to get our hands on  (following them on Twitter and playing close… more

Figures & Speech: Five Quirky Character Actors You Might Not Know Had Action Figures

Courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store, a couple of weeks ago we got a look at series 3 of The Walking Dead action figures. To preserve an element of surprise,… more

Video: George Lucas Discusses the Star Wars/Disney Merger

Straight from the man George Lucas himself, we have some tantalizing new hints of what the Disney-Lucasfilm deal will bring. In short: Lucas will not be directing the next three… more

Disney Buys Lucasfilm and the Star Wars Sequels Begin

Those of us who grew up with Star Wars the first time around remember how disheartened we were after Return of the Jedi when George Lucas said there wouldn’t be… more

Our Picks for AFI Fest 2012

We love AFI Fest because it’s one of the two biggest film festivals in L.A., and a great way to wind down the moviegoing year in style. You should… more

Tron Talks: Bruce Boxleitner on His Animated “Uprising”

Fans of Tron may finally have their own equivalent to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, as Disney XD’s Tron: Uprising explores some of the more action-packed moments… more

LYT Review: “Cloud Atlas” Does Not Shrug

It will be easy, and lazy, to dismiss the Wachowski siblings’ and Tom Tykwer’s Cloud Atlas (they directed alternating segments) with some silly wisecracks about how the makeup looks bad… more

Figures & Speech: For Halloween, the Five Best Action Figures in Disguises

With Devil’s Night and All-Hallows Eve fast approaching, it’s definitely time to start thinking what to dress up as. From the scary to the slutty to the truly tasteless, costume… more

LYT Review: “The Sessions” is an Unlikely But Rewarding Date Movie

Every once in a while – okay, make that every awards season – a movie comes along that’s both really good and almost impossible to persuade anyone to see without… more

Figures & Speech: Toys of Terror – The Ten Scariest Action Figures Ever

With Halloween around the corner, and my own collection a mini-celebration of how disturbing and dark toys can be in our time, it’s the perfect occasion to examine some of… more

LYT Review: “Fat Kid Rules the World,” but Dad’s the Real Highlight

Fat people have been an easily designated pop-culture caricature for ages, and as the title for Fat Kid Rules the World suggests, a day of reckoning may have come. But… more

Christopher Walken. Sam Rockwell. In a Room with Nerdist

Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell make everything better. They just do. Not that Martin McDonagh necessarily needed the help – the playwright-turned filmmaker already had a wickedly funny script in… more

Todd McFarlane: The Figures & Speech Interview

If it weren’t for Todd McFarlane, I might not still be collecting toys. Like many children growing into adulthood before me, I started realizing in college that I wasn’t playing… more

Ten Things to Look for at New York Comic Con

Don’t panic, New York Comic Con newcomers. We know there’s a lot to take in, and a long weekend might not cover it if you’re still busy dithering over choices…. more

California Screaming: Previewing L.A.’s Screamfest 2012

L.A. Live could use a good scare. It wants to be so clean, so homogenized, and yet a healthy dose of bloody fun movies and the attendant crowd that… more

Hawke, Eyed: Ethan Talks Starring in “Sinister”

Ethan Hawke is known for many things – Before Sunrise, Explorers, his novels – but he has never been one for hardcore horror until now. In Sinister, opening this weekend (… more

Figures & Speech: Kings of the Castle

I have owned two different Castle Grayskulls in my life. The first version of the iconic Masters of the Universe playset cost about $40 in the late ’80s, and perhaps… more

“American Horror Story” DVD Launch Party in a Hollywood Graveyard

To celebrate the release of American Horror Story Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD yesterday, 70 lucky and swift-fingered Facebook fans were invited to an event at the Hollywood Forever… more

Nine Questions for “The Walking Dead”‘s Greg Nicotero

If you’ve had a chance to check out Fangoria’s Blood & Guts, you’ve already seen Anthrax guitarist and major horror fanboy Scott Ian get up close and personal with The… more

Anna Torv’s Life on the “Fringe”

With Fringe about to enter its final season tonight, we find ourselves wishing for an alternate reality in which good things never end. Alas, in this one, no great sci-fi… more