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Nerdist Podcast: Brian Henson

Brian Henson and Chris sit down to talk about their pet dogs, the technique of puppetry, growing up in the heyday of The Muppet Show, and the show Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on SyFy!… more

The Shelf: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One (and a Peek at Phase Two)

Not a whole lot of action, Blu-ray and DVD-wise, this week, but that could be because Marvel is unleashing a whole ton of heroes in a convenient carrying case. Tesseract… more

“Summer Falls” by Amelia Williams Available as E-Book Tuesday

In this week’s Doctor Who episode, “The Bells of Saint John,” we get a brief glimpse of a book that Artie, one of the children Clara Oswald takes care of,… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Doctor Who “The Bells of Saint John” Review

Hooray! It’s back! Doctor Who has returned to our various screen-types and has delivered an episode that looks so phenomenal it almost doesn’t look like it belongs on… more

David Tennant and Billie Piper Return for “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary

Well, here is the most foregone of forgone conclusions: it’s just been announced by the BBC that David Tennant (you know, the Tenth Doctor) will return to Doctor Who for… more

Interview with “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” Director Jon Chu

Director Jon Chu is known for his work with dance; He directed Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D, and the series The LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers…. more

EXCLUSIVE! “Teen Titans Go!” Poster Premiere

Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans has been off the air since 2006, and the void has been felt by fans of the DC animated show ever since. Now, we can stop… more

Kotobukiya Commander Shepard Statue Giveaway

Kotobukiya make a huge selection of high-quality statues from your favorite comics, movie, and video game titles. They create pieces of art from both Marvel and DC, including Justice League… more

The Shelf: Lincoln, Jurassic Park, and The Terminator

This week on The Shelf, a president’s defining moment comes home in a multi-disc set, plus more old favorites than you can shake a dinosaur bone at… at which a… more

Prelude to Doctor Who’s “The Bells of St. John”

[youtube] As has become fairly common, there is now a “prequel” to the upcoming mid-series premiere of… more

Interview with “The Croods” and “The Office” Actor Clark Duke

Clark Duke is on a bit of a hot streak. After being a series regular on the ABC Family series Greek, and appearing in movies like Sex Drive, Kick-Ass, and… more

Interview with Optimus Prime Himself, Peter Cullen

In 1984, a little cartoon premiered that sent kids (and toy stores) into a frenzy. That show was called Transformers, and its colorful cast of robots that turn into other… more

Karen Gillan Joins “NTSF:SD:SUV::” Cast

So, she might not be traveling with the Doctor anymore, but that doesn’t mean Karen Gillan can’t be involved in some action and adventure. It has just been announced that… more

Want Some “Doctor Who” Clips?

Yes, the premiere is only a week and change away, but why would anybody want to wait that long to see bits of Doctor Who’s long-awaited return, “The Bells of… more

“Doctor Who” Lands on Entertainment Weekly Cover…AGAIN

Not even a year since it happened the first time, Matt Smith will again grace the front part of Entertainment Weekly in not one, but TWO variant covers. One depicts… more

Comic Book Day: Transformers Prime’s Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson

Writers Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson have robots on the brain – robots in disguise, to be precise. They’ve worked on scripts for The Hub’s excellent Transformers Prime and spinoff… more

The Shelf: The Hobbit Journeys Onto Blu-ray

The big release this week on The Shelf is the arrival of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D. Dwarfs, Goblins, and Gollum in… more

Martin Freeman: Actor, Hobbit, LEGO

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which is out today on DVD and Blu-ray, recently cracked $1 billion at the worldwide box office, only the 15th film ever to do so…. more

BBC Exclusive New “Doctor Who” Trailer & Ep Synopses

[youtube] You guys! It’s only two weeks until Doctor Who returns with the first of eight episodes…. more

Cartoon Theme Songs Sure Were Weird

[youtube] Last September was the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the landmark superhero cartoon, Batman: The… more

Interview with “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” Screenwriters John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have both been in the TV game for a number of years. Daley began as Sam Weir on the short-lived though mega-influential Freaks and… more

Three New “Doctor Who” Novels Hit the Shelves in April

We’re all very excited for the premiere of the second half of the seventh series of Doctor Who, as surely most of you are as well. The first episode, “The… more

DVD “Who”sday – March 2013

This month, we’re treated to special editions of two of the earliest DVD releases. They’ve been given a face lift and are accompanied by tons of special features, both old… more

The Shelf: Rise of the Guardians, Life of Pi and a Cirque Giveaway

This week on The Shelf, we’ve got a kid and the tiger who wants to eat him, a bunch of things your parents callously told you didn’t exist when you… more