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Nerdist News: Lady Gaga Goes Gaga for Hatsune Miku


DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 17

After the success of “The Key to Time” season, Doctor Who took its largest leap into the silly. Graham Williams was about to begin his third and final year as… more

Win LOST PLANET 3 Codes for Steam

When we first played 2007′s Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, we were interested in the spoken-about war between the humans attempting to colonize the new planet of E.D.N. III… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM! Details below… As convention season, which seems to be competing with road construction season for longest of… more

Shock Till You Drop to Distribute Horror Films

Nerdist isn’t the only entertainment site getting into the film distribution game (Zero Charisma premieres next week on VOD, Digital Download, and in select cinemas!); our horror-maven friends over at… more


Fantasist H.P. Lovecraft is widely considered one of the forefathers of modern horror fiction and has inspired such luminaries as Stephen King, John Carpenter, and Sam Raimi with his… more


This week is a curious mixture of end-of-the-world, beginning-of-the-world, over-the-rainbow, under-the-sea, and get-out-of-the-house movies to make your Blu-ray collection wonder about your sanity. If you’re the kind of person to… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 16

In four short years, Tom Baker had gone from relative nobody, working on a building site, to one of the most popular and recognizable faces on British television, as well… more

Anna Faris Talks CLOUDY 2, Comedy, and Characters

In 2009, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs broke out of the typical digitally-animated comedy mold with its clever blend of absurdist humor, colorful surroundings, and quirky, layered characters. With… more

BLOOD & GUTS with Scott Ian Returns

Back by gruesome demand, Scott Ian is all set for another round of behind-the-gore antics with another season of Blood & Guts. In his continuing journey to find out how the… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 15

Philip Hinchcliffe, the producer who ushered Doctor Who into a horror-fueled golden age of high production values and high ratings, stepped down after three years. Though his script editor, Robert… more

Check Out the Cool New Trailer for Disney’s FROZEN

Just in time for Winter…well, Autumn, it’s the first full trailer for Disney’s new digitally animated movie, Frozen. In a quaint and idyllic fairy tale land, it’s summer every… more

The Need For NEED FOR SPEED’s First Trailer

If there was any question what multi-Emmy-winner Aaron Paul would do after Breaking Bad, it has just been answered: Action movies! The first post-Pinkman starring role for Mr. Paul is… more


Evil little kids are certainly nothing new to horror films. Pre-pubescent terror goes all the way back to things like The Bad Seed and Village of the Damned. With Roman… more

Relive the Magic On The Nerdist Podcast Network

The Nerdist Podcast has been the flagship of the whole Nerdist Empire since all the way back in 2010 and has wracked up over 400 episodes in its continuing mission… more

BatDad is the Best Dad Of All Time

For those of you glued to the six-second masterpieces that make up Vine, you’re probably going to want to start following BatDad. Who is BadDad? He’s the alter ego of… more

The Shelf: IRON MAN 3, DOCTOR WHO, and Two From John Carpenter

This week, our Shelf doth overfloweth with superheroes, Time Lords, masters of horror, charming cannibals, and even a couple of giveaways for your getting-free-stuff pleasure. It’s like it’s getting close… more

Marvel’s Louis D’Esposito Talks AGENT CARTER

Marvel Entertainment’s Co-President Louis D’Esposito has been on board the Cinematic Universe since the first Iron Man hit theaters back in 2008. Since then, he’s been there for two more… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 14

The Tom Baker train was picking up a huge amount of steam during Season 13 of Doctor Who. The combination of his energy, the rapport between Baker and Elisabeth Sladen,… more

Win THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY Ultimate Collectors Blu-ray Set

Before we all get too engrossed in Zack Snyder’s upcoming depiction of the Caped Crusader, let us look back at arguably (and to some people not at all arguably) his… more

Barely Political Tells Us How BREAKING BAD Should End

We’re two episodes away from finding out how Walter White, aka Heisenberg, gets out/doesn’t get out of the crazy meth-cooking insanity into which he’s gotten himself and pretty much… more

THE WIZARD OF OZ Comes to IMAX 3D for One Week

Beginning today, you can follow the yellow brick road in high definition, on a really big screen, in stereoscopy. In conjunction with the upcoming 75th Anniversary 3D Blu-ray release of… more

Team WORLD’S END Bowls For Their Lives

After months away, causing our hearts to grow ever-fonder, All Star Celebrity Bowling is back with an episode of Earth-ending proportions. It’s Team Nerdist (Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Matt Mira,… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 13

Tom Baker’s first season as the Doctor had been a massive tonal shift toward proper sci-fi and horror and away from the overt action adventure of the Pertwee years…. more

ZERO CHARISMA New York Premiere to Take Place During NYCC

If you’re heading out to the city so nice they named it twice in a few weeks’ time for New York Comic Con, you now have one more reason to… more