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Nerdist Goes To The MTV Movie Awards


SHERLOCK Review – His Last Vow (SPOILERS)

And just like that, it’s over again. Sherlock series always fly by, but this one especially seemed to cruise, I think in no small part because of how long… more

BATMAN Reanimated – Heart of Ice

As if Batman: The Animated Series hadn’t already quickly established itself as being a gorgeous piece of television action animation, and a distinctive and surprisingly grown-up adaptation of the Dark… more

Nerdist Podcast: John de Lancie

The very talented John de Lancie sits down with the guys to talk about his role as Jane’s father on Breaking Bad, starting his career in the theater, his… more


Last July (jeepers, where does the time go?) a bunch of journalists, including myself, were invited to Marvel Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA, to bear witness to one of the… more


Hammer Films were the undisputed kings of British horror in the 1960s and ’70s, but Amicus Productions wanted a piece of the action too. Amicus was most famous for their… more


This week’s movies all seem to be about obsession and madmen and the monsters they create. Weird, right? I mean, sometimes things just work out that the world’s collective unconscious… more

DOCTOR WHO – Peter Capaldi’s Costume Revealed

We’ve only just said goodbye to Matt Smith and we’re still over half a year away from the first full episode featuring the Twelfth (or Fourteenth, depending on how pedantic… more

SHERLOCK Review: The Sign of Three

My, how time does fly in the Sherlock universe. Only last week, the super sleuth returned from the dead and John Watson proposed to Mary Morstan, and now it’s… more

Film Nerdery: Watch Paul Thomas Anderson Interview Martin Scorsese

It’s always awesome when two luminaries in the film world get together to just talk about movies and stuff. For instance, do you guys know that on the Criterion release… more

Batman: Reanimated – ‘On Leather Wings’

Batman: The Animated Series premiered on Fox Kids television on September 5th, 1992, and kicked off a phenomenon for DC and Warner Bros, resulting in a myriad of other series… more

Schlock & Awe: THE CAR

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for nearly six years and in that entire time I’ve been a pedestrian. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, I walk… more

DOCTOR WHO Wins Big At the National Television Awards

Wednesday evening in the United Kingdom, the National Television Awards, a People’s Choice-style Emmy deal, awarded two of its most prestigious awards to Doctor Who. Well deserved, especially coming off… more

Awesomely Bad Movies Faces Off with COBRA

Friends! Romans! Contrabands! I’ve returned with another episode of Awesomely Bad Movies. This time, I take aim (pun intended) at possibly the 1980s’ most unabashedly fascist cop movie — and… more

DOCTOR WHO Comics Now Going to Titan

After five years of new ongoing comics with IDW Publications, the license for BBC’s Doctor Who will be heading over to Titan Comics, the even indie-er label known for sci-fi… more


The threat of violence is all around us on The Shelf this week. Pirates are attacking ships, mercenaries are invading the borders, and Ed Begley Jr. gets his arm torn… more

Join the Network in New SHERLOCK App Game

Today in the U.K. and next Monday, January 27th, in the U.S., you can become part of the world of the greatest living sleuth with a new Sherlock… more

BARBARELLA To Be a Series on Amazon

This is a weird one, but weird is kind of awesome. It appears that French graphic novel Barbarella, which was turned into a 1968 film by Roger Vadim starring Jane… more

Review: SHERLOCK – The Empty Hearse

It’s been two very long years since the last series of Sherlock, and that wasn’t always the plan. Martin Freeman’s rather prolonged Hobbit schedule and Steven Moffat’… more

J.J. Abrams Confirms STAR WARS VII Script Is Done

It’s not much, but it happened! At yet another press event connected to the Television Critics Association, TV mogul and ruler of the geek universe, J.J. Abrams confirmed that… more

Artist Adam Varga’s Mind-Blowing New Worlds

A picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes the best way to describe fantastical new worlds is to just show people what’s in your brain. Artist Adam Varga does… more

Phantom Rock Found on Mars

This is something you legitimately don’t see every day. Scientists have been looking for signs of life on Mars for decades, and while the veteran rover Opportunity hasn’t found any,… more

AGENT CARTER Series Gets Showrunners

So much juiciness has come out of the Television Critics Association press tours the past week or so, and this little nugget of awesome is regarding ABC and Marvel’s recently-announced… more

SHERLOCK Series 3 Preview

It’s all done and dusted in the U.K., of course, but the third series of BBC and PBS’s hit, Sherlock, will return to U.S. television screens this Sunday… more

Clip of Marvel One-Shot ALL HAIL THE KING

Last week, I gave you the first glimpses of Marvel’s next One-Shot, the series of shorts made exclusively for Blu-ray releases that fill in back and side stories from the… more