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Nerdist News: WATCH DOGS Movie?!


New Doctor Who DVDs For May 10th

Oh Hai! Two new Classic Doctor Who stories are being released on DVD this week and they are two of the most important of all time. Both are from the… more

“The Curse of the Black Spot” Review (VERY MINOR SPOILERS)

After the grandiose and often confusing two-part opening to the new series of Doctor Who, I was absolutely looking forward to “The Curse of the Black Spot,” not simply because… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

“Day of the Moon” Review – SPOILERS!!!

The second half of the series premiere of Doctor Who raised a lot more questions than answers, but it’s the beginning of the year, so it didn’t really have to… more

Doctor Who Series 1-6 Infographic

I really wish I was the one who made this, but this fantastic map of the crazy Who-timelines was done by someone named Nathan The Nerd. Well done, Mr. The… more

“Impossible Astronaut” Review (SPOILERS. Oh, So Many SPOILERS)

WARNING!!! If you haven’t seen “The Impossible Astronaut” yet, do not read this until after you have. I’m gonna get speculative on your asses! Wowzers. Talk about hitting the ground… more

Steven Moffat: The Man With the Plan

Since the show returned in 2005, Steven Moffat has been one of Doctor Who’s most celebrated writers.  His stories were routinely some of the most inventive and memorable of… more

RIP Elisabeth Sladen

This news came an enormous shock today. I am deeply saddened to pass on the news that actress Elisabeth Sladen, who portrayed companion Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who, has… more

NEW Impossible Astronaut Clips!!!!

We’re getting down to the wire, Whovians! The BBC have released these new clips from the first episode of series 6, “The Impossible Astronaut.” Nothing too groundbreaking in the first… more

W(h)ither Monsters?

The first season finale of the American version of Being Human aired Monday night. The finale had all the angsty supernatural character stuff a fan of the show could want… more

7 Things I Hope Happen in Doctor Who Series 6

Hi all, With only 15 days until the premiere of the new Doctor Who episode, “The Impossible Astronaut,” (2 WEEKS PEOPLE!) my excitement level has reached ridiculous proportions. I’ve watched… more

Reboot Rage

When reading the IMDb’s, my eye was immediately drawn to this horribly disheartening headline: “Warners Rebooting Batman Again?” (The article in question, via Empire Online, can be read here)…. more

New Full Length Doctor Who Trailer

Seems like the buildup to the new series of Who just keeps on a-truckin’. Today, the BBC released this full-length trailer for series. Have a gander, Oh, my Whovians. Holy… more

Doctor Who: “The Impossible Astronaut” Prequel!!!!!!

Here it is!!! Our first bit of new Doctor Who since Christmas! This is the prequel to the first episode which will air at 9:00pm on Saturday, April 23… more

Doctor Who Series 6 Teaser AND Torchwood: Miracle Day Start Date!!

Oh Hai! Just some quick bits of Who-related news today, but they’re fun and exciting nonetheless. FIRST UP! The BBC has released a quick little teaser for the new series (… more

Podcasting in a Doctor Who World

When I first became a fan of Doctor Who, no one else I knew liked it, or had even heard of it for the most part. I was having a… more

Doctor Who for Newbies: Torchwood

SPOILERS THROUGHOUT Don’t say I didn’t warn you As a fan of all things Doctor Who, I felt it was time I turned my attention to the spinoff series, Torchwood…. more

Doctor Who Experience – Even More Reason to Visit London

Greetings Who-ers! If you’re in, going to visit, or dreaming about London, there’s now yet another reason to go there. Open now at London’s Olympia center is a multimedia, interactive… more

Doctor Who DVDs 3-8-11

New month, new Classic Who DVDs: First up, a catch-up DVD from the end of last year’s UK release schedule. The six part Seeds of Doom is one of the… more

Gallifrey One 2011: Wrap-Up From The Trenches

It either lasted 30 years or ten minutes; I’m having trouble deciding. Last weekend’s Gallifrey One (or 22 if we’re going by theme and year) was nothing but wall-to-wall awesome,… more

RIP, Nicholas Courtney

I’d hoped my first post-Gallifrey blog would be a happy one, but alas. I’m sorry to report that legendary Doctor Who actor Nicholas Courtney, who portrayed the stalwart Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart… more

Travel to Gallifrey This Weekend!

If you’re in the LA area this weekend (Feb 18-20), you would do yourself a favor to visit the 22nd annual Gallifrey One convention. It’s at the LAX Marriott and… more

The Twelfth Doctor is….. CRAIG FERGUSON!!!

Okay, not really, but if he were, this is what he would look like. This picture was done by Doctor Who artist for IDW Comics, Mr. Blair Shedd. He is… more

Six Anti-Valentine’s Movies (for Black Monday)

As someone who hates Valentine’s Day, I can appreciate the need to take one’s mind off of love, or the lack thereof. I also know that’s easier said than done…. more