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Nerdist News: Possible STAR TREK 3 Director, DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION Trailer, and Wooly Mammoths!



This week’s got funny ladies with guns, giant robots fighting monsters, a frontier town of the future, a house with moving walls, an apocalyptic author, a couple of faceless killers,… more

Win PACIFIC RIM on Blu-ray and Enjoy This Exclusive Clip

The above clip is an exclusive artist’s storyboard rendering of the majestic and mighty Shatterdome sequence from Pacific Rim, in which a trio of humanity’s most powerful Jaegers are flown… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Paul Feig Talks THE HEAT, Women in Movies, and VAM Galore

Paul Feig knows comedy. Not only did he create Freaks and Geeks and helm several episodes of Arrested Development, Nurse Jackie, and The Office, he also happens to have directed… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 20

In 1983, a wholly unprecedented thing happened: Doctor Who reached its 20th season. 20 years! That’s insane. A show that premiered the day after Kennedy was killed was now… more

Three Clips from the MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Blu-ray

This summer’s Pixar hit, Monsters University, is coming to Blu-ray and DVD (and, you know, all the other platforms as well) on October 29th, but you don’t have to wait… more

10 Things I Learned About Disney’s FROZEN

At a recent early press day at Disney’s Animation Studios in Burbank, some of us were able to watch clips of Disney’s new 3D animated feature, Frozen, the trailer for… more

Sink Your Teeth Into a Copy of THE SNACKING DEAD

Let’s say you’re in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. It’s dangerous, it’s smelly, the world is in complete disrepair, and there are undead ghouls attempting to gnaw your face… more

Win THE WALKING DEAD Action Figures from McFarlane Toys

As the characters on The Walking Dead TV show begin to dwindle, their action figure counterparts begin to grow. It’s an inverse ratio. MATH. With the fourth season of AMC’s… more

Rollin’ the Dice with ZERO CHARISMA Directors Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews

Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews may well be this generation’s answer to Kevin Smith. They’ve so accurately honed in on a specific group of geek, and made a movie about,… more

And the Recovered DOCTOR WHO Episodes Are…

As was bandied about here and elsewhere, it seems the general wisdom surrounding the recovered Doctor Who episodes is true: two Patrick Troughton stories, “The Enemy of the World” and “… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 19

After seven seasons which resulted in him forever being linked to the show, Tom Baker hung up his scarf and left Doctor Who in the hands of new producer John… more

Drafthouse Pictures to Release Insane 70s Sci-fi/Horror Flick THE VISITOR

This one sounds like the greatest movie I never knew existed. Drafthouse Films announced that this Halloween, they’ll be releasing a bonkers 1979 sci-fi/horror movie that sounds like the… more

ARROW Recap: City of Heroes

Arrow has returned to our screens, and it seems like a whole lot has happened in the story in the interim. I always find it funny when a TV show “… more

Schlock & Awe: TROLL (the first one)

For years, Troll 2 has been the high (or low) watermark for terrible, awful, inept, and overall shittiness in movies. Being who I am, I sought it out and watched… more

Les Stroud Talks SOS ISLAND and Survival For Nerds

For the past 25 years, Les Stroud has devoted his life to surviving. From teaching wilderness courses to his own documentary series Survivorman, in which he filmed himself in real-life… more

What to Expect in ARROW Season 2, Premiering Wednesday Night

Tonight sees the return of the CW’s surprise smash hit Arrow. Many, including yours truly, were skeptical about another DC superhero program on the network that gave us ten seasons… more

What to Do While You’re at New York Comic Con

It seems like only yesterday we were up to our eyebrows in Comic-Con San Diego and now it’s already mid-October and it’s time for New York Comic Con. It’s four… more

’80s Cult Classic MS. 45 to be Re-Released via Drafthouse Films

Fans of 80s cult movies have reason to be excited; Drafthouse Films, purveyors and proponents of the best and weirdest genre films cinemadom has to offer, has today announced a “… more

John Barrowman and Dan Harmon to Moderate ZERO CHARISMA Screenings in NY

This weekend in New York City, to coincide with New York Comic Con, there will be two screenings of Nerdist and Tribeca Films’ co-distributed film, Zero Charisma, possibly the geekiest… more


It’s a rather packed week of releases, a few of which I’ve even seen, with Shakespeare, space, Loch Ness Monsters, the devil, Las Vegas, more space, tiny people, and stop-motion… more

BBC Confirms: A “Number” Of Missing DOCTOR WHO Episodes Found

I suppose you can’t get anymore official than that. After months, nay, YEARS, of speculation, rumor-mongering and overhearing things at parties, the BBC today has finally confirmed the existence of… more

DOCTOR WHO: A Companion’s Companion – Season 18

After one of the most ridiculous seasons in Doctor Who history (partially saved by one of the best stories in Doctor Who history), the series embarked on a new decade… more

Choose Your Champion on Samsung’s SOS ISLAND

It’s time to let your voice be heard. Yes, it happens all the time on the internet, but now you can shout about something cool. Samsung is launching a reality-competition… more