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SET LIST: The Sklar Brothers


Doctor Who for Newbies: The Eighth Doctor & The Wilderness Years

In 1989, the BBC pulled the plug on Doctor Who after 26 years. It was the network’s intention to bring the show back after a few years had given… more


Hi all! BBC America is running a really SWEET CONTEST for the arty Whovian out there. Basically all you have to do is create and build your own TARDIS and… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer!!!!!

Boy, that didn’t take long. Here’s the trailer for the new series that aired after the Christmas special. SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY Who’s excited?!?!… more

Review: “Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol”

Happy Christmas, Everyone! I hope everybody enjoyed their holiday feasts, some spiked egg nog, and some sweet nerd swag. I for one was given a replica sonic screwdriver by my… more

“There’s Only One Santa Claus, And He’s On Earth.”

Every Christmas, I tend to forgo the typical holiday movies in favor of stuff that’s awesome. For instance, it’s a tradition for my mother and I to watch “Die Hard”… more

Heartwarming Time Lord Christmas Song

This is maybe my favorite thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks, Radio Free Skaro!… more

Matt Smith on Doctor Who Christmas Special

Via the great guys over at Radio Free Skaro The BBC have released this clip of a short interview with Matt Smith discussing the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, entitled… more

Harold Lloyd: Comedy Royalty

Lately, I’ve been watching heaps and gobs of old silent comedies and enjoying them profoundly.  Most people know about Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton, and they’re both absolutely phenomenal, but… more

Doctor Who for Newbies: The Villains pt. 2

As promised, I’m back with the rest of Doctor Who’s most tenacious antagonists, having battled him at least three times. I hope reading about the Master and Daleks didn’t give… more

Doctor Who for Newbies: The Villains pt. 1

I bet you thought you’d be getting an Eighth Doctor retrospect right now, didn’t you? Well, as ol’ Uncle Miltie said, “Boy, I love wearing women’s clothes.” Wait, does that… more

Godspeed, Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010)

Leslie Nielsen passed away Sunday at the age of 84.  He was a great comedy legend and one of my favorite actors.  He was a master of deadpan silliness and… more

DW Season 5′s Best Episode (According to Me) #Spoilers

Doctor Who season five is a pretty uniformly good season.  Matt Smith is excellent and, with arguably only a couple low points, it definitely started the Eleventh Doctor’s tenure with… more

5 Graphic Novels Perfect for TV

Two episodes of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” are in the books and already it’s a thing to behold.  It has officially been picked up for a second season. That should… more

Why “The Walking Dead” Is Even Better Than We Thought (SPOILERS!)

I had been looking forward to the premiere of “The Walking Dead” for months and the promo material AMC would show during the weekly “Mad Men” episode only served to… more

Doctor Who for Newbies: The Seventh Doctor

After the tumultuous era with Colin Baker in the lead and the stay of execution that followed, Doctor Who needed a complete revitalization. When Baker was forced to leave, longtime… more

A Horror Recommendation: “Who Can Kill a Child?”

I’m always in the market for a fucked-up horror movie, but it’s rare for me to find one that works in delivering true scares and not just gross-outs and violence…. more

Doctor Who for Newbies: The Sixth Doctor

The Peter Davison era of Doctor Who had breathed new life in the series and had solid viewing figures, despite the show being moved from its traditional Saturday night time… more

Doctor Who for Newbies: The Fifth Doctor

In 1981, Tom Baker was in his seventh and final season as the Fourth Doctor.  Could the show survive the loss of its incredibly popular star? New producer John Nathan-Turner… more

Doctor Who comes to America. For realsies.

As posted by Radio Free Skaro, the BBC is reporting the first two episodes of Doctor Who series 6 will be set and shot (at least in part) on our… more

Doctor Who for Newbies: The Fourth Doctor

After five highly successful seasons in the lead role, Jon Pertwee decided to leave Doctor Who. At the end of Planet of the Spiders, the Third Doctor staggers out of… more

Doctor Who vs. Graphic Noveldom

From our friends over at, the BBC have commissioned their first graphic novel.  Naturally, they’ve chosen their resident Gallifreyan adventurer to be the star.  The novel will be… more

Doctor Who for Newbies: The Third Doctor

The 1970s began as a real turning point for Doctor Who.  Patrick Troughton had vacated the title role after three popular seasons along with co-stars and main production team. Doctor… more

Nerd Rage

Fads happen, styles appear, colloquialisms manifest. I’m aware that they’re a cultural and social phenomenon and pissing and moaning about them on my part would be an exercise in uselessness…. more