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Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!


A Whovian Cookbook, Reviewed and Tested

WHOVIANS! I bring you good tidings for the New Year! (Happy one, by the by, I haven’t seen you in a while but rest assured I love you all… more

Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors

THIS IS WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT!! Well, if you don’t listen to my podcast (and why don’t you, by the way?), I guess you don’t know,… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Are You Prepared?

Just in case shit hits the fan this Halloween, I want you guys to be prepared. Know your exits! Have bottled water! Make sure you get a crossbow and probably… more

Wander the NYCC Floor Some More with Jessica!

I’m at NYCC again today, amidst crushing throngs of nerd bodies, but it’s been fun so far! Only one jerk lady who clearly didn’t understand traffic patterns. Anyway! Here’s the… more

Wander the Floor at NYCC with Jessica

Hey guys! I’ve been wandering the NYCC floor today and thought I’d share some off beat and fun things. Mustaches! Try a little wooden one, why not? These cool leather… more

Take My Love. Take My Land…

Did you know it’s been ten years since Firefly started? Seriously. AN ENTIRE DECADE, guys. I can’t believe how incredibly old that makes me feel, but! Let’s… more

Book Review: “Alchemystic,” by Anton Strout

Remember Gargoyles? Miss it? I have the book for you! Anton Strout, one of my favorite humans(?), is penning a new series about gargoyles! It’s called Alchemystic and, all… more

Writers You Might Like #5!

Finally, another installment! It’s been a while, I know, but I’m super happy to present more WRITERS YOU MIGHT LIKE. Let’s start with a dear friend of… more

Book Review: “Graves’ End” by Sean Patrick Traver

Graves’ End by Sean Patrick Traver is what I would consider a brand of high fantasy, minus the usual fairies and elves sort, but plus spirits, animated skeletons, bug people… more

Funny! (The Book?)

Comedy nerds! Lend me your ears. I had a FANTASTIC chat with author David Misch about his Funny: The Book on my podcast (No Math Allowed! Where have you been?)… more

Go Read Some Nora Ephron

Since the news of her death, I’ve become aware that many people know Nora Ephron as the amazing director and writer that she is but are unaware of her body… more

Let’s Talk About “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is coming out in theaters Friday and I knew I’d already read the book. After looking it up, I realized that this was my first… more

Book Review: “Redshirts,” by John Scalzi

Wanna read a book? Good. Want to read it in one sitting because you can’t put it down? Great. Like stuff that’s super amazingly meta? Oooh. Fan of… more

Book Review: “We Die Alone” by David Howarth

Originally, I was going to write a whole article about why I wasn’t reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey but that seems counterproductive. If you follow me on Twitter, then… more

So You Wanna Read About Comedy?

Like a lot of people on this site (maybe it just seems that way to me, I’m not sure), I consider myself a comedy nerd. It’s so much… more

Book Review: “Nocturnal” by Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler is just the bees knees, guys. So is Nocturnal, his new book.  I truly enjoy his writing style, humor, personality… oh, am I gushing again? I’m sorry!… more

“How Fantasy Sports Explains the World”: A Talk With AJ Mass

Listen, guys. Not all nerds hate sports. Prove it? You want me to prove it? Fine! Read How Fantasy Sports Explains the World: What Pujols and Peyton Can Teach Us… more

Why He’s My Ex

Let me start by saying THANK YOU (a million times) to Krishna Devine for being INFINITELY patient with this experiment. What experiment, you ask? Good question! Instead of the usual… more

The Joy of Books!

This is just amazing! A husband and wife (and a whole lot of others) took over Type bookstore in Toronto after dark. What do your books do when you leave… more

Writers You Might Like #4

The Writers You Might Like portion of my nerdly duties is hands down my favorite part of writing for this site, and I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you… more

Kindles vs. Nooks

Emails wondering about Amazon’s Kindle(s) or Barnes & Noble’s Nook(s) have been rolling in lately, so I’ll try to save you from the inevitable “BUT… more

Book Review: “Destination Truth” by Joshua Gates

I was going to write a review for our Nerdist Overlord’s new book, The Nerdist Way,  but something occurred to me: you’re reading this post on this site… more

Review: “Circle 9″ by Anne Heltzel

Hi, nerds! Hope you’re all doing well and so on and so on. Let’s get to business! I’ve got another new writer you might like and her… more