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Nerdist Podcast: Lewis Black

The hilarious Lewis Black sits down with Chris to talk about the process of writing “edgy” material, the importance of keeping busy as you get older, his shows being a destination for family outings and his newest special Old Yeller! Click on the banner to shop at and support the show!              … more

Nerdist Podcast: Lauren Graham

The lovely and talented Lauren Graham comes on the show to talk about her longtime friendship with Chris, her days as a comedy club waitress, and, of course, Gilmore Girls!… more

Chewin’ It #24: Pets

As they drive around L.A., Kevin and Steve share stories about pets: the pets they had in their childhood, the pets they had as adults, and their general take… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Nerdist Writers Panel #101: Comedy Bang Bang!

Comedy Bang Bang! From ATX Television Festival: a chat with CBB creator and Earwolf network co-founder Scott Aukerman (Between Two Ferns) and CBB’s head writer Neil Campbell. Recorded at the… more

Cashing In with T.J. Miller #72: Gluten Whip

Cash and T.J. discuss Cash’s hunger strike, The Wolverine, jury duty, Battlefield Earth, Private Benjamin, living on a Kibbutz, alarm clock licking, flip-flop tantrums, double pink eye, K-Mart rewards… more

The Mutant Season #93: Spencer Crittenden

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master Spencer Crittenden comes on the show to talk about how he got into DnD, what a Dungeon Master does, and playing DnD on the podcast… more

The K Ohle #16: The Boat Show with Eugene Mirman

Kurt and Eugene sit down and talk BOATS. Topics include Eugene’s insistence on inviting Jon Benjamin to EVERY boat party, Star Blazers, and more. Plus, Kurt gets melancholy on the… more

Thrilling Adventure Hour #129: Beyond Belief, “The Deceased Charm of the Bourgeoisie”

Starring Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster as those married mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle. Also starring John Ennis as Carter Caldwell; Joshua Malina as the Bartender; Annie Savage as… more

Watkins Family Hour #10: 10th Anniversary Show

Podcast #10 is from our 10th anniversary show at Largo from February 28th, 2013 and features many of our favorite regular special guests though the years: Glen Phillips, Jon Brion… more

Today We Learned #1: Ben Gleib

For the inaugural episode of Today We Learned, your hosts, comedian Razzle Dangerously and Nerdist’s associate editor Dan Casey sit down with comedian Ben Gleib (Chelsea Lately, CNN, Last Week… more

Nerdist Podcast: Gerard Way

Singer/writer Gerard Way hangs out with the guys to talk about how he got into music, the comic books he has written, and life after My Chemical Romance!… more

The Indoor Kids #109: Lost Games and Rashes with Aaron Bleyaert

Today we welcome our good friend Aaron Bleyaert of Team Coco to discuss the newest Clueless Gamer episodes, the E.T. game, skin conditions, and a host of lost video… more

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction #20: Round 2 (Aparna Nancherla, Emily Maya Mills, Hampton Yount, Jonah Ray, Kyle Kinane)

Round two with Aparna Nancherla, Emily Maya Mills, Hampton Yount, Jonah Ray, Kyle Kinane. Recorded at the NerdMelt Showroom, July 17, 2012. Follow @bryancooking on Twitter!… more

Nerdist Comics Panel #10: Watchmen

Comics edition #10: All about Watchmen with Len Wein, who edited Alan Moore’s original series, and co-hosts Adam Beechen (Hench) and Heath Corson (Justice League DC Direct movie)…. more

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction #19: Round 1 (Mike O’Connell, Andres Dubouchet, Patrick Keane, Heather Thomson)

Round one with Mike O’Connell, Andres Dubouchet, Patrick Keane, and Heather Thomson. Recorded at the NerdMelt Showroom, July 17, 2012. Follow @bryancooking on Twitter!… more

The Todd Glass Show #114: Bobby Miyamoto

Bobby Miyamoto is back for another amazing episode! Buy The Todd Glass Show t-shirts! Like The Todd Glass Show on Facebook, follow @ToddGlass on Twitter, and buy his album “Thin Pig”!… more

The Alton Browncast #7: And Then There Were Three

Alton Brown sits down with the finalists from Season 9 of Food Network Star before their fate is sealed. Follow @AltonBrown on Twitter!… more

Big Pop Fun #87: James Arnold Taylor (2)

Voiceover legend James Arnold Taylor returns to Big Pop Fun to talk with Tom about his two dads, his vital role in the Star Wars universe, and his forays into… more

Mission Log: Supplemental 008 – The One from Las Vegas with Connor Trinneer and Anthony Montgomery

From the heart of Star Trek Las Vegas, interviews with Connor Trinneer and Anthony Montgomery of Enterprise   Support the show by clicking on the banner below and shopping at Amazon!… more

Nerdist Podcast: Vince Gilligan

The end of Breaking Bad is almost here, so who better to have on the podcast than Vince Gilligan? Vince talks about the ups and downs of writing the show,… more

The Legacy Music Hour #145: New Age Music 3

After all the battle music from the last episode, the boys decide to focus on New Age music found in 8-bit and 16-bit era video games, most of it quite… more

Ding-Donger #17: Godzilla is Sick of Saving Your ASS, Man!

It’s been a crazy week for Matt Braunger, who is no longer the birthday boy and is now 29 again, but he’s rallying for you in this new episode. His… more

Mission Log #53 – Episode 053 – The Ultimate Computer

When control of the Enterprise is handed over to a computer, what is a starship captain like Kirk to do? Luckily he gets to do what he does best -… more

The JV Club #73: Autumn Reeser

Two special guests join Janet in Episode 73, but only one of them – the fantastic Autumn Reeser (Thrilling Adventure Hour, No Ordinary Family) actually speaks. Topics include summer camp,… more