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Nerdist News: Lady Gaga Goes Gaga for Hatsune Miku


Nerdist Comics Panel #10: Watchmen

Comics edition #10: All about Watchmen with Len Wein, who edited Alan Moore’s original series, and co-hosts Adam Beechen (Hench) and Heath Corson (Justice League DC Direct movie)…. more

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction #19: Round 1 (Mike O’Connell, Andres Dubouchet, Patrick Keane, Heather Thomson)

Round one with Mike O’Connell, Andres Dubouchet, Patrick Keane, and Heather Thomson. Recorded at the NerdMelt Showroom, July 17, 2012. Follow @bryancooking on Twitter!… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM! Details below… As convention season, which seems to be competing with road construction season for longest of… more

The Todd Glass Show #114: Bobby Miyamoto

Bobby Miyamoto is back for another amazing episode! Buy The Todd Glass Show t-shirts! Like The Todd Glass Show on Facebook, follow @ToddGlass on Twitter, and buy his album “Thin Pig”!… more

The Alton Browncast #7: And Then There Were Three

Alton Brown sits down with the finalists from Season 9 of Food Network Star before their fate is sealed. Follow @AltonBrown on Twitter!… more

Big Pop Fun #87: James Arnold Taylor (2)

Voiceover legend James Arnold Taylor returns to Big Pop Fun to talk with Tom about his two dads, his vital role in the Star Wars universe, and his forays into… more

Mission Log: Supplemental 008 – The One from Las Vegas with Connor Trinneer and Anthony Montgomery

From the heart of Star Trek Las Vegas, interviews with Connor Trinneer and Anthony Montgomery of Enterprise   Support the show by clicking on the banner below and shopping at Amazon!… more

Nerdist Podcast: Vince Gilligan

The end of Breaking Bad is almost here, so who better to have on the podcast than Vince Gilligan? Vince talks about the ups and downs of writing the show,… more

The Legacy Music Hour #145: New Age Music 3

After all the battle music from the last episode, the boys decide to focus on New Age music found in 8-bit and 16-bit era video games, most of it quite… more

Ding-Donger #17: Godzilla is Sick of Saving Your ASS, Man!

It’s been a crazy week for Matt Braunger, who is no longer the birthday boy and is now 29 again, but he’s rallying for you in this new episode. His… more

Mission Log #53 – Episode 053 – The Ultimate Computer

When control of the Enterprise is handed over to a computer, what is a starship captain like Kirk to do? Luckily he gets to do what he does best -… more

The JV Club #73: Autumn Reeser

Two special guests join Janet in Episode 73, but only one of them – the fantastic Autumn Reeser (Thrilling Adventure Hour, No Ordinary Family) actually speaks. Topics include summer camp,… more

Nerdist Podcast: Rogue Wave

Recorded from the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, it’s one of Chris’ favorite bands, Rogue Wave! Chris sits down with Zach and Pat to discuss how they got into… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #104: Getting Laid at Burning Man!

TALES FROM THE ORGY DOME! Ranger Sprinkles (Sex Educator Jamye Waxman) and Orgy Dome leader Lazlow spill the dust on sex at Burning Man. TOPICS: “How do you describe Burning… more

Terrified #4: Julian McCullough

Dave interviews Julian McCullough.  They talk therapy, AA, and their crippling inability to ever believe anyone loves them or wants them around!  LOL! Follow @julezmac on Twitter! Follow @davetotheross on… more

Chewin’ It #23: Fans

A late night hotel recording in British Columbia. Over some beers, Kevin and Steve share stories about fans, when they’ve been fans of others and when they’ve had funny run-ins… more

You Made It Weird #170: Kirk Fox

Kirk Fox makes it weird! Follow @kirkfox on Twitter! Follow @peteholmes on Twitter and Like the show on Facebook. Buy YMIW shirts! Order his new special “Nice Try, The Devil”!… more

Nerdist Writers Panel #100: Vince Gilligan, Greg Daniels, Carlton Cuse, and Liz Meriweather

100th episode spectacular! Live from Largo at the Coronet, in conjunction with Fast Company magazine, an all-star line-up with Vince Gilligan (creator, Breaking Bad), Greg Daniels (creator, King of the… more

Pop My Culture #122: Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins (Mr. Show, Best Week Ever) returns for his third solo episode and chats with Cole and Vanessa about Comic-Con, Kemosabe the Porcupine, classic cocktails, celebs using Kickstarter,… more

Comic Book Club: The Wolverine

What did Comic Book Club think of the new X-Men movie, The Wolverine? Lots of discussion this week with guest Scott Eckert, and also, occasionally, some comic reviews.   Check… more

The Mutant Season #92: Matt Fosburg of Sticky Candy

Matt Fosburg from Sticky USA candy hangs out with Gil to talk about living a life surrounded by candy! Check out Sticky USA! Support The Mutant Season by clicking on… more

Cashing In with T.J. Miller #71: Nerd Burglar

Cash and T.J. talk about the cruise debacle, drive-through humor, mood altering substances, dog vomit, Sea World, Tic-Tacs, fake IDs, Captain Ahab, facial wraps, the Industrial Revolution, whale watching,… more

The K Ohle #15: Get Lost with Jackie Kashian

Kurt blindfolds comedian and host of The Dork Forest, Jackie Kashian, and drives her somewhere she’s never been. They discover a bunch of super weird shit and tell some stories… more

Comic Book Club: The Fifth Beatle

Vivek J. Tiwary, author of the new graphic novel The Fifth Beatle, joins returning guests Jeff Newelt and Brian Heater to discuss what it’s like being a fifth wheel. And… more