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SET LIST: The Sklar Brothers


Screen Team Lives the GTA Life

The newest YouTubers to join the Nerdist Alliance are the Screen Team, the video game and pop culture channel made up of Chad and Angie, two people who love cosplaying… more

ABC Developing AGENT CARTER Show

ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has yet to even premiere, and already it’s looking like another Marvel movie spinoff program is in the works. Deadline… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Schlock & Awe: SILENT RAGE

So let’s say I ask you the age-old question, “Who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and…” And before I even finish, you say, “Chuck Norris. Of… more

New Trailer for ZERO CHARISMA

The release of Nerdist Industries and Tribeca Films’ Zero Charisma is mere weeks away (October 8th digitally, October 11th in cinemas) and we’ve got a brand new trailer for you… more


This week, a superhero show’s freshman year, the King of the Zombie’s darkest day, and two Time Lord releases full of Flash Animation. Plus, it’s six weeks ’til Halloween, and… more

Hero Chat with ARROW’s David Ramsey

When the CW’s Arrow premiered last year, no one could have possibly known that it would easily be the best television show about a superhero of all time. It ostensibly… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 12

Farewell, Jon Pertwee; hello Tom Baker. As Doctor Who entered its twelfth season, exiting producer Barry Letts had the task of finding a replacement for his star, who had been… more

Lost Moon Radio Invades NerdMelt This Thursday

Coming this Thursday to the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles is Lost Moon Radio, a sketch comedy/music act that has been making the Los Angeles comedy… more

Go Behind DIY DAMMIT with Joselyn Hughes

The Nerdist Channel has just launched a brand new show, DIY Dammit, in which host Joselyn Hughes and star guests, like YouTube star Grace Helbig, make cool things using household… more

Leigh Whannell Waxes Horrific About INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2

Ever since he wrote and starred in a short film about a man who had a reverse bear trap stuck on his head, Leigh Whannell has been in horror movie… more

Exclusive: New Poster for ZERO CHARISMA

Get ready to clutch your many-sided dice in excitement and anticipation. The poster for Nerdist Industries and Tribeca Films’ first feature film collaboration, Zero Charisma, has been released. As the… more

Get Out Alive! Our Top Ten Final Girls in Horror Movies

One of the key components of the modern horror movie (1970s forward) is the idea of the “Final Girl.” Especially in slasher movies, the final girl is often the most… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 11

Like all good things, the Jon Pertwee tenure of Doctor Who was bound to end. After four wildly popular seasons of television and just coming off of a mostly stellar… more

Get Scared with Rose Byrne in INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2

Australian actress Rose Byrne is no stranger to any type of genre. After being in the uber-serious FX drama Damages, she’s done horror pictures like 28 Weeks Later, action movies… more

Tim League Talks All Things Fantastic. Fest, That Is.

If you’ve ever been to Austin, TX, you’ll know that one of the major go-to stops, aside from all the barbecue and the hippies with cowboy hats, is… more

Weird Old Sci-Fi: SWAMP THING

In 1978, Richard Donner’s Superman was an astonishing hit and ushered in the modern superhero movie in style. Its 1980 sequel was also a massive success, and DC Comics… more

Who You Gonna Call? Michael Rooker!

Not content to merely have been Merle Dixon, the one-handed Governor-enforcer on AMC’s The Walking Dead, nor to have been a bounty hunter in one of our Course of the… more

DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Gets a Title and a Poster

Now THIS is something I want on my wall. Just a moment ago, at midnight in the UK, the BBC announced both the name of and the poster for the… more

Marvel’s JARVIS App for iOS Available TODAY

Last week, at a media event at Walt Disney Studios, a demonstration was given of the brand new Marvel JARVIS app for iOS devices. With it, you’re effectively loading Tony… more

The Secret of J.J. Abrams’ STRANGER Teaser Revealed

Last month, we posted a very strange and intriguing teaser trailer that was being bandied about as J.J. Abrams’ next project, supposedly called Stranger. Was it a movie? Was… more


On the Shelf this week, we’ve got some boldly going, we’ve got the complete history of the worst camp in the history of the world, we’ve got a favorite of… more


On September 2nd, the FX Network’s spinoff channel, FXX, was launched, and it brought with it two of its biggest shows, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League, which… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 10

If a television show’s stride can be hit, Doctor Who certainly did that during its 9th season. Despite a lackluster final story (okay, actually a God-awful one), the season… more